Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Park Day in Heber

May 28, 2010 - Heber City Park
And they're off!!

We all rode with Jestin to look at a job in Park City and had a picnic on the way home. It was a lovely, lightly cloudy summer day. Jes was home from California for a couple of days... so we were making the most of any time we had with him!
So we packed a lunch and came home slowly...
Cuddling and ticklin' his Cub's
We LIKE this playground mom!

It was a lovely day! We love being a family!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 4th at the Lake

Gram and Papa invited us to join them and the family on the lake Monday the 5th of July. We were pumped to go!
This is the one thing Jestin and I do not agree on for family fun! He is not a fan of the boat or of being the on water...
 (especially if he can't see the bottom - saw Jaws at WAY too young of an age! LOL)
and I LOVE it!! I could ride in the boat everyday!
Isn't he so cute??
He put on his "happy face" and went for the rest of us... who LOVE Papa's boat!
Especially THIS little monkey!! He was in "power" heaven! He wanted it fast and loud! LOL!
We got out the tubes and everyone who wanted to got a tow from Papa's boat. :)
Emma and Cody got to be one of the first! Papa kept bucking them out of the tube! LOL!
Code-Man lovin' the sun! He got a little "sea sick" because he laid down when we were stopped and the waves were strong... but otherwise all the kids did great!
Cam's turn!
He rode with Aunt Millie...
Caleb watching... and waiting so very patiently for HIS turn!
"SWEET!! My turn! With my Uncle Greg!"
"Then, Uncle Greg helped me learn to not be scared of swimming in the lake without being able to touch the bottom!"
"I DID IT! Did you see me Mom? I did it!"
McKenly was waiting for HER turn!
Oh I have such cute men in my life!
Kenly and her Mommy!
We had a really good time on the lake!
Emma and McKenly... they aren't related or anything huh??? WOW! I couldn't believe the resemblance!
After a few hours on the lake, we let the kids play on the "beach" - not that Utah Lake really has a beach per se, but they had a blast regardless! It was a perfect afternoon!
Can't wait to go again! Thanks for the invite Gram and Papa!! And a special thanks to the kids Aunts and Uncles! Your riding with the kids, when Dad doesn't love it and Mom knew she was not strong enough to swim etc that day... well... it really means a lot! We are so blessed with great family! :)
Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Randomness from my house:

As I type I can hear one of my chickens singing their "I am master of the universe!" song from just laying an egg. Huh. Reminds me I promised Jes I would go pick up chicken feed for him today since they haven't had feed in 3 days! (Thank heavens I am so good at letting produce go to waste or they would starve! *grin*)

Jes took Cody on his first scout campout this morning. They will be back tomorrow night. I can't quite believe my little man (even as the oldest little man) is a New Scout! He was VERY nervous about going. He tends to love scouts on a "read the book from cover to cover" kind of way. Acutally *doing* the projects is not really interesting to him. LOL. Hoping he finds some passion in it... and not complete annoyance for this super hot day he has to be out in! : /

Emmalee had a blast at girls camp. (Also...a first around here!) They initiated her with a snipe hunt... and she, along with her fellow "first years", fell for it hook, line, sinker and toothpaste on their face (to let the snipes know you are a friend you know!) They almost cancelled Girls Camp because of a Momma bear and her Cub in camp! So glad my husband did not pass on that tidbit of info until she was home again! Sheesh! She said the best part was how strong the Spirit felt while she was there. Sweet! The leaders succeeded in every way!

Cameron is B.O.R.E.D. Summer is making him crazy! When he first started school he struggled SO much with schedules... and now? He struggles without them. *sigh* We are trying some new tactics to curb the constant conflict he seems to have with his siblings ('cause you know... he's bored!) Instead of yelling at him (which does nothing but give him the attention he wants - negative or not - and never stops the episodes) We have been pulling him out of the situation and asking him to explain how what he was doing effects someone else... and how he would feel if it were him. Sad as it sounds, it is annoying to try and be loving and speak softly when all you want to do it bop him upside the head and tell him he knows better! LOL! It really has been working... and I think it boils down to the fact he just needs some one on one time and to know his opinion matters. (Even if he doesn't reallize he *has* that opinion until we talk it out) It has been a humbling experience. Frustrating. Annoying. And rewarding. Can't believe how different you really have to be with each kid! They all respond so differently!

Speaking of differently... just a funny side note... if I reprimand Cody in the slightest... he disssolves into tears and is devastated that he was "yelled at" - even if I NEVER even raised my voice. Interesting I tell ya! LOL! Kids sure keep you on your toes!

Caleb LOVES summer! He is in and out all day long! He loves sprinklers, the sand box, any and all bugs or spiders, popcilces and his "man car" (plasma car). He went to his kindergarten physical and the Dr. said his BMI was low. I laughed! This little man eats all. the. time! He just doesn't sit still long enough for it to stick to his ribs! LOL! He is very indifferent about going to school. He would rather play.

This week is going to be crazy fun at my house. Started last night with dinner at Ma's. My brother Brent and his family from WA for a week and a half, so we did an impromptu meal. We also had to throw together Jes and Cody's packs for scouts last night before we left for dinner, because I was not prepared for it to be the end of the week already! Bwahaha! We stayed at Ma's until 11pm. It was a good visit. BUT! We got Jes and Cody out the door to scout camp at 7:30 am.

Today I HAVE to get a bunch of financial begging over with. Loan modification wants another update on our finances and a hardship letter. Credit Union, after months of being in contact with them trying to work out payment arrangements to keep our car and truck, they just NOW offered to re-structure our loans (extended terms/lower interest rates) and lower payments for us. Um. Hello?? We could have saved our credit if you had offered that MONTHS ago! *sigh* So fun. More begging there. It really is tough to take - we aren't that in debt... we just have NO WAY TO PAY. It stinks. This too shall pass. We know we are not alone in this particular trial.

After the desk work all day today, as well as some house cleaning, car cleaning and some final trailer cleaning; then Jes and Cody get back tomorrow and I have to get them all cleaned up and up to my Ma's in Pleasant Grove for dinner and family photos (since my Bro is here :) ) Hopin' it is all do-able.

Sunday will be the usual crazy that is the Dorius household, and then of course I must spend at least a few hours working on the ward cookbook (did I mention I was making a ward cookbook?) I have asked for recipes for months... and now that the deadline has arrived I am finally getting tons of recipes, which is so fun and makes me SO excited, but leaves me with something that really needs my attention NOW. LOL! I can't wait to see and use the finished product though! The women in our ward are amazing and I am excited! :)

Then next week we will have houseguest in and out and will try to do many fun things while they are here that don't cost $$. It will be lovely! Including a Girls Night with pedicures and chick flicks. We are stashing the boys in my bedroom upstairs so we can play! *grin* Then the end of the week we will caravan for the family reunion! I can't wait to see my grandpa!! It's been way too long! (a crappy side effect of the economy)

It will be fun and distracting... which is JUST what I need. And I am looking forward to being so busy... just hopin' my heart will hold up for me in this heat! I SO want to enjoy this week!! xxcrossing fingersxx and saying a little prayer. Family is the most important!

Oh! And exciting enough... Jestin had some small job to do every day this week!! Woop Woop! We will take whatever we can get! He is so talented on so many levels and can do SO many different things... I just want him succeed!
I was so thankful! After all of our belongings I have listed to try and sell to make ends meet I finally sold my sewing machine... to Cinderella! Really I did! This gal called and wanted it... she was from SLC area, but would be working in Payson and wanted to know if she could stop on her way by my house and buy my machine! When she came to the door she was in full Cinderella costume! She even had the Snow White voice!! I felt like Disneyland had come to visit! I was amazed! (she goes to little girl parties for her job) I stood on my tounge when I answered my door though... I SOOO wanted to ask if the mice were slackin' on the job and that was why she wanted my sewing machine! Bwahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway... I have much to catch up on here. It will have to wait a bit... but I promise pictures are coming. Just thought I would get an update out there ;) Hello to all our family and friends... we hope and pray things are well with you!!! ((hugs))