Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Watching over Ma

What a whirlwind of crazy the last few weeks! On top of normal everyday (ca-razy!!) life, we have taken in my Mom for a month as she heals from major back surgery. She was pretty miserable the first two weeks, so I was up helping her roll over, take meds, and any other needs she had, every 2 hours, 24 hours a day. Yup. Just like a newborn! LOL It was exhausting and yet I have felt the Lord lifting me and enabling me more than I can truly say.

Emma has been a HUGE help! She rearranged her high school/college schedule to alternate with when I needed to be on campus and she has taken care of her Grandma while I am in class. Ma claims Em makes the best eggs and *loves* having her come home after her early morning college class and first period to make her breakfast. (I am so thankful as well so I can get out the door to class!)

Caleb has loved having his Grandma here and has spent multiple evenings sitting with her in the bedroom asking her questions about her childhood and what she likes in life. He checks in on her all the time, and loves going on walks with her (she is supposed to walk multiple times a day) where he watches carefully for cracks in the sidewalk that may trip her, or low hanging branches that may make her bend over. He is such a sweetheart!

All the kids have stepped up their game for their Momma and help me keep the household stuff flowing. Laundry has not gotten behind, nor have dishes. I am amazed and utterly grateful!

This week - week three - she is finally feeling a little less pained and a lot more mobile. She can do more for herself, and the time between meds has increased such that she is waking herself up in the night to take them.

We are so grateful not only for this chance to serve her, but also to foster relationships that we wouldn't have the chance to enjoy otherwise.

Double Dates!

We had a busy couple of weekends as of late...
Here is Sadie Hawkins 2015 at their school...
80's themed

And here is Masquerade 2015 the following weekend at SF High on Halloween.
Theme: The living dead.

Emma was Emily from the Corpse Bride
Cody was "R" from Warm Bodies

They both said that they had a blast at both dances with their respective dates for each...
And my baby boy went on his first DATES!!! Eeeeek!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blogging vs. Facebook

Life sure has changed in just a year's time. The kids are growing up SO fast! We are all super swamped with school, work, family life, church callings, and show choir!

I have been thinking lately about the difference between Facebook and a blog.
Facebook gives any random acquaintance access to most any detail I post at any time.
Those who love me and my family the most read a blog.
Facebook loses many of my posts by choosing which content to share for me so I cannot easily go back and find the information that I want to see again.
I liked if for a time, but have decided that I miss being able to use my blog as a picture filled history of my family...
And so... long story short. I think I am back!