Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cam's Birthday Highlights

Cam & his best friend went to Build-A-Bear...

Made this darling kitty & Cool Bunny Rabbit (which he named Jestin after him and his Dad)

Their new friends got new clothes and a new little house... and we wandered off into the mall....

...We then landed in Cold Stone
...where double Cotton Candy Icecreams were the treat of choice!

Here is Sir Jestin in his new duds!

Cam had a blast!!

The following day Jestin joined us and all of Cam's Family for dinner at his favorite Resturant - all you can eat place!

The whole resturant was asked to sing him Happy Birthday! Isn't it great to be 6??

Monday, January 28, 2008

See what happens?

When Mommy is sick and Daddy and 2 year old are left to their own devices for entertainment in the middle of the day??
Yeah. Lovely. Little Lego Men Nose Rings are JUST what the child needs to add richness and color to his life....

7 Random Things About Me

1. I was named on my parents 2nd date (in Hawaii). My dad told my mom he wanted to name his first daughter Heather Leilani and so here I am.

2. I guessed the right amount of pieces of dental floss in a jar and won a homemade Cabbage Patch doll at my dentist's office as a kid. I named her Amanda Cecelia, after my two great grandmothers. She had a an outfit that looked like the girl in "Annie".

3. My best friend Corinne and I loved to play "mermaids". She had a hill in her yard that was perfect for "diving" into the ocean, and a bush with little yellow flowers with perfectly round petals...they made the perfect gold coins!

4. I like drinking water out of a glass cup. I can't stand tupperware for my drinking cups...I swear I can smell other foods and soaps in plastic.

5. I can't handle lotion or oil on my hands or feet. My sensitivity is so heightened that it makes me crazy. I dont do raw meat or other such slimy things well. It is too over stimulating for me. (I wear plastic gloves a lot :D

6. When I worked at the bank, I was robbed at gun point when I was 7 months pregnant with Emmalee. I was very pleased to have handled all the right "procedures" like I was suppose to. Growing up the kid of banker I often had been told how to react and what to do..and it was second nature to me. Actually I was fine through shutting down the branch, working with the police and the wasn't until my Daddy walked into the branch to check on me that I lost it! I also went into labor that evening and had to have it stopped! Craziness! (it's one of Emma's favorite stories! She loves to hear about the "guy that almost killed us" as she calls it. - it really wasn't *that* dramatic! LOL)

7. I knew I was suppose to be with Jess the first time I saw him. this is a fact about him...but the first time I saw him, he was skipping down the hall at the high school. Betcha didn't konw Jess could skip! ;) Tee hee!!! if you have a blog...consider yourself tagged...your turn! :D

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pres. Hinkley

Hello again. Here I am at almost mid-night. My fever is back with a vengeance...but I am ok otherwise....just up not feeling well...and also lost in thought about my favorite Prophet...

I can remember as a little girl gathering to listen to conference in the family room. My dad would record every episode, every year. (He is now a little chagrined that he can get them on DVD for so cheap! LOL) I didn't grow up very active the later part of my childhood, but I fondly remember Pres. Hinkley. I loved his voice. It always drew me in. His talks were always easier for me to understand, and his humor was endearing.

I remember when he was called as the new Prophet being tickled. I knew he was going to be awesome! I was sad to miss out on the first reading of "The Family; A Proclamation to the World". We were only just beginning to become active as a married couple at the time, and the words of this document reminded me of what I knew as a young child: I am a child of God, I do have a purpose, and I want all the blessing of the eternities as a family that are promised.

After being sealed as a family after 18 months of marriage, with our little Emmalee only 1 month old, I remember my faith in the restored gospel burning so bright, and my love for our living prophet filling my soul. Each time he spoke I wanted to hear him. I LOVED conferences!

I remember a few years later, Jess being invited, as a member of the Young Men's Presidency, to attend the Special Youth Fireside at the new Conference Center where Pres. Hinkley presented the 6 B's. (Be Grateful. Be Smart. Be Clean. Be True. Be humble. Be Prayerful.) Jess came home all lit up inside and part of me was deeply sad I had not gone with him (I had been invited too, but was nursing a baby at the time).

During our hardest 2 years, after 9-11, when Jess was repeated laid off and funds were almost non existent, I remember asking for him to take me General Conference for my birthday. (The gas for the 40+ miles was an extravagance) He found tickets, and for the 1st time in my life I got to hear President Hinkley in person. As he walked into the room...I wept. What an amazing man of God he was! And I felt even more blessed, as rarely as it happens, that all 3 of the Presidency (Pres. Hinkley, Pres. Monson, and Pres. Faust) spoke that session. It was AMAZING!!

Since then it has been like a draw! Any chance I get to attend at the Conference Center, to sit at the feet of the Apostle's of our Savior Jesus Christ, I jump. There is nothing like it in the world. There is nothing like singing a hymn with them. It is a feeling I cherish.

I was lucky enough to go and see Pres. Hinkley at Women's Conference this last Oct. My health was poor, my friends I went with had to drop me off and walk from parking alone, and I was beat after wards...but I will never regret it. I got to see him walk in one last time. I got to enjoy that reverence that you feel for my favorite Prophet one last time. I surely will miss him.

And I can't wait to learn who my next favorite Prophet will be... :D God Bless Pres. Hinkley and his family at this time. I am so thrilled when I think of the re-union of he and dear Sister Hinkley are having this night!

Better...much better

Wow! I guess I really did need antibiotics! My cough is almost gone, my fever broke during the night and today I am tired but better. That was not so fun!! Glad I listened to Keri and got stright to the Dr!

Sad to be missing church... :(

Saturday, January 26, 2008


ACK! I still am miserable. What monster bug. So far no one else here at home seems to have any signs....we thought Caleb was starting some last night...but they went away. ((knock on wood)) I wouldn't wish this on my enemy's (if I felt like I had any). Not so fun.

On a happier note:

The Indoor Yard Sale is moving forward! It is a week from today:

February 2nd
8:00 am- 1:00pm
LDS Church House
310 East Center Street
Spanish Fork

Come and have fun shopping for deals and enjoying goodies (a bake sale will be there too!)
If you'd like to donate any items, please bring them to the church between 6-8 pm friday night.

It looks to be a blast! I love yard sales!! :D

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Johnny get yer gun!

And take me out to pasture man! LOL! Wowza! I woke up this morning with a monster of a something! I have a fever w/bodyaches that only goes down with meds, and comes right back as it wears off. I have a burning in my chest and lungs and if I cough it burns and scratches all the way up my wind pipe and down into my lungs! No other symptoms. No stuffy head, running nose, nothing. Weird! MIL wondered about pneumonia...but I had no symptoms until this morning really! (Yeterday it felt slightly as if I had choked on water before I went to bed...and I was freezing cold...but that is it.) Talk about annoying. Anyone had overnight bronchitis before? I have never had it so I am not sure what it feels like... My heart sure seems not to approve tho...

So I have been down most of the day. Darling husband didn't want to leave me this morning, so he stayed home to help me with kids.

I did call and schedule my surgery. :D MARCH 26th. YEA!! I can't wait! I hope my heart can behave just a little bit longer....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Surgery Change

Hello all. We have had a crazy couple of days! I cannot believe what has transpired! As you all know I was headed for Dr. Affleck's office to schedule the surgery on Monday afternoon. We went and we scheduled the surgery. I still have not felt 100% about this whole thing ever, but I truly thought it was just my own fear. At stake temple night, we did a couple of sealings and then went up to the celestial room, where I felt I received no solid answers. I simply decided to pray that if I was doing the wrong thing, that Heavenly Father would stop me. And that gave me some peace.

We scheduled the Mini Maze for the 19th. As we were driving home from Dr. Affleck's office, my cell phone rang. It was my long time cardiologist Dr. Hwang's office. She said the Dr. Hwang had heard I was fund-raising for surgery and wanted to know what I was having done. I told her the Mini Maze and she said that Dr. Hwang wanted to see me ASAP. Could I come in the next day at 4pm? (this from the man that it takes 6 weeks to get into!wow!)

At this point I truly lost it. It was really sad! My poor husband! Take a worn out, emotional, PMSing woman who had finally made a concrete decision, and well...poor Jess. He got the myriad of emotions I have been squelching for weeks!I was a basket case!!

We got home and I called the Bishop. He and his wife were kind enough to come over & listen to an emotionally bulimic episode. I was so confused and conflicted! We discussed the options, and the pros and cons at length, then with Jess' help, the Bishop gave me one of the sweetest preisthood blessings I have ever received. I was given answers to questions I had not dared even ask Heavenly Father in prayer. I was told that they were not privy to give me an answer as to who would be the best Dr or which procedure was right, only that I would know it without a shadow of a doubt, and I "would know it as soon as tomorrow". Heavenly Father poured out peace and comfort and love. He gave me guidance and sweet sacred promises. I was also promised that I would live to a ripe old age (purple clothes and red hats here I come! ...SWEET!) and I was told in no uncertain terms that I needed to have surgery. My body was commanded to relax and not to let this stress me out anymore...that I was not taking care of my body by worrying. My whole being relaxed and my faith was filled up, my fear dispelled. I would know what to do...and as soon as tomorrow!

So...after having a good nights sleep for the first time in weeks...I spent the day trying to find ways to feel and hear the Spirit. It was a very neat experience! I had distinct impressions about Dr. H and why he didn't treat us so well over the last few months. I was reminded that his mother had been ill...and that she did pass away in Dec. Not that I hadn't taken that into account...but I had taken his cool approach personally when my questions and fears were not taken seriously.

(ah this is getting long...I am sorry...but I wanted you all to know the whole story! LOL!)

Any who! We arrived at the Clinic yesterday and we were almost the last ones in the office by the time we were called back. (He stayed late just to talk to us.) He came in the room and said that he was glad that we had come and then he did something I will always smile at, he blushed. He told us that he had come across our website to raise funds, and that he was deeply worried about me. (it really was sweet and almost apologetic) He then began to explain some quite interesting things to us...

He asked if Dr. A had access to the results of the monitor I had worn in Sept. I said I don't know...I think so. He then explained that the results showed him exactly what he had thought in June, and that the Mini Maze surgery would have no results for me. My A-fib is generated close to my AV node (my body's natural pacemaker.) My A-fib does not come from the arteries by my lungs, where many A-fib patient's arrhythmia are generated, and that the Mini-Maze surgery could not reach my AV node. Only a full Maze surgery (open heart) could reach this area to repair it. (Dr. A had told us just the day before that if the Mini Maze did not work, the only other option he had for us after that was a full Maze).

The room was warm with the Spirit...I knew Dr. Hwang was telling us the complete truth. He told us that he completely respects Dr. A, that he is a good Dr. and that the mini-maze is a great procedure. It is just not what will help me and my heart. He was so open and kind. He also expressed concern about us being at a smaller hospital with no resident Cardiologist on site were there to be any complications. He was completely worried about me...not at all about "losing his patient to another Dr." or about $. He explained my heart condition so fully! Although sometimes it was hard to decifer due to his accent, I have not felt this confident in the why and how and where before. We spent almost a half an hour with him.

We asked him why he did the things he did. He said that he doesn't like to do the Cath Ab in patients as young as I am with this type of A-fib because if he damages my AV node I will have to have an artificial pacemaker for the rest of my life. When we saw him for the 1st episode in June, he hoped that diet and meds could correct it. I said "but I was *on* the meds in Dec and it was the worst one ever!" He smiled and implied that is why he wanted to see me early in Jan. (after he was back from his family stuff - I had cancelled the appt because I was going with Dr. A's procedure and couldn't afford the extra office visit *blush*)

We asked him what HE could do for me. He replied that another Catheter Ablation would correct the problem for a time. He then told us something that the Spirit strongly confirmed for me while sitting there. A-fib has no permanent cure. :( We can do things shorter term, but long term, A-fib always comes back. It could give me at least another 10 years like before...if not longer now, but nothing is permenant yet. He said that the risk for damaging my Av node was 2.8%. We both must have looked dumbfounded, because he sheepishly added that he didn't like to have odds higher than 1.5%ish. LOL!! What a perfectionist! I had been playing with 10% odds and I was running with it!

He explained (so kindly) correct information on the Mini Maze. He himself recently met with the man that invented the Mini Maze in Texas, a Dr. who had over 900 of these procedures under his belt, and he only had a 76% success rate...and that rate was only for 3-5 years. Not 90% like we were lead to believe. He said Dr. A has only been doing MM's for about 1-2 years (which Dr. A told us "about 3 years") and so his success rate likely is from just 1-2 year results. Again it was confirmed to me that what Dr. H. was telling us was true.

I KNEW what I was hearing was true...but in my heart I said..."ok Father in Heaven...if I am suppose to have the CathAb done again...I need to know if it has improved since last time". As SOON as I thought that to myself...Dr. Hwang said "In the last 7 years Catheter Ablation has advanced so much, it is 50% better than before. We now can have pinpoint accuracy." Tears started streaming down my face. Dr. Hwang looked at me, got tears in his eyes, and then the rest of the time only looked at Jess! LOL! (I know he could feel it too...I can not deny the Spirit that was there!

He was so sweet. He gave us the name of the lady to talk to at the hospital. He did not allow us to be charged for our visit last night. He said his office will match whatever the hospital can do for us, if they say 1/2 price, he will charge 1/2 price. And then in his cute accent he said "Dey say fwee...I say fwee" *giggle* As we were leaving I stepped into the restroom and said a little prayer. As I was starting to tell Him my concerns (the a possibility of a pacemaker etc) I was clearly reminded: You will live to a ripe old age. and: You need this surgery. Ok. I have my answers. Clear and defined.

So! I am not going to have the Mini Maze. I have been "stopped".

I am going to have another Catheter Ablation done. I spoke with the hospital today and I was quoted $15,000 base price (with no complications) for our portion. She said that there may be some things they can do, and I told her that the church is wanting to help some and that my dear friends have raised $3000 already with the website. The wheels are turning... my life is going to improve... and on the up side... I have been through this procedure before... it is not quite as intimidating! No lung deflation for this one! I know my Heavenly Father loves me! :D

Monday, January 21, 2008

Planning Meeting

I was able to attend a planning meeting for fundraiser ideas last night. It felt great to try and be a part of the solution. So far the plans are:

Indoor Yard Sale - Saturday Feb. 2nd from 8am-1pm
it will be held at our Ward House - 300 East Center Street

If anyone has gently used things they would like to donate to the yard sale, please bring them the night before to the church, or that morning, marked with a price. (To save time for those volunteering at the event)

The idea is also in the works for a Valentine's Weekend Dinner/Program/Silent Auction. There is much fun stuff for the auction so far....I will list more of those when they have a more solid list. There are a few performers they are trying to get to come...and the whole event sounds awesome! Details to come...

It was wonderful to have a chance to contribute to this! Even though it is directly going to bless me...I feel like the fundraisers etc are more to help my sweetheart and family from being caught in huge medical debt. And I love the chance to help! We are so blessed with such wonderful people in our lives! Thank you for making this a reality....each and every one of you!

I heard back from the hospital. The most they will contribute is 25% of the cost. The financial guy wants us to try for a medicaid program...but just with the guidelines he gave....I highly doubt we will qualify. We are not in a low enough income bracket and well...thems are the breaks for being middle class self employed no? *sigh* I just wish there was a Health Insurance company out there that would take us. I understand why they don't...because we will cost them $ immediately with all our family's health concerns...but it just seems so unbalanced. I am not all for a government controlled health reform...but something has got to give! There are many family's out there just like us...and my heart truly goes out to them!

Anyway...I truly am grateful for the 25% if that ends up being all that we can be helped with. Every little bit helps!! :D

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Surgeon's office called! One hoop down...

I am thrilled!! One hoop down....a couple more to go! The surgeon's office called. They are going to write off half of their cost!! The relief is huge! 50% versus 100% is awesome!

I still have to wait on the hospital to say what they can do...I am waiting for a return phone call... but the surgeon's office said to tell them that the Atricure (sp?) tools are being donated for free! She said that they are a huge cost of the hospital bill... so it makes me wonder what they really cost! (they are the tools that actually will burn and stimulate my heart.

They also scheduled my pre-op appointment for Monday @ 1:00!! We can then schedule the surgery... she made it sound as if Dr. Affleck will schedule it with us and the hospital at our appointment. I am so nervous and excited and terrified! ACK! It is really happening...and it is happening to ME! holy cow!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

About the love of my life...

1. What is your Husbands full name? Umm...if you know know! It's fun and long! :D

2. How long have you been together as a couple? He asked me to be his girl on May 14th 1993 and we were married May 4th, 1996

3. How long did you date? I'm too do the math ;D

4. How old is he? 20 days younger than me

5. Who eats more? Definitely him.

6. Who said I love you first? He did

7. Who is taller? I am... if I wear heels

8. Who sings better? I do...although his voice gets better with age

9. Who is smarter? Now this is a loaded question! LOL! Actually I am smarter when it comes to books and structured learning...and he is brilliant with common sense issues and has a great sense of ingenuity. We compliment each other very nicely.

10. Who does the laundry? I do...although he has asked many times for me to teach him so he can take that on for me. I refuse. He has enough to carry...I muddle through the tough times! :D

11. Who does the dishes? We both do. Who ever gets to them first :D He is AWESOME at dishes!

12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We have switched on and off all our married life. Currently...he does.

13. Who pays the bills? I do. He can...he just doesn't do well with the stresses him out. LOL!

14. Who mows the lawn? Lawn? what lawn? bwahahaha! He does... I like it done his way anyway.

15. Who cooks dinner? If he is home we always do it together, otherwise I do, unless I am not doing well, then he does. So long answer short...both of us. He makes a killer breakfast too!

16. Who's more sensitive? Ummm...this one is hard. I think he has acquired some of his mom's wonderful sense of empathy...and he absorbs others problems and sometimes takes them too serious. He is getting better at not allowing it to affect him as much...but he is a sweetheart that way! When we were dating Chick Flicks were torture for the poor man! (he's gonna kick my butt!) But I am sure have an easily broken heart sometimes too!

17. Who's more stubborn? We equally are...but this has lessened with least toward each other...bwahahaha

18. Who's the first to admit when their wrong? Usually who ever is. We rarely fight. Really! We don't! He is my very best friend, and we seem to have mastered how "dance" the married dance.

19. Who's parents do you see more? His...we are all really close.

20. Who proposed? He did

21. Who drives when you are together? He does. I love to ride.

22. Who has more friends? I do, which is funny because he is WAY more outgoing than I am!

23. Who has more siblings? he does....I have 3, he has 4

24. Where did you meet? Mountain View High School

25. Where was your first kiss? In the back of Quinn's station wagon as I was being driven home.

26. What was the first thing you said to him? I really don't remember, he was dating a girl in the locker next to mine, and then he dated my best friend, so those details are not so vivid.

27. Where was your first date? A band concert at a rival high school to make up tardies. (real romantic eh?)

28. Where did you get engaged? Squaw Peak. He gave me 22 long stem red roses... then we went to our mom's to tell each of them and he gave each mom a red roses from the original dozen.

29. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We didnt really have one until we had been married a year...we went to St. George and Mesquite.

(If you have a blog or email address...consider yourself now tagged!)

Things are still up in the air...

I am getting a little antsy! AHHHH!!! I talked to the surgeons office manager yesterday and she indicated she could have an answer on upfront costs and then we can schedule a date as soon as today... but I have had no phone call. :( I tried to call her and had to leave her a message. I know they are busy... I just would like to be able to think this through and plan a little. Call me in-patient! Tee hee oh oh! I mean impatient!

I suppose it doesn't help I had a really rough day yesterday. I had two pretty close to passing out spells (grey spells) and just felt plain awful. I stayed down all day and let my mom come and fold my laundry. *blush* I went to bed kinda early and slept well. Today I am stronger. *grin* I get some dizziness and sparkles behind my eyes once in a while...but I am not "treading water" as much today. So today is a good day. ;) Yes!

I heard a date for a fundraiser event, though until I have more details I will only post that I hear it will be Feb. 16th. I guess they are having a pow wow on Sunday evening to solidify. The ideas sound so fun! And all the support is still amazing to me!

On another fun note... my little guy Cam will be 6 tommorow! He is so excited! For his birthday he wants to take his little friend Emma to Build A Bear. I asked if that was all he wanted for his birthday and he told me that 2 stuffed animals and some icecream was plenty! *giggle* AH! Kids are the bestest! We can SO do that! Gotta relish this time...I hear teenagers are not so cheap! Bwahahaha!

Caleb was a sweet pea last night....he gently woke me up as I was dozing on the bed; He had the cutest grin and said, "Wook mom! I make a monster bones!"
I laughed and laughed and grabbed my cell phone to take a picture! Oh! this kiddo has such a great love of building and an imagination to boot! So fun! He is SO like his daddy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

So... a friend of mine saw these (one of my many sets of EKGs) and thought they looked interesting... and she said I should share them here...
The first one is my heart in A-fib...

This second one is my heart after being De-fibed. (Cardioversion)

Isn't that crazy? The human heart is an amazing thing... as is the medical profession and the things they can do and see and fix! Thank heavens!

Hello all....

Hello there my family and friends (and new visitors :) ). What a crazy few weeks it has been! Since finding out I am an excellent candidate for the Mini-Maze, the support and love have been overwhelming! I have been deeply afraid of the debt this would cause our family and of the burden it would lay at Jess' feet... and so, in truth, I have been trying to talk myself out of my heart condition. (LOL! It hasn't worked out so well...dang it.) It has been humbling to feel Heavenly Father's hand in this. My strength seems to have been diminished for the last week or so... and I am taking His gentle chastisement with a softened heart. I cannot "sweep this under the rug" and pretend all is well. (but oh! how I wish I could!) I am being reminded that this is the right course of action and an answer to our prayers. This could be a phenomenal improvement in the quality of life I have had in the last 6 months. Although I have not gone into full blown A-fib since early December... my heart has been fluttering often. I feel as though I am treading water on the bad days (out of breath, shaking weak limbs... like if I could only get to the side of the pool I would be ok... ya know?) and some days I feel normal and functional. I have found if I want a full shower...with a leg shave and a hair shampoo... that that will be the event of the day... and I will be wiped out. *sigh* I mean not to complain... it could SO be so much worse. These are just the realities I am finding... and in turn asking myself if this is something I want to struggle with for the rest of my life? I just find it interesting that as I try to justify that this can wait (or is not *that* necessary) ... I am quickly reminded that it is time.

Sunday was very hard for me. It was also very sacred to me. It was hard to hear our Bishop explain my need. It was hard to swallow that I would not be able to be the one on the giving end this time. It was hard to hear it said out loud, and that public, and that I am having a scary surgery that makes me shake like a leaf whenever I allow myself to really think about it. It made it *REAL*. And it made my testimony of this gospel and of the love that God has for each of us INDIVIDUALLY to burn ever brightly. He has heard my deepest fears... and HE is offering solutions... overwhelming and abundant solutions. When the going gets tough... well... the tough are not going anywhere! We have been surrounded by offers for help here at home, in the future after surgery and with fundraising ideas. We knew we loved many people... I guess we just have never considered it the other way around before. And the hugs and espressions of concern and love are something that have given me much courage and strength! It is amazing.

When I heard that the sweet young women in our ward are offering babysitting coupons to earn money toward my surgery my tears would not stop flowing. I still cry as I think about it. I remember being that age! I remember how precious your "friend" time was. I remember homework that took hours. What a selfless act for girls so young! I still choke up when I picture sweet Henry, my little Cody's best friend, crying through the Sacrament as he realized what he has witnessed at my house and yet not understood, and then spending the remainder of the meeting making a poster asking for donations to help. So precious to me!

I can never fully express the gratitude in my soul. I can never fully express the love I feel. I can never fully express the emotions I am having. To each and every one of you.... I offer my deepest thank you. I can feel your prayers and thoughts. I hope each of you know that. I know that though it is hard to be on the receiving end... it strengthens my resolve that I must get better! I have much left to give... and with this experience... I have MUCH I would like to pay forward!

I will try to keep this up to date as I can... :D Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tears of Gratitude and Hope...

Hello all... the wonderful ward members that have wanted to help... well... they have a website up and running for our family..

... I am in tears as I sit here... words do not do justice to the emotions I am feeling...

Much love and gratitude...


I think someone's tired of little brothers...

This was found on Emmalee's Door...

I think she has had enough of the littlest and the kindergartener and their friends tearing up her room while she's at school... LOL... if only she knew I sometimes felt that way about her and her little friends and my kitchen! Bwahahaha!!!
Ahh...the joys of being the big sister!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am done with almost all of the JWD Electric paperwork! It has taken all day...with a nap and bit of chocolate...but I did it!! *grin* Tommorow I will finish the Realtor end of it, and gather up all our medical expenses...but I may be able to fax this all back to them tommorow!! We could have this thing scheduled as early as next week! I am feeling much relief... yea!!!


Here I sit in a mountain of paperwork. I am trying to get all of our receipts into Quickbooks so that our expenses are deducted properly from our income with JWD Electric and my Real Estate. I want to have my paperwork for the Surgeon and the Hospital as honest and accurate as possible... but what a mess! I have to manually enter each receipt as a debit & then a credit, and make sure it matches the word doc I was keeping track of it all on. Thank heavens for Keri coming and showing how to make these general journal entries... Next year will be slick! :D (looking for that silver lining you know...TEE HEE!!) Any who...that is where the info from the hospital is at. I am feeling better thank heavens for that! I am shooting for having it all completed this afternoon (if I am lucky) I better get back to it! SUCH FUN! Thank goodness for Amy, Caleb went to play I can just work un-interupted...but I need to go turn on a radio or somethin'! It is too quiet! Bwahahahaha!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Here is a website that has really good info on the procedure I am going to have done:

Also... here is a link to the website they are building on our behalf... it isn't up an running yet...but it will be soon I am told :)

Jestin and I are so grateful for EVERYONE who has reached out to our little family right now... THANKYOU!! And we can't wait to be able to give back...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our New Year's Sledding event...

What do you get when combine a frozen golf course with a huge hill, 1 sled, 2 disks, a tube and a neighbor family we love to play with? We get a rockin' good time! We took the kids sledding for the 1st time ever on New Year's. Mom got to sit with the hot cocoa in her camp chair, while Dad helped the kids play and play...
It was a balmy 18 degrees...

The view was spectacular!!

Dad with his "Friend" :D

Some of our Dearest Friends...

Cam & Caleb hitting the small hill...

Caleb preferred his own "hill" and "sled"...

All the kids helping Dad enjoy himself...

Emmalee's pooped from climbing the hill over and over...
...but we all agree...this may become our newest and favorite New Year's Tradition!

My kids are the best!

Tonight as I was getting my little ones ready for bed, they told me about their plans...

They want to do a hot cocoa stand at the chocolate fest to help raise money. My kids LOVE hot chocolate, and they were SO cute about! Emma wanted to know if it was too much to sell it for $1 a cup if it was a big cup. Cody pipes up..."I wanted to sell it for $5 a cup!" LOL!! Lil' stink! They are really cute!

Later, Emma made me cry. She has been begging for a hampster for months. She even swears she will take excellent care of it...she will buy all the stuff for it...etc etc. We keep saying no...that it is not a good time to get a pet right now. Well, tonight she got all serious...and she looked me in the eyes and said, "Mommy...I have been thinking about my hampster. Now that I know that you need so much money to make it so your heart can get fixed...I dont want to get one anymore. I want to put my money towards your surgery." I was so touched. I have such good kids! She is such a sweetheart! I hugged her and told her we shall see...

Emma also was a doll and on Saturday she made up her own list, wanted me to look it over and make sure it was alright, and then with her list she assigned the boys chores to clean house and they went to town! They vacuumed the couches, the stairs, Cam dusted the best a 5 year old can dust, Cody cleaned up a bunch of clutter and Emma loved seeing her plan work out. It was very sweet!

Tonight in his prayers Cody asked that "we can raise enough money to make mom's heart better so we can be calm and happy." He is such a tenderheart!

I dont know what I would do without my darling children! Heavenly Father really has given me some of my best friends in my kids... I LOVE being a mom!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The calvary is coming...

Hi all. Jess was asked to meet in Ward Counsel today. They wanted the scoop on what is going on with our family & my heart, and they have offered some help. There is much in the works here at home for me... and there is more happening on the fundraiser side as well.

Our Elder's quorum Pres. and a counselor in the bishopbric are creating a website for should be up this week. He said it would be called "blessheathersheart"...but I am not sure on the rest of the URL (?) (talking to the computer slow you know ;) ). There are many that have wanted to jump on board, but cannot access the MSN site...I am not 100% sure what the hang up is. They are going to try and create a way for people to donate to the Surgery Account directly on-line without having to sign up there, and to keep them informed on when we are having any fundraising event.

They are looking into using the ward house a venue for the Chocolate Fest/Silent Auction as well. The ward has been very kind in saying that they will help make this possible any way *they* can. bishop's wife is on the PTA and they are meeting on wednesday, so she is feeling that out venue as well.

I am amazed and so very almost embarrassed out the outpouring of love & support...but truly I know it this is the answer to my deepest prayers. I am going to get my life back ...and not be so freakin' worn out anymore! I can't believe it! My heart feels as though it will burst with gratitude! I am going to get to be an active mom with all the rest of the mom's out there! :)

Today I was very sad. I almost made it through all of church. It has not been a good day. I feel as though I am treading water non stop. I am out of breath and my limbs feel shaky and weak. Jess brought me home after Sunday School and I drank a ton of water and laid down. I feel a little better...but I am still going to go to bed here in a few minutes. I just wanted to post what is going on. This feels more real...and like it will really work out...that Heavenly Father has a plan for this...and there is light at the end of my tunnel...and not the kind that leads me "Home" *giggle* Thank you all for your thoughts, kind words, offers of help and prayers. I feel so blessed. I feel so loved. My sadness/aloneness has decreased so much. This has not been easy for me...but my cup is running over.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Surgery Update

Hi! I am still so happy and excited! I FINALLY got the office manager to call me back yesterday...a week later!... and she started the process to see what can happen with the cost. She called me back later and said that she was talking with the head guy over their finance stuff and they are going to see what they can to do lower/finance the Surgeons fees & she is going to talk to the hospital and see how they can help as well. And then! The man who supplies them with the two high tech can-only-be-used-once-and-thrown-away-but-very-expensive tools was standing there. He heard the whole story, and said that he was sad for us. (because of my heart history in comparison to my age, my little family, and our lack of ability to get insurance...and he has offered to donate those two tools for free!!!!!! That is a couple thousand right there!! They are not cheap! I am so excited! I could not stop crying yesterday! It is WONDERFUL news!

My dear friends have taken off with some fundraiser fear of burdening Jess with huge amounts of debt are being lessened... and well... it is so humbling. *blush*

If any are interested... you can see what they are doing by joining a private group that has been set up...

To join Brandy has set it up so that you must mention Jestin's business name (if you know and love know the name :D ...see to the right ;) ) when you sign up and she will allow you access.

It sounds like fun! She is trying to coordinate a Chocolate Fest & a Silent Auction. She has received donations for quilts, a swedish weave blanket, homemade soaps, Creative Memories stuff, Heritage Makers stuff, Free Massages, and more! Jess is donating 2 certificates for free electrical for the auction. It sounds to be a great time! Even my kids are thinking and trying to come up with ways to make this surgery happen for my heart.

I am feeling more at peace with it. With so many rallying around me...I am not so scared. I am truly blessed. Truly I could not ask for a better life! I have such wonderful friends and family!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a wonderful Happy New Years!!
We had Gram & Papa, Katie, Greg & McKenly all over to play. We made Fondue Dinner with all the fixin's, ate 'til we were stuffed, played games and then Papa brought his traditional cannon that he built and we set it off, along with some fireworks! (sorry neighbors if the boom was too big! tee hee) The kids had an absolute blast! And we live in such a great neighborhood! We had neighbors out greeting each other, areal fireworks going off in numerous locations and it was just a perfect evening! :)

Caleb LOVED the noise...
...and his description of fireworks with his own sound effects was HILARIOUS!
Poor Sophie was scared to death! She hid behind the toilet and in the pantry... New Year's Eve was not her fav! LOL!

Cam's hat made a great beak! LOL! Gram brought noise makers and hats, and we *really* welcomed in the New Year!