Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where am I... really?

I know. I know. My posts have been few and far between. I have tried to post those with photos as often as I can, but really there is much to say.

First off... have you seen Pintrest ?? Oh. My. I would say I am addicted... but that is a strong word. What I am is tickled, pleased, happy, entertained, and taught. It is a wonderful website where you can link to pictures from your favorite things, projects you wanna do, recipes you wanna try etc. It is basically a glorified "Favorites" button... but your friends can see what you like and learn from you too!

It is super fun... to see and know what my friends are interested in in living color... and see new things.

But the thing I like the very best?
It's not the projects I am dying to try.
It's the not the cute quotes or yummy recipes.

It is the revelations I have found.

I only click on things *I* really like. I don't *have* to like what others like and put them on my boards. It is like a living/changing collage of Me. Heather Dorius. These are things I like, love and am interested in. It is Heather Dorius beyond Mom, Homemaker & Wife. And it is fun. So... I have been there a lot... learning more and more about this person I am.

But! A shpeel on Pintrest is not why you are here... and so...

By way of an us update....

Emmalee turned 14 on the 10th. FOURTEEN!?!?! Can you believe it?? She wanted to go to lunch together (aka - checked out of school) just she and I. So... I checked her out and we went to the Pizza Factory. That evening we had all Jes' family over for cake and icecream. It was a quiet and simple day.

The next day, Vetran's Day, 11/11/11, I let my honor roll student (a.k.a. Emma) play hookie and we went shopping. She had $90 from all the family for her birthday to spend, after paying her tithing. We went to 7Circles - this amazing shop in Orem full of brand new brand name clothing for CHEAP (usually from stores when they only have one or two left of something, or the clothing got a little dirty, or the box is munched ,etc.) - Em got a brand new pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups she has wanted so much for only $28!! (they are $100 shoes!) Then we went to Saver's Vetrans Day sale - all clothing etc was 50% off regular prices. She spent $1-3 dollars on each piece of clothing! She got 3 really nice pairs of jeans, 5-6 shirts, some socks, and another pair of shoes - New Balance! (they don't even look like they have been worn but once - maybe! for only $7!) all for about $35! Then we hit JC Penny's for a real bra. She has been wearing sports bras because she grew so fast! We got her measured and found her a really nice soft fabric bra for only $19 - then the sales lady showed us the same bra in blue and purple for only $6.77 each on clearance - and gave us a discount on the total purchase because they measured her. She only spent $30 for 3 REALLY NICE bras!! It was AMAZING!! She went with a specific list, said a prayer, and we were able to get EVERYTHING she needed from her list!! With a little to spare for a photo shoot of us in the malls camera booth - something she has always wanted to do! :D I just love this kid! She is so much fun!!

Cam's chicken pox are over - if he will quit picking the one pox left on his cheek and in his nose! They are bleeding almost daily! Little pill is going to have a scar! :{ Oh well. He has always been a picker... he just can't stand it! LOL I am not sure if I should take him to church tomorrow if he keeps making it bleed! Do you think he is still contagious from it even though it is past the "scabbed over" stage? Ugh. Anywho... glad that is over! I met with his teacher last week for PT Conferences... Cam is an honor roll student as well. He is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone in his class and LOVES his teacher and has tons of friends. :D So happy for him! He is such a good kid!

Jestin's job is not making ends meet. He has been taking every little side job he can. I feel so sorrowful for him... not because we aren't grateful for the work... but because it irritates that part of his heart that feels like he fails his family as a provider. I wish he could understand that it is NOT him... that there are literally THOUSANDS struggling to make ends meet right now in this depression (sorry... but I don't buy the recession theory LOL) and just because Emma had to ask for $ for her birthday and then use it for her own clothing that she desperately needed, does not reflect on him as a person! She is learning VALUABLE life lessons at an early age... all the kids are... and I am not sure I would trade it for the life of them getting every little thing they want exactly when they need it... know what I mean? Money is NOT all it's cracked up to be!
Cody has had some amazing learning lessons lately. He is maturing and become quite the young man. He just melts my heart. He is loving school, and his interest in photography grows more each day. He is a lady magnet too... we were giggling at the girls fawning over him the other night at the school... especially since he seemed completely oblivious to it! Cracks us up! He is the responsible one in the mornings and makes sure everyone gets up on time. We sure appreciate him! LOL

Caleb is loving school... but he is struggling - hard core. Math? He is a whiz and could do math all day long. Science? Loves it and absorbs it like a sponge. Reading? Nope. He forgets letter sounds, gets frustrated in nano seconds. It is really sorrowful, since last year in the weeks before my stroke he was completely starting to read and doing really well. After the stroke he shut it all down. And he can't seem to access it in his little mind. He's half way through first grade and not reading more than 20-30 words - IF he sounds them out. :( It is really discouraging. They want to get him some extra help and I am considering finding him a child counselor to speak with... wondering if maybe he processes the scary events of that period of our lives he would be able to remember the letters and sounds. ??? Otherwise that little man is perfect! He loves to hang out with friends and build/tear apart anything around him - even the food on his plate! LOL he is a miniature Jestin and it cracks me up!

I am doing well. My emotions have all come back and I feel more like ME than I have in almost a year! Very few residuals show up from my stroke and it is amazing to think where I have been and come from. I have learned how valuable emotions really are. And I also have realized that the thought process of "I have to be strong" or "Have it all together" and never just bursting into tears and FEELING the emotions around us is a ploy of Satans. He doesn't want us to feel the sorrow, frustration, hurt etc. because then we would turn to our Father in Heaven, as we are SUPPOSE to, and be given the light, comfort, love and support He intends for us.

So... here is a little piece of advice from me...


Let it out.


It's ok!

You can't have the good without the bad! It's TRUE!!!

And God has SOOO much to offer you when you allow yourself to experience the rollercoaster of emotions that are ours to enjoy.

Now... if you're cryin' because the elastic is shot in your pantyhose... well then... maybe you are following my advice a little too closely (bwahahahahaha) but for heaven sakes! Life is HARD right now! Many of us are struggling harder than we ever have before.... it's ok to let a few tears go! It's ok to sob! It's even ok to Ugly-Cry!! Have you ever NOT felt better after a good long cry?

That's my 2 cents for today. Please stay tuned for further instructions...


Monday, November 7, 2011

Cody's Order of the Arrow

Here is my cute Boy Scout,
ready to go to the special event he has been invited to be a part of.
His mom thought he looked SO handsome!
He is wearing Dad's boots and the bolo Dad made when he was a Scout.
(sorry Mom didn't know the neckercheif was the weblows one... and un-cool! LOL I am still trying to keep all this boy/cub scout stuff straight you know!)
He still looks mighty handsome though!
(and tall!) don't you think??
A couple of weeks ago Cody was part of the Order of the Arrow ordeal.
He went to Camp Maple Dell.
He took a vow of silence for the 2 full days he was up there.
He camped all alone in a field... with no shelter.
He ate very little.
He worked really hard.
And he is exicted to continue on this journey of the Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow Brotherhood, honoring camping and serving others for over 80 years.
I forgot to get a picture of him with the Indian necklace he made himself.
UBER cool!
So proud of you Cody and your love of the scouting program!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chicken Pox :(

So... the day after Halloween Cam woke up not feeling so hot.
Mild fever, mild sore throat, headache.
We figured it was a cold of some sort.
He missed Tuesday and Wednesday of school.
Thursday he was feeling a little better, so he went for a couple of hours before calling me and asking to come home.
He slept the rest of that day.
That evening he had a few spots on his face.
I teased him he was getting zits already!
Friday morning he was feeling great!
I barely looked at his face.
(dang it)
He came home from school and I almost died!!
His "zits" had multiplied on his face, some broken open and gotten crusty, and he had two on his tooshie.
We totally exposed them!
He has had the vaccine... so it is a mild case... but he has some great poultry grafiti.
Poor boy!
He stayed home from church today... but his last pox - on the inside of his nose - crusted over this morning.
We are praying for no more spots!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carving Pumpkins!!

Time to get slimy!

Caleb drawing his idea for Daddy
Cam chose to just go for it!
Poor Cody's pumpkin was THE thickest topped pumpkin I have EVER seen! We all kept teasing him it was taking forever to cut open his lid! LOL Mom couldn't do it either! Dad had to... wowza!
YEA!! He can finally gut this baby!
Cam was done first... so cute!
Caleb second
Cody's still going...
Peace baby!
Ta-da! Cody's Finally done!!