Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day # 6 Alas...

it is catching up with me! I was affraid it may have been too good to be true! LOL! I knew I was feeling way too good to have had heart surgery! *grin* After my surgery they put me on steriods because my heart was swelling. we all know...steriods give you great energy and a "sense of well being". Really. They do. I kept thinking I should want to sleep more. I should be exhausted more. I mean I am weak, and I can tell I had surgery, but when I was laying down I could not sleep. I took my first solid nap just today and I could not wake up! I have not slept well at all since surgery! (Insomnia bad!) However... see... yesterday was the last and smallest dose of my steriod treatment... and yesterday my emotional erruption hit (ah! for the love! Everything made me cry! poor Jess!) ... and now today I can feel it. I hurt. I really hurt. And it's my whole body that hurts. :( I am kinda bummed out about it. dang it!

I was telling jess that the hurt in my heart feels like this: it feels as though my heart is a big tear drop shaped metal balloon. It is hanging in my chest, full and heavy and achy, and it is full of hot stinging/burning liquid. And as my heart beats it swings in my chest and I can feel it on all the surrounding areas as if I am all bruised inside and the metal balloon is banging and pounding against these tender areas. Weird huh? I bet you all really wanted to know that huh? Bwahahaha!!! (I am just complaining a little bit, I am sorry... but! I also save all my I can justify I am "documenting" as well. *wink*)

My insicions are much better! They hardley have given me notice today and my neck muscle and area are great! You can barely see any bruising at all, or even the entrance spot! ... it's the rest of my body that hurts (*waa*) ... like my muscles are worn out & stretched thin from a long hard work out and they are stiff and sore and my whole chest cavity hurts and is full and burns. Steriods are nice... no wonder some people can get addicted! Coming off them sucks.

Today I feel like a slow turtle. LOL! I was grateful for our spring snow shower... and it being sunday... Jess stayed in with me and we cuddled on the bed. I slept like I haven't slept in a week or more! Tommorow should be fun! My first day on my own... and I am suppose to go to the dentist I just realized! ACK! I think I will call and re-schedule that! I was suppose to stop my blood thinners for 3 days before... guess that goes to show one more time that one should not schedule appointments when one is on pain medications! Bwahahahaha!!

I sure miss you all! I wished I could have gone to church! Our sweet home teachers, Cory and Cam, came over this morning and gave us a beautiful lesson! And Cory's darling wife made me some of my favorite cookies! She makes the best snickerdoodles around! YUM! And Jess' family all came over and brought sunday dinner! It was heavenly! I am spoiled! Tee hee! I have such great people in my life! I dont know what I did to deserve it!

Well... I am ready to fall over sitting here... time to go to bed! Have a great night! ((HUGS))

Friday, March 28, 2008 4

Today I regained access to all the levels of my house! YEA! We had gotten me upstairs (since I could have my own bed, and potty, and sleep with my sweetheart up there) and I had mostly stayed. I confess I ventured down twice in the 3 days I was banned from stairs, but when you are hungry & nothing sounds good, well, it's true, you must raid your own pantry. It is not something that can be well done over text messaging. LOL!

MIL was here all week and we communicated through our cell phones via text messaging. It was slick! LOL! No yelling. No bells. It's the wave of the future I guess! In Home Care Text Messaging! LOL! Worked great! that is until I texted to my friend in SLC that she needed to get Cody's scout shirt on him, that he had scouts in 10 minutes, and that I needed her to write down a Dr. appt on the calendar! Bwahahahaha!! She text me back that they must have put me on some *good* drugs! LOL!

Sweet Maria came and let me ride with her to pick up her son from pre-school. It was a nice 20 minutes out of the house, but I quickly realized how weak I really am. WOW! And I also learned that braving a shower when I already needed meds, thinking the warm water would help instead, was just plain dumb. That is why they offer relief such as that when they have lasered out the inside of your heart! LOL! My lungs are tight too...if I breathe too large I cough. I have been trying to get up and about much more today to get the blood flowing and breathing deeper. It is slowly coming though. :) It's all up hill from here! I just know it!!

There is this little part of me that wants to just RECLAIM my life and run with it! *blush* And I have to admit I got a little sad standing in the kitchen talking to Jess making dinner for less than 10 minutes and feeling like I had run a marathon! LOL! I am being impatient I know...but my roses died that Cam helped MIL pick in my mind it means I should be feeling better...long enough for flowers to die...soon enough to feel better! *wink* I am just SO excited to feel better! I want it now! LOL!!! ....................slow and steady ....wins the race.... or at least the heathly strong heart...right? I will be good... I think. Bwahahahahaha

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Each day is better...

hi! thankyou for all the comments of well wishes! ((hugs)) It means a lot! I am still in recovery :) My heart is doing fairly well... I finally had to call in for some pain meds tho. They had to go in through my neck as well this time, and it really irritated my neck muscles, and with the steriod making my heart pound harder than normal, I was in a horrible headache situation! ugh! but I got some relief and tommorow I can start doing stairs again and descend from my second floor and join the world again. *grin*

Sadly...though...when it rains it pours. I broke a tooth this morning. *WAAAAA* I had to get special permission from the cardiologist to go off my blood thinners for a couple of days so I can get my tooth worked on...but he was not happy about it...and neither is the dentist at the thought of working on me post heart sugery! LOL! what a mess! Anyone want to go get dental work done for me?? Bwahahaha! P-A-H-L-E-E-S-E??? Tee hee hee

The kids are doing great. MIL (mom-in-law) has been here everyday to help take care of them, and they are thrilled to have her! She has been working on a quilt that is gorgeous! She is so talented! She has baked treats, and dinners, it has been so nice! Jess has some work trickling in now and it amazes me how Heavenly Father seems to know when he is able to work and when he is needed at home at this time of our lives. Ma & Jenny came and helped me stuff thankyou cards last night and we talked and laughed! Jenny brought stories she had written when we were growing up...Emma was tickled! It was a hoot!

well...there goes my desire to sit upright again...just thought I would check in! Much love to all...and don't be shy...I am ready to see friends and talk on the phone! LOL! (((HUGS))

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surgery Is Over

Now the recovery begins. It took 4.5+ hours of cardiologist has a hang up with one of his other surgical patients. I was so thankful for a my Priesthood Blessing offering me peace. I only got really nervous once Bro. Fox, from our ward, wheeled me into the elevator! LOL! (he works in the Cath Lab! Who knew!?) It took longer than they thought it would twice the time they told us, but once Dr. H got in their he realized he needed to work on both sides of my heart.

It went well. They had to go in through my neck as well, but it turned out ok. My echocardiogram this morning I was told looked great! he wants me on steroids for the swelling in my heart, blood thinners for 6 weeks, and he is keeping me on my heart meds until we meet again in 6 weeks, where he can asses how i am doing and decide if I can start weaning off of them. I have 3 days of no stairs (hello?!? Two story house?) and no sitting at length at 90 degree angles...and I hurt like the dickens with no pain meds.. but this too shall pass! Poor Jess got slugged in the chest for being flipant with me at one point because I was in pain and he was teasing me. I felt so bad... :(

Thank you all for you continued love, prayers and faith. I think need to go lay down now...I am re-typing almost every word. Sorry about the typos. Too tired to care! Bwahahaha ;)
Much love!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Things to distract me...

61 hours and counting....

It has been a crazy few days! My emotions and energy levels are run amuck! I got a spurt of energy last we did something most respectable parents would never do! (LOL!) We took the kids bowling... at 9:30 pm last night! I was feeling like we have not been able to do anything fun, just for the kids, in ages. I was missing seeing them play and spending time as a family. So we loaded up and went. My digital camera was taking awful the few I have are off my cell phone...
Caleb was IN LOVE with the ball return! It was like Christmas every time the ball came back!

Cameron amazed us with his sideways toss that earned him at least 4-5 spares! Of course they had the bumpers up, but he still had the best luck! He won the game!

Caleb loved having Daddy help him carry the 8 lb ball over to the lane. (He looked like a waddling duck! Tee hee) and the first time he rolled the ball, I am not kidding, I bet it took 3 full minutes for the ball to make it down the lane! And then! It came up to the pin and stopped. Nothing moved! We were rolling with laughter! We had to go ask the desk if it was ok to send another ball down the lane to reset it...and the front desk people laughed and laughed too! It was a riot!

Cody is a serious thinker when it comes to bowling. He is very delibrate. He got the only strike of the evening!
Emma had a blast...though I think she was more tickled to have brought her own money and be able to buy a packet of skittles to share as our treat! She is always so thoughtful!

Caleb was also very bummed out to realize that he couldn't bowl in any lane... I mean they all had pins in them right?? LOL! He was a hoot to watch! We had a complete blast! It was really late when we got home...the kids were ASKING if they could go to bed... but I think it blew off alot of steam we all have been building as a family...and it was so fun and spontaneous!
I was also able to go with a friend to the temple yesterday. I have never been to the Jordan River one before and it was awesome! We had lunch in the cafeteria and then did some initiatories. It was so good to sit in the celestial room and find the courage and peace I need. I wish I could bottle it and bring it home. I love seving in the temple and escaping the everyday noisy world. AHHH!! Yesterday was AMAZING!!!!!!! All the way around!!

The sky was so blue... I wished the grass was green and dry... I could have laid on the lawn and escaped for another length of time! What a great day it was! (Thanks Patty for going with me!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Surgery Date Change!

Dr. H's office called and they changed my surgery date! I get to go in 2 days sooner! 6 days!

Monday 24th of March!
I am feeling the strain a little...ok a LOT...there is much I have been widdling away at here at home, wanting to get accomplished before I go in, and now I am feeling pushed! ack! Many naps make slow work! LOL!

Also, I have been going through some crazy emotions the last few days... funny how surgery on a major life sustaining organ runs you through a miriad of feelings/fears/emotions. Poor Jess. And Amy. And Maria. They have been my emotional crutch the last few days. Feeling very alone as I approach this operation. I know I am loved, it is just not something I can go through with anyone else. Know what I mean? And satan has played on fears and insecurities, and's almost been like a very severe episode of PMS! I laugh one minute, am grumpy the next, spitting nails at things I can't control and sobbing the next. What fun!

Anyway... wanted to update you all~~~ SURGERY MONDAY MARCH 24th

Monday, March 17, 2008

Feeling the Butterflies

This morning I am starting to feel the butterflies! Nervous, excited, etc. Who knew one could look forward so much to surgery! I am so tired of taking it easy! I feel I am pushing against a rubber ceiling...and I can't wait to break out! I want to push myself again! I want to deep clean my filthy house. I want to go for a walk. I want to go shopping! I want to play with the kids!

Now I am not kidding myself that these things will come quickly... I know it will take time to recover and build back my strength and all...but I can't wait to be on the other side on my way up! I can't wait to be on that upward slope! It will be FANTASTIC!!

Easter is just days away! I can't believe it and the kids can't wait. (Neither can I.) I love to see them so excited! I need to get cresent rolls for Resurrection Rolls for our lesson on the Savior, and I want to get myself something new to wear for church. I picked up the boys new polo's for less than $5 a piece, and so then I splurged and bought Emma a dress (she only owns 2 that fit, so I didn't feel too guilty) for less than $20. Jess is easy because he just got a new tie for Christmas, so I just got him a $5 shirt for after church. I used to love my tradition of buying everyone new church clothes for Easter! Now I just don't anymore. It is too expensive once they grow out of the little kids clothes section! Sheesh! LOL!

I can't wait to dye eggs with the kids too! Caleb keeps bringing me the box that has our tablets in it...I think he thinks it is a treat! Bwahahaha!!

I have to admit...part of me is really sad this year. We can't take our kids to either of their grandparents to celebrate, and it sucks really bad! We just can't risk Cam's asthma acting up the same time as my surgery. I know I could not handle both...and neither could Jess. It just really bums me out. I feel like I can't "go home" this year. And it makes me really sad. I also worry as Cam is getting old enough to know it's "his fault"...even though he has no control over it. He is so sensitive these days... my heart just aches for the whole situation. It stinks. Oh well. Such is life... we will just have to make this Easter about our own little family... and how much fun we can have here at home...where they a-l-w-a-y-s are. *sigh* (you should hear the whine in Emma's voice when she says that...ugh!)

What are some of your Easter Traditions? I tag all who read this to post on their blogs ways that their family celebrates the holiday! Maybe that will give me some good ideas for our little family this year! It is such a sacred and yet fun holiday... do you break up the worldly from the spiritual? What do you love about it? What about traditions you'd like to change? do tell!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I love Sundays. I love the quietness of the house. I love that the kids know they dont play with friends or outside, so they quietly play together. Their games of imagination are so fun to listen to. I love the extra sleep. I love going to church and re-filling my cup and re-newing my commitments. I love that Jess has no where he has to be working, and that I actually can talk to him without feeling like I am keeping him from a job or a project. I love to have hometeachers over, and sending Jess out to serve. I love the chance to slow down, re-think, and re-focus. I love having dinner with family or close friends and kindling those precious relationships that are so quickly acknowledged any other day. I love sitting down and reading uplifting material (somtimes cover to cover) and not feeling bad that I am not getting others things done around the house. I love the devotionals on TV. I love sitting as a family cuddled up watching them. I love in warm weather going on walks as a family in the evening. I love how close I feel to my Father in Heaven on these days, and how intune I can feel with myself if I follow the steps needed to get there...

Sundays are my favorite days. Heavenly Father was BRILLIANT when He asked us to keep this day holy and to honor it and Him this day. I am thankful for the Sabbath Day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I just wanted to post a quick thank you to all of you who check our blog! I am so amazed and humbled at what you have collectively done for our family! With all the fundraisers and donations, we are over the $20k mark. We have met the hospitals base price for this surgery! I am so shocked and humbled.

In all honesty, this whole time I have struggled with having everyone help me. We are not destitute. Jess can pay our bills...we never get much ahead...but somehow he always has made ends meet. I keep feeling so unworthy of help. I kept thinking that paying for this surgery ourselves was what we "deserved". We were within 3k of paying off all of the children's hospital I figured I would just keep paying a bigger amount for a much longer period. I never sought to have anyone help us. And then my FLYSistah Brandy jumped in... and then my Bishop caught wind of what we were facing and he jumped on it, and announced it in Sacrament meeting, and the whirlwind began....websites, newpaper articles, events, and donations. And as I look back, each brick on this road has needed to be where it was to make other things happen. I have been "saved" from one surgery that would do nothing for me, and a second one much more life altering! I have grown and my testimony and percpective have changed. I have learned, deep down, just how much each of us are loved by God...individually! And all we have to do is approach Him and allow Him to work in our lives!

I never imagined the gifts of love, support, and friendships I would receive in allowing others to lift this burden. I never imagined how much effort everyone would invest on my behalf. I never knew I could feel love like this. I know most people feel so blessed to be able to serve... and yet I feel like this has blessed *me* so much more. Not just monetarily... I feel like I have been allowed to see a sweeter side of humanity. I have seen in each of you what I think Heavenly Father would see in you. There have been many that have quietly without knowing lifted my heart with simple words or thoughts. I have watch some of you give more than maybe you should. I have received emails from across the globe of people wanting to offer encouragement and love. I have cried and laughed and been stunned time and time again. I have made life long friendships. Jess & I have been given the chance to teach our children about a very profound way.

It truly has been a strange place to be... and yet looking back on all of this... I would not change it for the world! I would take this heart ailment and insurance mess all over again if it meant I could learn the things I learned, love the way I have learned to love, pray the way I have been blessed to pray, make new sweet friends the way I have, and grown closer to old friends whom mean so much. I would not change a thing.

And so here I am. I will have heart surgery in TWO WEEKS! (yipee!) We won't have a HUGE debt hanging over our heads thanks to each of you. We won't have to sell our home or dramtically change our eating habits (LOL). We have been given the greatest gift of PEACE as we approach this surgery. We can focus on the health side of it. The financial will take care of itself. And that is HUGE!

THANK YOU. And as you read that word... imagine me wrapping my arms around each of you and squeezing you tight. ((((Thank you)))) I still feel deep down that we don't deserve this, however I am so grateful to have had this chance in my lifetime. I love you. I can honestly and deeply say, I love you. Each of you. For giving what each of you were able to give. And whatever you have been able to offer or give... it is enough. And it is perfect. And my heart is bursting with gratitude and admiration for each of you. God Bless each of you in your families, for what you have done to bless mine!
All my love,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Report

2 weeks 2 days!!

Hello all! I survived the stress test! YEA! It was not the most pleasant of experiences by any means...but it's over. *grin* I reached my target heart rate quite quickly. (ugh!) And the radioactive material they inject you with burns and there I was...panting my guts out...feeling like fainting...and they inject my IV. It was just not so fun! I wont hear any results until later this week... darn it! I am feeling a bit stronger the last few days. Could be I am "taking it more easy?" LOL!! *wink* Oh! And the asprin seems to not be why my face was swollen, so I feel much relief! One day at a time... one day at a time... the improvement is near! I am getting so excited!

We had another trip to the ER this weekend. Cameron. He is so 6! He had had a dream that he jumped off of Emma's bed (3 mattress' high) onto my yoga ball and bounced and did a flip. Yes. He chases his dreams. He tried it and it flipped him alright...quite forcefully onto his head and neck! The crash was houseshaking! He came down crying and trying to puke. He couldn't stop dry heaving (never actually threw up! yea!) and he said he couldn't see. I called my sister and told her what happened and his symptoms. She said that she was really sorry...but those symptoms were BIG red flags and he needed check out. :( We loaded him up and took him in. Once we got him there and were waiting in the waiting room for his room to open up, he started perking up. By the time we got into the room, he was his normal self again. (About 2 hours after the fall) They did a CATscan anyway just to make sure, and his brain looked good! Jess told him he has no cats in his ears. Cam was relieved! bwahahahaha!! What crazy funness!!

Well...Amy's fundraising photo shoot was not as busy as they had hoped, but those that went got some really great shots! She is so talented! And she was tickled to have gotten a new backdrop out of it all! (she made one espeically for the fundraiser) She and Meighan are so wonderful! to tackle the mounting pile of papers on my desk! *sigh* I swear paper has babies around here! LOL!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Distracting Myself

OK. I need a distraction this morning. I am nervous about this dumb test... (I dont love to "fail" things!... LOL!) so I am copying an idea that I saw on one of my other favorite blogs...

We have 77 post on our blog...this will be I am going to list 78 random things about our family...

  1. I talked Jess into dating my best friend. He thought I was out of his league, I thought he liked her more. The attraction was too great... and we kinda broke her heart. Still makes me feel bad when I think about it. AHH the joys of highschool!
  2. Emmalee had to go back the hospital as a newborn the day after we brought her home. She had an infection of some kind. That was HARD! They took a spinal tap and I thought Jess and I were going to die. Never had felt that "love someone so deeply the thought of them in pain is complete torture" kinda feeling before. We waited outside and sobbed in each others arms.
  3. Caleb went back to the hospital the day after we brought him home too. Although he was healthy...Cameron's asthma had run amuck and he needed oxygen. That was a rough one too.
  4. hmmm...these are all a little bit negative...the rest will be positive...gotta distract myself!
  5. The desk I work from I found at DI for $40! The chair was free from a business Jess did work for. I love a good deal.
  6. Caleb drinks chocolate milk for breakfast. He doesn't enjoy I get him Carnation Instant least I know he is getting some good vitamins and protein.
  7. I rebel against myself. If I make a list I likely will not get much done. I used to be a HUGE list writer, but they do nothing for me anymore but make me grumpy. Silly huh?
  8. There is white-out tape from one of those roll on white-outs all over the house. Caleb must have found it yesturday. *sigh*
  9. Some of my dearest friends I met from an online group. My FLYSistahs. We are such a crazy diverse group... but we sure enjoy each others company.
  10. I had my 1st birthday party ever last year. I invited all my FLYSistahs down and we ate good food and laughed until late. It was perfect!
  11. We hate to get the mail. It stems from the laidoff years. It was always depressing to get more medical bills or see what was behind. We never had anything shut off or a late house payment...Jess somehow always made ends meet...but it was still depressing. It is nothing like that now...but both of us still stuggle to make ourselves go get the mail. Funny 3 years later....
  12. Jess doesn't like lotion either. Our poor kids. Emma loves it. We would "rock, paper scissors" to see who had to lotion the baby post bath. LOL!
  13. Cody has read his cub scout manual from front back, novel style, twice.
  14. We haven't had a real family photo sitting since Cam was under 2. Can't wait for Saturday...hmmm...what to wear??
  15. I always wanted to be an airline stewardess. I still do. I love to travel...and Jess doesn't.
  16. Jess loves to tinker. He can build, weld, fix, design, create, just about anything. He was VICA President in Highschool.
  17. Jestin loves Red Cream Sodas. He is diabetic and shouldn't have them...but once in a great while he indulges. He savors them! LOL
  18. Cameron is coming off the immediate effects of his steriods from his last asthma bout. This is a good thing... because for 2 weeks after he completes the doses... he eats NON STOP! He is STARVING!! LOL! I can send Jess to the store now and not have to worry that Cam will eat the whole box, bag or bushel of whatever he brings home.
  19. We love Tallapia. It is the one thing I make that EVERYONE eats.
  20. I am a sucker for Hawaiian anything. I love it. It makes me happy. I love my name too...Leilani is so pretty. Someday Jess is taking me.
  21. Jess gets sick on airplanes.
  22. Jess gets sick on long car rides unless he's driving
  23. Jess gets sick on rollercoasters.
  24. I get sick in movie theatres if we sit too close.
  25. None of the kids can watch a movie in the car, they all get sick. Nice eh?
  26. I love lilac bushes. I was sad to leave our last house because one whole side of the yard was lilacs. They smell so much like spring. I had a bunch in my yard growing up too. That is on my list of desired yard foliage when we get to that point.
  27. We need new couches. All of them are really old hand-me-downs. One has a broken arm rest that it really annoying! Lately when Cam and Cody sleep on them their allergies act up. It's frustrating. We have so many other demands on our finances... sometimes I wish we could just charge them, but then I think about the remorse I would feel each time I sat on them knowing they added a payment to our budget. *sigh* I think I need to start stashing a little each check specifically for couches. (Grass? Fence? who needs those? bwhahahaha!!)
  28. I love my house. There is very little I would change about my house. It makes me happy.
  29. I never thought I could love Jestin more than I did when we were dating. I never knew love grew stronger in a marriage, and you could like your spouse so much more with each passing year. Sometimes I think we are the exception and not the rule. That makes me really sad. This love should be available to everyone! It just takes a lot of selflessness and work. But it is so worth it!
  30. Avacados sound yummy. I am fasting for my test. My tummy is conjouring what it would like to be eating.
  31. Jess rebels against time. His clocks are NEVER the right time. They are always fast (his alarm clock has been as much as 45 minutes fast before!) If I tell him we have to be somewhere at _ABC___. He is ready to leave the house at __ABC__. Time and Jestin do not get along.
  32. I am shy. I love people and I love making and enjoying friends. But I am a very shy person. Most people dont believe me. I fight it like crazy!!
  33. I love to sleep. Not because I dont feel well lately, but prior to all this, sleeping in or taking a quick nap in the afternoon, made me happy. I am sure it is because my heart has always given me troubles, but I sure enjoy feeling stronger after such indulgences!
  34. Jess is a morning person. If he is not up and working and busy by 8 am...the day is wasted.
  35. I am not. I am a night owl. *grin*
  36. When someone becomes a friend, they tuck into my heart and I keep them there. Even people I have had a falling out with...I still just love so much!
  37. Jess is friends with everyone. He is not at all shy. He hasn't made a lot of really close friends that he hangs out with (he likes to hang out with his brother a lot) but he has many who are his friend.
  38. Emmalee is just like Jess. She is friends with everyone.
  39. Cody keeps to himself. He has lost a couple of really good friends to them moving, and it has made a difference in how he approaches friendship. He is careful with his heart. Emma is his best friend though. They have always had a special bond.
  40. Jess hates to eat with a small utensils. He likes the big serving spoons for his cereal and the biggest forks for his other meals. He is put out when there are only small ones clean.
  41. Jestin is an Eagle Scout. He loves the outdoors.
  42. Cameron has no sense of time. The ellusiveness of when Easter is is making the boy crazy! We have tried everything... but there just is no patient bones in his body!
  43. I am a nicknamer. I give people nicknames and then they just seem to stick. Emma = Lou, Bug or Lou-Bug, Cody = Bubba, Cam = Beedee, Caleb = Bunkee, Jess = JW. I have a brother I call "B". Saying his real name is weird for me. I guess they are terms of endearment and they just stick for me.
  44. Each of my kids have their own made up song I created when they were babies. They love to hear them over and over again.
  45. Jess uses a bobbypin to clean out the wax from his ears. weird.
  46. I have a stapler and a tape dispenser that I tole painted when I was preteen, from a bank take over when my mom worked at the bank. I have kept them and still use them to this day.
  47. I can't remember how old I am. I keep getting it wrong. Jess even does it...we had to use the years and add them up to figure out how old we are a week or so ago. I used to laugh at people when they said they couldn't remember. Here we are. I guess age really is subjective. In my head I am 20. LOL! Sounds good to me!
  48. I have seeds on order for our garden. Amy and I are sharing garden space in 0ur backyard this year... and I feel like a kid at Christmas! I can't wait for them to come so we can get our starts going!
  49. I love to float on my back in the water. I cant hear anything. It is just relaxing!
  50. My favorite vacation spot is Lake Powell. My heart can't take the heat well... but I LOVE to ride in Dad's (FIL) boat and swim in the lake. I love to let my kids play in the sand. I love the colors and the water color. I love spending time with family. I miss Lake Powell. I wonder when IL's have their houseboat timeshare this year....? I have even thought of just going down without the house boat and staying in the hotel. I just love it down there.
  51. I love St George too. Silly I love all the hot places that make me not feel well!
  52. Our dream family vacation is to make the Church History trek. This year I would like to go to Martin's cove at least and see Rocky Ridge. My GGG'ma was preteen when she came across the plains with the Willy Co. and I feel a closeness to her. I want to walk where she walked.
  53. Caleb loves Go-gurt. Mom detests giving it to him. It's slimy and messy. But that boy LOVES it!
  54. A family treat is Wheat Thins and Squeeze cheese. My kids think that is a HUGE treat!
  55. As are juice boxes. (or bags)
  56. Once when stuck in the Uintah Basin with my family because of bad weather (we didn't dare drive home) We were all watching the news at G'ma's and the weather lady said "Stay home if you can...if you go out in this storm you could get seriously killed." We all laugh to the this day! Not just killed...but seriously killed! LOL!
  57. We were stuck in the Uintah Basin the year of the big avalanche at Bridal Veil Falls.
  58. My family took Jestin for his first real trip outside of Utah shortly after we were married. Talk about culture shock! Las Vegas was the hardest for him. He loved that he has lived here all his life. People were strange to him! LOL! He is getting better now...
  59. Jestin's dream job is a Custom Truck parts builder. He loves to weld bumbers, light racks etc.
  60. Cody wants to be a Bee Keeper (he got stung once taking care of a cold bee!) and a Massage Therapist.
  61. Cameron doesn't want to grow up!
  62. Caleb will likely be a tractor/truck/equipment operator or owner. That boy LOVES anything big, loud and rumbly! (Garbage day is looked forward too with much enthusiasum!)
  63. We love the LOTR's trilogy. Jess and I often on weekends watch a part of them after the kids have gone to bed.
  64. Jess loves the Star Wars Trilogies. He knows them so well...he often falls asleep watching them! Bwahahaha
  65. I call milk "snot clot". Have since I was a preteen. It has never been my favorite drink. yuck. And now since having Cam I seem to be lactose intolerant...and he is down right allergic!
  66. We can both eat icecream though!
  67. Our favorite resturant when dating was Weinerschnitzel. We even went there after our wedding reception because neither of us had eaten! Our kids love it now!
  68. I crave The Melting Pot. Jess took me there for my 30th birthday...and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Chah$$$$Ching... But OOHHHH SOOO good!!!
  69. I love my new computer monitor!
  70. Cameron has a Tomigatchi... and I wonder if I should ever get that boy a real pet... he seems almost happy when his "pet" dies and he can get a new one! LOL!
  71. Jess loves Costco.
  72. I don't.
  73. Jess bought his fruit trees at Costco... we can't wait to plant them! They are hybrids of 4-5 didfferent kinds of pear or apple on each tree! SO FUN!
  74. Emma and I are wearing out our Eric Dodge CD's
  75. Caleb's eyes are changing...I guess I wont end up with at least one blue eyed kidlet.
  76. Jess' eyes change color depending on his mood. I love it when they are green!
  77. I have a black thumb. I am hoping it does not manifest itself in our garden this year!
  78. This really was nice and distracting... thanks!

Wish me luck!

Back to the ER

Hi guys! Wanted to give you an update...
Went the ER on wednesday morning. Chest pain. They ran all kinds of tests and Dr. Hwang has ordered a stress test for me. Tommorow. Should be interesting! Lately I can't walk up my stairs without wanting to die and he wants me to walk on a tread mill hooked up to all sorts of wires for HOW LONG?? LOL! Fun. I am on asprin therapy for now...although I woke up with my face swollen this we'll see what he says tommorow...(and if in the morning when my zyrtec has worn off if it happens again)...I will post when I know more...until then...I am claiming the "Thumper Clause", 'cause if I can't anything nice...I shouldn't say anything at all...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Eric Dodge Concert & Auction

I am still recovering! LOL!! What an amazing weekend!!! The event was perfect! We had such a great turn out dispite the snowy weather and it was great to have so many people to hug! Somehow I was blessed to have more strength than I thought I would during set up. When we were setting up I started to feel awful and my heart kept fluttering and racing. I was scared I would end up laying down the whole time... but as the event got started and all these people started coming that I love so much, it was as if my strength was doubled. What a blessing! I was able to enjoy the entire event and not "pay fot it" too terribly much yesterday or today! I am so thankful!

When we were setting up, Eric's band had started trying things out and was practicing a little bit. Emma came over to me for something, and when they were done, I asked if she wanted to meet Eric Dodge. (*giggle*) Her eyes lit up and she grinned really big and said "He's here??" (Bwahahaha) (No sweetheart...his band practices without him...*giggle*) We walked over and as I introduced them she could barely talk. She just stared at him...and grinned. He hugged her and then Amy took their picture. It was DARLING!!! (I even snapped a shot of her line dancing next to him.) She had a BLAST! And we bought her both his CD's, which he autographed for her. She was in HEAVEN!

First they did the raffle and silent auction. They went really well! It was fun to visit with different people and hear what they were shooting for and who won what! It was such a fun time! My brother won the baby afghan that my good friend Nicole donated (he spent all his tickets on it... their baby is due in June). Jessie's cute aunt Mykin got the 1 hour massage from my sister (heaven for her!). Cody won a picture about fitness he is quite excited about! LOL (anything to make the room the boys all share more "his" I think! :) ) Our cute ward photographer won a sculture of Joseph Smith that was just beautiful! There were many more, but it would take a while to remember and list them all.

Then Matt's dad came on and did the live auction! It was a riot! The guys in the ward were outbidding each other like crazy for Jazz tickets, sports memoriabilia and others! They even had a bidding war over a Cold Stone Icecream cake! Too fun!! My cute BIL Greg won a $300 value Bridal or Prom Dress rental for $25 because no one was bidding on! LOL! (he didn't hear what they were bidding on I think he said!) He is a newlywed with a year old baby! Bwahahahahaha!! It was a hoot!

The best part for me was the last item. Remember when I said my sweet Mom-in-law had come to help take care of me and the kids when the kids were so sick? She sat at my kitchen table and sewed a quilt. It was quilt for the auction...and it was gorgeous! At the auction my mom and I were filling out the cards describing what the live auction items were... and when I got to MIL's quilt I had to list the value. I got choked up and said it had no monitary value. It was all sentimental to me. :) My dad heard that, and that I loved it and wished I could bid on the quilt. He bought a paddle and the game was on. They brought it up last, and G'pa E (MIL's dad) and my dad out bid each other over and over. I walked over by MIL and asked if she realized they were auctioning her quilt. She was darling and kept saying..."but it's not worth that much! I didn't spend that much!" Then she realized what was going on...she said "that's my dad!" and then a moment later "and YOUR dad!" Yup! Our Daddies were trying to win the quilt for their little girls. It was so precious! We both just cried! My Daddy a $230 bid!! Afterwards he told my mom that if G'pa had bid again he planned on yelling out $500!! He was going to win it for me....for me. I cry just thinking about it! How many items in life become instant treasured heirlooms? I can't believe it! I will forever LOVE this quilt and all the memories and emotions tied to it.

The generousity and enthusiasum was astounding! Everyone said it was a great time to be had! After the auctions and such, I got the opportunity to introduce the band. I had this great thought process of what I wanted to say... however I was still kinda crying about the quilt incident and couldn't seem to get my emotions in check enough to let my heart convey what I wanted to. Oh well! I loved introducing the band...and they were AMAZING!!!

They taught some line dancing... our little cousin got to come up and sing "Burning Ring of Fire" with the band... I got to slow dance with my sweetheart...and with my little girl... and Eric's band really know how to put on a show! It was incredible! Even as people started dwindling out, their energy was strong to the last song! I LOVE his new album and I got to have his whole band sign the CD of his I didn't have yet! If they stick to it...I think he could go to the top! His voice is gorgeous! and his stage personality rocks too! I wish my camera had done better...many of my photos are a bit blurry from all the fun we were having! LOL! There are some good ones on the ward blog from Jack (thanks Jack!) ( and Amy took a bunch I will post more when I get them!

Eric said that FLYLady (Marla) kept texting him too to see how things were going. She had wanted to be able to come! She is such a sweetheart! He wrote her a testimonial that evening telling her all about it and she sent it out to everyone! The FLYbaby community has been rallying around my little family as well! I have gotten some very sweet emails...and many wonderful emails with small donations from all over the country! Unbelievable!

All in all I heard the total was well over $7,000 for the evening. I have not heard an exact amount yet! Absolutely fantastic! I think those who planned this event really got to enjoy the fruits of their labors. I can't imagine it going any better! They did an awesome job!! And it really is going to happen. We really will be able to pull off this surgery and not loose our new business or our home! I am so in all of it. Words do my emotions no justice...