Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playdate for Caleb

Caleb had a friend drop by first thing in the morning and they played hard! I could hear them from my office so I kept working on paperwork. I left them alone for about an hour without checking on them. I had no idea.....
that they were having SUCH a great time!! LOL

The lego totes, the lincoln log totes, all the cars tote, the Thomas Train tote.... ummm... yeah... it was a hoot!! I could only just laugh at myself for leaving them unattended! LOL

Caleb did help me clean it all up after his friend left, though I also discovered they had gotten hungry and the toys were all intermingled with soda cracker crumbs. They each had eaten their own sleeve of crackers! LOL

Ahhhh to be able to enjoy just making messes again.... what a good time!! :)

Opening for the Basketball Game

I really love the school my kids attend. It feels a community instead of an obscure state run institition. The 2nd graders were invited to come and sing the National Anthem for the opening of the High School basketball game! (Their school is K-12) Cam was SO excited!! They did an awesome job!
And when they were all done singing I had tears in my eyes as the High School students roared with applause and gave them a standing ovation!! Talk about feeling like you belong!! Cam SO wanted to stay and watch the game after that! He LOVES his school!
And I loved that they asked him to wear his scout uniform!
(Now to get him all the components as soon as we can! LOL)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HI Family and Friends!! I just wanted to let you all know...

Jestin has been super slow with our company JWD Electric the past few months, so now is the time if any of you have remodel or electrical projects you want to have done!

He is available and ready to be put to work!

Call him at (801) 836-8726

I know shameful exploitation of my sweetheart (heh heh)... but you all know with Jess you only get the best work he can do! And he offers 2 year warranties on all his work!

He was also talking about putting a coupon out there as I am going to offer it here for those we love first! (dontcha just feel so blessed??)

* Free timer switch for your outside lights or dimmer switch for your inside lights with every referral, or job you have us do!

Also... if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell a Home... I am still actively working as a Realtor and would love to take care of those I love and care about to make sure they get the best deal for their money! And get the most honest services possible!


I am SO excited!! I just discovered I can export copies of my blog to save on my hard drive...

AND I can copy & paste my posts into a word doc if I want and it carries everything over! Words and pictures!! YEA!!! I can print it off myself to keep in a scrapbooks!

I am excited!! I wanted to make a scrapbook of my heart stuff recently... and this will make it super simple!! YEA!!!

Strep Throat

Ah... yes... we do. ALL six of us have strep throat. Isn't that just fun!? LOL

We are so thankful for antibiotics, tylenol and sprite. And for Dr's who offer prescriptions without charging for an appointment when we have no insurance. Blessings from heaven!

They say it is an outbreak in the valley in the last 2 weeks! More familes have been testing positive than normal (Our Pediatrician in AF said he had a record 10 positives on Monday... and just with our 4 on tuesday, who knows how many more?) and it is a rampant one because not many are NOT catching it. Crazy fun!

Thank heavens for antibiotics.

And just so you all know... Emma's only symptom was on again off again tummy pains and headache.

SO FUN! I am going to go lay down now... It's my day to feel horrible... maybe the kids that are healing will wait on me for a change?? Ha ha... no... they want to play Wii. *sigh* Cuddle up with a good book it is! *GRIN*

Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Morning...

What a crazy day we have had! Nothing too major... but just crazy.

Cameron came in right after Jestin left to help a neighbor this morning saying his throat hurt really bad! I told him to drink a little cold water and let me know if it gets worse.

It's winter after all and everyone knows that scratchy morning throat because it's so dry kind of feeling. Plus he had been coughing most of the night with his asthma.

About 90 minutes later he started puking. His asthma flared up as well. I cleaned him up and gave him a breathing treatment. (He has been coughing at night for a few nights now) He often starts thowing up when his oxygen levels get down and he feels so constricted. In fact, when he was littler we always knew that throwing up meant he would be admitted to the hospital! He seemed a little better once his breathing treatment was over, but he is still dusky and pale.

He had his first orthopedic surgeon appt since his break today. I decided we better take him anyway - sick or not - his splint had broken and his finger was bruising more now than it did before! So I loaded him up and took him to the OS. We got him a mask - just in case it wasn't just asthma - and all he wanted to do was lay down. He kept saying he is just so tired. (also VERY common with his asthma)

The OS took xrays of his hand and told him it needed re-set (rebroken) and he could give him a shot to numb it first. Cam flat refused. The OS said he could do it without pain meds, but it would hurt really bad.... Cam didn't care. He was not having any shots.
(xray after it was re-set)
And so... my sweet 8 year old boy just laid there and let the OS re-brake his finger and set it. He didn't even whimper! I think he just feels so miserable he didn't care at that point. He said it hurt really bad... "but there was no sense in crying or saying ouch about it!"
He fell asleep for a minute or two after it was set...
It is broke in 2 places. The OS said it likely will heal straight as he grows, but they will recheck in a week... he may need surgery and a pins if it doesn't straighten a ton on its own. UGH! Poor boy!! Stupid ER doc! He wanted us out of the ER... you could tell... and if he had just LISTENED to me when I said we were told to come by the OS and that the OS KNEW we were coming and he wanted to set it, then Cam wouldn't have had to endure today! :( I felt so bad for him!

We left the office and before we got out of the building we were running to find a toilet to puke in. He says his tummy doesn't hurt at all... just his throat does... and his breathing is labored.


Then we came home and told the kids about Cam's adventures. Cody got huge eyes... and Emma turned to him and said... YOU BETTER TELL HER OR I WILL!! Reluctantly Cody admitted that HIS throat hurts bad... and his head hurts too.

I looked in their throats and sure enough... red. Cody has one spot of white. They have no fevers, but it looks like we may have strep throat at our house!

And I SUCK! I took it to the OS office! Even though he wore a mask... now I have guilt!


Jestin is coming home shortly to give the boys blessings and we will feel it out from there. It could be just drainage and asthma... or it coudl not. Either way... it's not something we can afford right now! *whimper* Nor something I want to spread throughout the house.


We hope it will clear up as nothing more than a cold or something.... a mom can hope anyway....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well... I did it!!

I gave up Farmville. Yep. Important stuff I know. But it was hard to make myself do!

I was addicted. I liked gettting sucked in multiple times a day to check my animals or crops or to accept fake gifts from my friends so they didn't pile up. It was like an email inbox that I had to keep cleaned out. And it was something I could completely control.

And I felt guilt about it! A virtual farm!! I felt like I was "getting behind"... hello? Getting behind?

I am feeling such peace about my decision. I have felt prompted to let it go for a couple of weeks now. It's so easy when things aren't going right or you are feeling sad to disappear into a game like that, one that you can be "sucessful" at and ignore your life! I had no idea.

I had fought the invites to join the game for quite some time. I know myself. I know that I like to be organized and perfectionistic. And in this game I could! OH! Bad combo...

I feel free today. Free from guilt, or feeling like it was "something important on my to-do list". I can use that free time to actually GO SEE a friend... or read a book (or my scriptures a little more)... or call a friend! I can be a better ME. :) As we were taught in the Women's conference I love to hear over and over... I am choosing the better part.

Now I can get back to feelin' guilt for not doing laundry, ironing or cleaning my house! If only I could stack my children in neat little rows and "harvest" them a couple of times a week... and it would all be a perfect world! Bwahahahaha!!!! :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day and Love

I have an inner conflict. I do not love Valentine's Day. I don't. I love the fun times the kids have... I do. I love the decorating cookies and spending time together. I love the chocolate associated with this great holiday. Yep. Not a problem to love.

But the gift giving makes me crazy. (Here I go again... I know) I am not sure why I struggle with it so much! I think maybe because it feels required by a calendar date? I don't jive on required gift giving... it just doesn't feel like a real gift to me.

Gifts should come from the heart. Not from a quick stop at a grocery store, fighting off the other men who forgot as well and are stopping on their way home too. *blech* That is just NOT a real gift. That is a requirement. Not so heartwarming in my opinion. Gifts are meant to *SHOW* you think of the person... and what he/she would want/need/love. Gifts are expressions of how you really feel about someone... and I guess last minute cheesy crap just doesn't do it for me. LOL

For example: (Sorry... Ma... you get to be the example *grin*) I was at the Dollar Store and found these little note books that had the "Love is..." cartoons on them. Many may not remember those cartoons, but my parents collected them. They loved them. They lived by them when I was growing up. I grabbed one of each for them - and gave them to my parents on monday when they stopped by for Valentine's Day. It was FUN gift to give! It had meaning! And they love it!

On the flip side... Ma found this little night light with Valentine hearts on it... I love nightlights! It was a perfect gift! :) And I love it.

I guess I'm just not a "stuff" kind of a person. I would rather have sentimental value... or a gift of time and service. I know Jestin loves me. I know my family loves me. And if they found something they *know I would just love* and gave it to me on Wednesday August 7th or Friday June 11th etc THAT is a gift from the heart!! Not just because it is a frilly commercialized holiday.

Gifts are meant to be given on Christmas and on people's birthdays. Not for every holiday in between. These other holidays are times to honor the people for whom the holiday honors... and (at least in my mind) there are better ways to honor and celebrate these people in our lives aside from a quick stop at the store for anything we can find and spend money on! :P That is my 2 cents worth. LOL Commercialism has ruined the delicate affection of this holiday.

The "perfect" Valentine's Day gifts (or Mother's Day gifts etc) in my humble opinion are as follows:

  • Date night I didn't have to plan or find a sitter for myself.
  • Dinner made for me that I enjoy.
  • A honey-do project completed with a smile.
  • A love letter... a REAL love letter... not just a card you sign your name to all the time.
  • Some time to be JUST ME. Alone time is a coveted commodity.
  • Surprise lunch get together.
  • A chore I dread doing done for me with a little note saying "Happy V-day/M-day" etc
  • A good session of "laudry doing" *grin*
  • Game night with friends we love.
  • Watching a movie *I* would love together without being teased it's a chick flick - and something chocolate to share.
  • Flowers unexpected! (not on the holiday they are required and cost 10x more!)
  • My car cleaned.
  • My hair colored and cut - it's so hard to make that call for myself and do it! Make me go!
  • A massage to sleep

Time. Service. Expression. Togetherness. THAT is what Valentine's Day is all about.

Honoring and loving your sweetheart.

Phooey on all this stuffed animal, cheap chocolates, hugely overpriced once a year floral arragements! OOO! I am a Valentine's Day grinch! Bwahahaha!

Itchin' .... I am so just itchin'!

WHY? Why am I feeling almost DESPERATE to take my family, pack up the camper and run for the hills? I want to go CAMPING!!!!!!!! And I want to have left *yesterday* LOL

I love the closeness our camper offers our family. I love the undistracted-by-electronics play my kids enjoy. I love sitting on my camping chair watching the fire, laughing with family and friends, and feeling the crisp air on my face and the stars above me. I love the the food that we eat while camping. I love how Jestin always makes breakfast for us when we are camping... and how it tastes! I love smore's and I love fudge-in-a-bag. I love sleeping in my bed in the trailer (yes! I do!) because of the foam pads we put on the mattress it came with... it is almost better than my house bed! I love the sun on my face. I love watching the kids go exploring, fishing, playing games & just BEING TOGETHER!!!

*SIGH* This spring like weather is TORTURE!!! I love it... but it makes me want more. :) Greedy I know. LOL

A job! A job! After weeks of nothing to do...

Jestin had a small job!! YEA!! :) It was very strange to have him gone today... but yea!! A small job! He also has done 3 bids this last week. It is VERY encouraging!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Ely "curse" for Cam...

The last time we went to Ely Cameron got hurt.

Of course it was self inflicted, as he was promised the chance to hold Ema's hand if he let Amy pull his dangling tooth out. Yuck. She did... and he let her. And he held Em's hand.

He bled and it was all ok.

This time... it was self inflicted once again... but... umm... yeah... OUCH!

He tried to convince me it wasn't bad. LOL! He didn't cry (not in front of his best friend! nor could he take the risk of not being able to continue to stay and play!) but it was undoubtingly broken!

We had only been at the Sorensen's MAYBE 3 hours. He decided to show off his new somersaulting skills. I am sure it was a crazy double flip kind of a thing, knowing Cam, but he just landed wrong.

We had no first aid supplies (his momma had ignored the prompting from the Spirit to grab the First Aid kit off the steps in the garage as we left home :P )...
so we used popcicle sticks, tape, Motrin & a bag of Vegetable Stir-Fry to make him comfortable until we returned home. (We were advised to not seek medical attention in small town Ely... LOL!!)
We spent most of today (Sunday) between the InstaCare and the ER getting it taken care of.

Yes it is broken. Surprised? I didn't think so.

LUCKILY! He is only being splinted (for now... cross your fingers... your good ones ;) ... it stays that way when we follow up with the Orthopedic Surgeon) so HIS baptism in a month may be able to proceed without the extra complications of a cast. :)

My poor boy! His bones are just being very kind to him this last year! :( But I must admit I am AMAZED at his high pain threshhold! What a tropper!

A trip to Ely Neveda

Emalinne's Baptism Weekend

We did a quick overnight trip this weekend to Ely. The kids were SO sad it could not have been longer! We pulled them out of school on Friday and drove out, arriving about 4 pm. The best friends played hard, while the Mom's played in the kitchen preparing for the large family event the following day & the Dad's explored the remodeling possibilities.
The next morning the kids practiced a song they were going to sing... "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus"... and try as we may...

These two bestest friends just don't understand that they are a boy and a girl and WAY too young to hold hands, wrap arms around each other and give each other rings (Cam got a ring from the prize box at school and was thrilled to be able to give it to his best friend - since she's a girl and would like a girly thing like that! LOL) Innocence is fleeting and sometimes I don't want to tell them they shouldn't... they just seem to "get it" that they are best friends and treat each other accordingly. *grin* It is really sweet... and honestly I dread the day when girls become "yucky" and they can't be this close anymore!

It was a beautiful baptism. The kids sang beautifully, sans Caleb hiding and popping up here and there throughout the song because he was too embarrassed to be up there. (*sigh*) The company was AWESOME! I just love Amy and Austin's parents and family! They are wonderful! It was a little strange to be there for a family event, but it felt like we should be! We feel like we are family! :) It is fabulous!

Ema is the sweetest most loving kid you will ever meet! It was so hard to leave a few hours after the baptism on Saturday arriving home at 11:30 pm.
We wish we could have had just one more day! Jestin had too many meetings Sunday morning with his new calling and the Stake changes etc... and we had to get Cam to the Dr... (see next post...)

It was moments like this made the financial sacrifice and long hours driving WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!!
Thank you Sorensen family for including us in your special family event!! We had a wonderful time!!
CONGRATULATIONS Ema!! We are so proud of you for your example and faith!!

Science Project

Cody participated in the school science fair this year. It was great... he came up with the idea and executed the entire thing himself! I was so proud of him!! He didn't win any special ribbons, the projects you could tell the parents had done FOR their kids mostly won... but in my heart this boy deserved a 1st prize for completion and effort! It was no small thing!

He did his project on the differences between the bodies of water on earth... and which one makes you float better. He researched the concentrations of salt in each place - the ocean, the Great Salt Lake, the Dead Sea and a regular old lake. He made up the solutions to the right specifications and then used a hot dog as his "person". He took his own photos with his own camera, typed up all his own info, cut out and made his own poster and did a GREAT job! I ordered his photo prints and picked them up for him and Jestin got him to a search that would give him the results he needed online... the rest was all Code man! :)

GOOD JOB Cody!! We are very pleased with your passion for learning and commitment to finishing what you start! You are AWESOME!!! WELL DONE!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

We have been a busy busy busy family as of late. Our talks went well I think. Everyong kept saying they liked them... so I guess that is good. I feel like mine may have been a little more in depth about my own testimony than maybe it should have? I probably should have used prophets counsels a little more instead - I dont know though - my own testimony seemed to fit best. Anyway... it's over and I hope it was what Heavenly Father would have wanted.

Monday we had family night. Cam taught us on the importance of the sacrament. He did a good job. It's fun to see how quickly they learn and understand. I am so thankful for FHE because they "learn" it so well when they teach it! :) We had some left over icecream for a treat (cleaned out the almost empty cartons from the freezer (yea for mom!) and Caleb was so proud of "his treat" - you know - because I let him get them out of the freezer! Bwaahahaha!

Tuesday I attended a Real Estate class most of the day and Jestin stayed home and took down Christmas lights. (STILL no work this week! :( If ANY of you have ANY electrical you can afford to have done - please call the man! He is feeling so "unneeded and useless") I was home for about an hour and then headed for my CERT training class where we learned our medical responsibilities as a CERT. It was heartbreaking to think if there is a huge event I may have to choose who gets what help and when. *gulp* Reality BITES! I had nightmares all night. Jestin woke up with me during one of the nightmares and asked if he could give me a blessing. I was so thankful. I still didn't sleep well... but at least the nightmares calmed down a bit!

Yesterday, we tore into our bedroom. We re-arranged furniture, evicted the TV and tower speakers to be sold, fixed the blinds, cleaned the ceiling fan and set up the hand-me-down treadmill so I can continue strengthening my heart (THANKYOU BISHOP CURTIS & MARIA!!!). The kids love it too... and so do the dogs! LOL
Sadee has walked many half miles since we brought it home! Go Pup!!
Last night Jestin attended the workshop for Small Businesses offered by the church. He said he hopes they get a little deeper into the meat and give him some good workable info in the next few classes (they are every week like my CERT classes) since last night was how to start your business! LOL.
Today I am headed out for a girls day with my visiting teachers! (FUN!) But we have to be back by 4pm for a special event at Cam's school. Then after that I really really really want to attend Bro. Wells gardening classes he is starting tonight and running for 4 weeks.
Tomorrow we are headed out to see Cam's favorite friend, Ema, get baptized. The boys are SO SO SO excited to see their best friends! We have this HUGE guilt for going when we things are so horribly tight, but I set aside funds to go a long time ago... and I feel like this is more important. Cam needs to be there for Ema and the other kids miss each other so! This is memories... and well... I think memories are more important in some cases. Call me irresponsibile if you must. LOL
Should be a good time. I just dont know when I am going to get church clothes ironed and the rest of the house picked up so I feel like I can go without leaving a disater in our wake! tee hee... I guess if we die in a firey crash on the way there or back... one of you will come in and burn my house down for me right? bwahahahaha!
I really enjoy weeks like this where we feel busy and involved. It makes sadness and discouragement harder to catch... appearantly these are slower emotions that can't catch up very well with "anxiously engaged". *GRIN* Such great commandments we are given!