Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Month of Gratitude 2012

I have been great about posting my gratitude on Facebook, but there is no way of really journaling off of Facebook, so I am superimposing my little daily posts here.

Here are the days I have missed so far:

Month of Gratitude Day #14 - I am thankful for best friends... from my first (Corinne) to my Jr High ones (Jennifer & Jayne) to my High School (Tracy) to my sweetheart (Jestin) to my cousins (Nikki & Kathy) to my newlywed-years ones (Jill & Lisa) to ones that have moved away (Amy) plus my baby sister, my Ma, my baby girl and all the people I hold dear in my heart and cherish everyday. As I have grown I have many many "best" friends... because you are all the best! My life would not be the same without each one of you! ♥ And I am thankful for your influences in my life...
(I couldn't tag anymore or my list would have included a few more people... like Dave, Phillip, Jenny, Suzie, Emmalee, William Cody, Aunt Becky, and more!)
** This is a tough one to leave "out there" for fear that someone whom I adore will feel left out... but truly I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life to help shape who I am and how I value friendship and love. I have learned, made mistakes, hurt my friends, reconciled with my friends, and each up and down have created who I want to be as a friend. {{loves}} and gratitude for the good peeps in my life!
Month of Gratitude Day #13 - Today I am thankful for answers to prayers, new adventures, leaps of faith, and happiness laced into it all :D
Month of Gratitude Day #12 - My heart is full - I am thankful to be a daughter of God, and to have the knowledge of it. I am thankful for the power of prayer.
Month of Gratitude Day #11 - I am feeling very thankful for both my Grandfathers who served, my Daddy (yes... proud Navy-Brat I am), and countless friends and loved ones... Happy Vetrans Day ya'll.
Never take their sacrifice of time, family and life for granted! ;)
Month of Gratitude Day #10 - always belongs to my sweet baby girl!! Happy Birthday to my Emmalee Anne - Thank you for being one of my very best friends, a strength and blessing to me, and one of the most beautiful young women around! I love you very much! Enjoy your day today! ;) No guilt allowed! MUAH!
Month of Gratitude Day #9 - SNOW! My little Caleb could hardly contain his excitement going to bed last night knowing that it was in the forecast for today, and was really bummed when it was just rain this morning... I am smiling from ear to ear as I imagine the wiggles of joy my little guy must be enduring as he looks out his classroom window right now... *GRIN*
Month of Gratitude Day #8 - Today I am thankful for Grandparents, both Jes' and my own. They have done so much to make life good for our parents, and our family from sacrifices and traditions to love and legacy. "We are who we are, because they were who they were". We only have a few of our grandparents left here on earth and it is so comforting to know those who have gone on are watching over us and loving us still... :) LOVE YOU GRANDMA's & GRANDPA's ((HUG))
Month of Gratitude Day #7 - I am thankful for a beautiful warmer than normal fall day :) Wishin' I had spent more of it outside... but OH! It was gorgeous! (bring on the snow... ;P)
Month of Gratitude Day #6 - I love Jestin William Olsen Dorius!! I am thankful that he is mine, and I am his! :)
Month of Gratitude Day #5 - Today my heart is thankful that I get the opportunity to go to college. It is a LOT of hard work, but it is not something many of Heavenly Father's children get to do! I am growing in SO many ways and just plain feel humbled and thankful for the chance! :)
Month of Gratitude Day #4 - Today I am grateful for a wonderful weekend with my family! Nikki & Ben's little one blessed, seeing my Uncle Robert and Aunt Christine (whom I adore!) and all my cousins too (Rick, Kathy, Becky, & Jeff) I just love you guys!! Thanks for inviting us to stay over and play... and for the hours of cuddling that sweet little mite! :D SUCH a sweet baby boy!
Am also thankful for my testimony, which felt like it was bursting out of my chest today! I am so grateful for the power of prayer, examples, and love!
Month of Gratitude Day #3 - Today I am grateful for an item checked off my bucket list! Jestin talked me through changing the oil in my car! I did it all by myself! SO COOL! 

 Month of Gratitude Day #2 - Today I am feeling thankful for my soft warm bed and warm dry home. My heart just breaks for those who were caught in the Frankenstorm's path... continued prayers on their behalf...
Month of Gratitude Day #1 - Today I am thankful for a wonderful time last night at our Halloween Tradition of chili & scones in the garage! Lots of neighbors and friends and family... LOVED all the costumes and the love we could share and feel in return. It was a blast! (and extra thankful for the help cleaning up so that today I can barely tell it was a shin dig! (thank you MaryJo Dorius & Jeannine Harding!)