Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miss my best buddy!

"Kick" & "Sidekick"

I had my camera at church a couple weeks ago, taking pictures for a Relief Society video...
and I am glad I did.
These two have been best friends since they were 2.
They are both turning 7 in the next couple of weeks!
Aren't they so cute??

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time to cut...

Emma's hair has gotten really long and beautiful!
She decided she was ready for a change... 

So mom got out the scissors and gave it a whirl
It turned out super cute and she is THRILLED!!

Isn't she just beautiful??

Friday, March 23, 2012

NeW JoB!!!


JESTIN GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They immediately wanted him (obivously the way they sought him out!) and turns out 2 of his former foremen work for this company and praised him to high heaven!! They asked if he could start right then! Bwahahaha! He said no, that he needed to talk to his family and have a family counsel - and the manager was extremely impressed by that. :) Jes and I hashed out the pros and cons on the way home (we were in a daze of disbelief that it was THAT easy!! LOL) and then called a family counsel when we got home. We told the kids all about it and our pros and cons and then we discussed having a prayer about it. Both Emma and Cody asked to be excused for a few minutes, and they went and had their own personal prayers to get in the right frame mind. (of their own accord... I was so impressed and proud :') I am blessed with SUCH good kids!) Then we gathered and prayed about it. I felt like it was a yes (with a little leeriness - but I thought maybe it was just some gun shyness after years of hard times), Caleb said yes and Emmalee said yes, but a little uncertainly. Jes, Cam and Cody all said they didn't feel good about it. (I almost started to cry!!!) We discussed a bit more... and couldn't put out finger on why. Finally Jes said "maybe I need to talk to my current employer first before we decide". As soon as he said that, we all, almost immediately, felt completely at peace. (though I admit I was a little bummed to not have it resolved right NOW :P LOL!!)

Today he spoke to his manager and he told Jes that shouldn't pass up this opportunity... but that he was extremely disappointed about it. Jes said he would be willing to stay if the offer was right (ugh!) and his manager said he would talk to the owners that afternoon and let him know. At the end of the day, it came to light that they could not even come close, though they are discussing having him possibly work some nights for them, because he is SO needed. (if he is so needed than PAY him enough to support a family duh!) We shall see. He will work the rest of March and start the new job on April 2nd!!!!!!

It's called Ludvik Electric. The job is guaranteed for at least a year... and after that they are based out of Colorado, but work in 5 western states. And if he traveled, they offer great per diem. Full benefits: Health, DENTAL, VISION, 401k, vacay, sick pay, and GOVERNMENT JOB WAGES!! I am still in complete shock! Can it be real??? After scraping by for so many years... HOLY COW... I cannot imagine what it would be like to have some left over to buy shoes or garden soil or have the dog's shots done when the bill paying is done at the end of a month!! I get the shakes just thinking about it!! I have prayed and wanted this for SOOO long... MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma requests braces as soon as we can. Cody wants new glasses with no scratches. Cam wants to go on a family vacation (umm... we'll see) and Caleb is just happy that his daddy will be happy and less stressed LOL. Me? I am dreaming about a bra without underwires that gouge me and my puppy's teeth cleaned so her breath doesn't make you wanna barf. Bwahahaha Big dreams huh??

EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (((((SNOOPY DANCIN))))) and laps on the stick pony!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sleep was hard to come by... but it came. I decided that I am not following the norm of "don't jinx it" superstitions on this one. I let most of our family know and asked them to join our prayers together in Jes' behalf. I believe that prayer is more powerful than superstition! *wink* Oh! It's just gotta be the one! I am riding up with Jes to Camp Williams (did I mention it is at Camp Williams?) and I will just read a book in the car while he interviews... On our way... :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not one... but maybe the other??

EEEEKKKK!!! Ok... so the job inteview in SLC didn't have a great offer... by and by it ended up being the same almost as he was getting where he already works once we crunched the numbers. Plus they said they could only guartantee him work for 6-8 weeks... and really? in this economy, if you already have a job, why would you sign up for that? duh.

But... the GOOD job... I mean the GOOOD job... they sent him an email over the weekend asking him to fill out an assessment test. He did it late last night. They called him back at lunch time today!! He has an interview tomorrow at 1pm!!! HOLY CAMMOLY!! This is the company that contacted HIM and asked HIM to apply... so it is super overwhelming and exciting!

I keep thinking it is because of my dear friend Patty's post on my FlySistah site about her hubby getting a job. When I put a bookmark on my Eee pad to reach the site, that is the link it saved... so I see her post everytime I log in. And everytime I feel complete excitement for her and gratitude for the gift of a FANTASTIC job for them after years of HARD struggle!! And I smile and think about how I can't wait to have the same relief in my life when Jes' trial is over too! So... does that count as "Postitive Affirmations"??? And "The Secret"?? LOL I hope so!!

Excited to have a bad nights of sleep for waiting for a GOOD reason!! I am giddy!! HOPE HOPE HOPE!! I am so very thankful for HOPE!!!

I GOT A 91% ON MY MATH MID TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After hours and hours and hours, and tears and hours, the brain pathways came back just in time for my test!! WOOT WOOT!! God is good! ;D I feel so very blessed!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Movie Night

Tonight Jestin is sharing his favorite movie with his boys... 
Lots of action and adventure!
It's Cub's first time ever seeing the original
Star Wars 
They are now moving on to the next one...

And Jes is loving it!
Like father like sons!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Jes got an email yesterday about a big electrical company wanting him to apply for a job in Murray. They reviewed his resume on Utah and are interested in him. I started filling out all the paper work this morning and 2 hours later, he had to come home and answer some electrical quiz type questions. Then he went back to work. I finished it off and sent it.

Jes called me 20 minutes later and said he has a job interview in SLC tomorrow - with a COMPLETELY different company!! *gasp* I am just tickled!! I know it isn't a job offer... and it isn't even the one that wanted his info this morning... but! I am tickled that it is SOMETHING!!!! He has been applying for jobs left and right for what... 3 years now? The last 9 months he has not gotten ANY responses... so SOMETHING is good! It gives me a glimmer of hope!! HOPE!! I haven't had real hope in ages!

A couple extra prayers for my super discouraged and down on himself sweetheart that he will be able to "sell" himself at this interview so they will be able to know how freakin' awesome the rest of us already know that he is?? xxcrossing fingersxx and hopin' by telling ya'll I didn't just jinx it! Bwahahahaha

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Someone Nominated ME??

This darling store here in SF had a promotion for Valentine's Day.
They even posted it in the local newspaper:
Nominate someone who you believe really deserves it,
and they will give a new outfit and hairstyle to the winner entry for Valentine's Day!
I was in the hospital the first time they left a message.
And the second.
And healing the 3rd and 4th.
And then I got a message on Facebook.
And then another one.

I kind of kept ignoring them because
#1 - I didn't even know about their contest
#2 - I thought maybe it was a scam
And #3 - I was a little preoccupied with my health LOL

Finally I called them back.
It was TRUE!
Some very sweet person, wrote an essay about how I was a person who deserved a new outfit and pampering for Valentine's Day!
 I wish I knew what they had said to make me the winner, or even who it was!

I know that person will never know how much this meant to me.

The last month has been extremely rough for me.

And to go and play like I have a normal everyday life,
 and can buy a new outfit "just because" for ME (and not the kids) was like a fairy tale! 
Despite my recent weight loss (due to health) there was not a ton that I could fit into in that darling boutique... but it was really fun to try stuff on and wear things that were frilly and girly! 
The gals there are AMAZING!
And their stuff is just DARLING!
They finally helped me pick out a new pair of jeans, this aqua top, and a lacy black tank to go over it!

Top it off with my most favorite part - a long necklace with daisies - and I felt gorgeous! 
I came home and made Jes take me out to eat for a date with our last gift card!
I couldn't be all dressed up with no where to go!

May God bless whomever it was that picked my name and entered it into their contest!
I am still completely humbled and shocked!
What an incredibly kind thing to do!!