Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh for the LOVE!

What crumby few days!! I ended up in the ER on thursday. I was talking to a dear friend on the phone and had a very strange heart episode. It lasted only 4 minutes, but it was not quite something I had experienced before...and I was scared!
Anyway...after some coaxing, and a prayer, I decided to go the hospital for an EKG. My dear bishop's wife, Maria, drove me there, while another neighbor took the two littlest boys. (Cam was home from school with an asthma attack :( )
We arrived there, and as they called me back to a room I passed out on the waiting room floor. Can I just mention how grateful I am for answers to prayers...and for being obedient to them? I dont know if Cam or Caleb would have known what to do with me! LOL! My poor bishop's wife, I think, helped catch me on the way down, and I think I may have sworn when I felt it happening (*blush*) and she was the first thing I saw when I came to. She was begging me to open my eyes and calling my name. As I spoke to her she wrapped me in the sweetest hug. It felt so nice! We seem to have this amazing bond anyway....but I just felt so much more love for her at that moment! ...I thank Heavenly Father that he brought us to Spanish Fork! We have such amazing people and friends out here now life is so rich!

Anyway...I have been put back on the meds that Dr. Hwang took me off for his silly high salt/no sugar diet. I have requested to see the Cardiologist that saw me June when all of this first came up...and because he was also the one that oversaw me this week. I am glad. He seems truly interested in figuring this out. He put me on the 24 hour holtor monitor (like a 24 hour EKG machine) and I can see him in a couple of weeks. I am weak and shaky now...which totally makes me sad to re-live after this last summer...but I am alive and they have ruled out for the most part any kind of heartattack. Golden & silver linings! ;)

The other saga of these last crumby days is my little Cam. His asthma has done it's classic and he has pneumonia. We truly fought and debated about whether to take him to the ER about 2:30 this morning...he was keeping nothing down...he wasn't sucking in too much...however he just looked so worn out! He kept telling me that he didn't like how he felt. I just cried and held his hand. Jess was torn...we have no insurance right now...and we have taxes coming up. He was stressed! (And to boot I refused to let him go alone with Cam to the ER and he didn't want to try and do it with both of us not in such a good place health wise) It was a mess. I am so grateful for the stewardships we are granted as parents of these little ones tho! After some prayer & discussion ideas came, and a peace came and we rode out the night. He was able to keep some broth down this morning, and as a result we were able to get the steriods into him...and so now we are excited for the downhill slope that we know is coming in 24 hours or so. Thank Heavens for modern medicine!!!!!

It was also sad and depressing...Jess' brother Tyler is here from Wyoming for the weekend and we had plans to go with his whole family to stay at Daniel Summit Lodge. We are all were SO excited to spend some one on one time together! Instead Jess, Cam and I stayed home and the other kids went with my MIL (mom-in-law). I was so sad to not be able to go...although I felt lucky Cam felt so sick...he wasn't too sad to be left behind. :) Gotta take all the good I can right? LOL!

Anywho...there's a quick update on us....I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Camping Trip - Sept. 2007

We have had an awesome weekend! Our new Bishop's Family & 4 other families in our ward decided to do an inproptu Camping excursion and we were invited to join them! We went up the Nebo Loop to an awesome little spot! The kids played hard, we stayed up way too late, and we ate way too much junk! It was a BLAST!

"OOOOO Momma!!! I Sticky!"

Caleb loved all the treats...especially raw marshmellows! (yuck!)


& her little group of Neighbor Friends

Even Sophie got to come! She loved all the attention...and she is the best little heater when you are cold in your sleeping bag....LOL!

Cody & his friend Josh playing games....

"MMMM...D O R I T O S..."

Cam played so hard he was asking to go to bed way early! He LOVED exploring! Sadly though, his digital Littlest Pet Shop Bunny kept "jumping" out of his pocket...and the morning we left, after being found once already, it went missing for good. :( He was a very sad boy. Who knew Dad was soo smart when he told Cam to leave in it the Expedition so it wouldn't get lost...multiple times....

....hard lesson learned...we hope! :)

"was' a matter Caleb?" - Cody is such a good brother...

We can't wait to go again!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts for today

Hello. I have not done random thoughts for a while...and I feel them here goes!

1. Kindergartener's have the hardest life of all! Only half a day of school and then complete boredom (unless of course Mom's is super on her toes & devotes half *her* day to his entertainment) sinks in and the whinning and "when will the kids get home" begins. Rough!

2. Being two and home alone with Mom & Dad is the best! Lots of one on one attention!

3. New cameras are SOO exciting! Especially if you dont know how to use them! Bwahaha!

4. Owing your own business is a sure fire way to find out how motivated you really are.

5. Fall could last forever. Warm in the in the evening...and a holiday coming up where no one questions how much you really ate as they are all eating way too much as well!

6. Tissues are messy. Their sole purpose is to control mess (read-boogers) however I find myself picking up more of these used little snot rags than toys most days! They must be negatively magnitized to avoid garbage cans.

7. I have a dear friend who is enduring a rain shower of *hard* trials right now. It's funny how they all seem to come at once instead of one at a time. Must make us more focused or something.

8. I have a new neighbor. She rocks! She finds the best in people and is so positive! She reminds me of who I am and what my dreams are because she asks... Most people already know me and so there isn't much asking... it is awesome to be reminded of what I would like to do with my talents.

9. Did you know I *love* to take photos? I also love to make Music DVD's with these photos..and I feel like I do a good job? Did you know I have a deep deep desire to learn to play the piano and to have my kids learn as well? Did you know I love to write poetry, but have had writters block since I had Cameron...and that it really makes me sad inside? WOW! Now you know! LOL!

10. I have best husband in the whole world! He has been slowly the last week working on my "Honey-do" projects without me asking! I wrote them all down a few weeks ago and he only has 2 he's done 3-4 that I hadn't written down...I had just mentioned them in passing before. He is AWESOME! I feel so spoiled and loved!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Giving in to the Bloggin World

Hello! We (read:I) are finally giving in to the blogging world! So many have said that I would enjoy a blog...possibly...we shall see :)

And so....

Welcome to our family blog spot! We are happy to be here! Thankyou Thankyou!

Here's what's new...

Jestin still working way too hard! (surprised?) JWD Electric is keeping him quite busy. He is starting a project in Park City that will be quite time consuming and a challenge...and he really excited about it. He started teaching school again this fall...UVSC is slowing turning the electrical apprenticeship program over to Moutainland Applied Technologies, as they are becoming a University, but the transition promises to be a smooth one. He is again teaching the first year's and I hope he will have some insipiration finding a couple of employees this way! :D

I am feeling better everyday. My heart seems to be gaining back some of it's strength. My cardiologist put me on this crazy diet of no sugar (artificial or real), lots of water, lots of salt, 5 meals a day...and well...really! :O The no sugar thing is not as hard as I thought it would be...but the 5 meals a day as a mother of 4 is insane! I do the best I can...but I have not seen huge improvements in my hearbeat irregularities. I see Dr. Hwang again on the 11th of Sept.

I have been nicely busy being a Realtor. I LOVE doing it! I never thought I would like being one, but the joy of finding people "home" is awesome! I look forward to being out on my own the end of October. It has been a blessing to have a partner, but so many things feel wrong about it lately I will be glad to be done with it. And maybe eventually I will find it is not for me anymore...So many Realtor's speak in half truths...and it is not something I tolerate very well. We'll see...

The kids are great! I just got a new I will post some pictures....

I better get for now! I have much to do!