Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Monday, March 30, 2009

Un Schooling

We have decided to move to ALL unschooling for the next two weeks. I feel like they need to rediscover their own natural curiosity and desire to learn. No more of mom chasing down this project or the next... just mom being here to guide them if they need it... but pursue what you want to learn without someone telling you when to start, how long and when to stop, what and where and how to learn. I like the concept alot in helping them nurture their own sense of self...

So I announced it today before we started school. They both looked at me a little nervously and in disbelief, yet after a few clarifications and such... they were PUMPED!
Emmalee decided she wanted to research Rabbits. Then she started making a power point to exhibit to us!

I didn't even know she knew how to do a power point!! VERY COOL!

Cody played with some ideas and then settled down to a Science book. He has been glued to it all day!! He has told me all about gravity, and molecules, and atoms and genetic modification! He then decided he was interested in the animals they listed that have been genetically modified and took off into the All About Animals books we have to research them.

He started thinking maybe he would like to be a scientist when he grows up and play with genetics and their codes and such. WHOA! Talk about DEEP! And he isn't even 10! LOL

Caleb wanted to cut some paper and make a "caterpillar". He quickly discovered that the pieces became like a puzzle!! Oh! Was he ever excited!! He spent over half an hour cutting them out and then putting them back together! He LOVES puzzles! LOL!
We also discussed the Law of the Fast and how it blesses others, and us as well. And Emma had a short lesson from our neighbor Amy about sewing/hemming pants!
It has been a FABULOUS day! My kids are so smart and curious! And I LOVE it!! *THIS* is what teaching your children and homeschooling them is all about!

Uh? Cucumbers anyone?

Ah... my sweet husband is awesome! He has really gotten excited and passionate about our garden this year - he even spent 3 days tilling the garden with a tiller that will only work for 5 minutes at a time and then has to sit for 30 minutes. (talk about ANNOYING!! :P )

We have planted 6 rows of 2 different kinds of peas, 1 each of spinach, cabbage and 2 rows of lettuce! It has been so fun to work together and plan this out! He is having a blast!

But then the planting bug was still going strong so, while the kids and I played at the Rock and Gem Show 2 Saturdays ago, he took old flower planting containers, filled them with dirt and planted seeds. *HE* loves cucumbers. He does. He eats pickles like crazy... he loves fresh ones soaked in vinegar. They make him happy! So of course! Why not plant cucumbers?

Well... I am not sure it sunk in...

Now... would you please count with me? Yes. Your counting is correct. This photo shows 5 6-packs of cucumbers! Only one in this picture is winter squash... the rest are cucumbers. LOL!!! What in the world are we going to do with 30 cucumber plants?? Bwahahaha

Ahhh.. .he makes me laugh!

Luckily he also planted some zuchinni, jelly bean tomatoes, baby girl tomatoes, beef steak tomatoes and some Italian Ice tomatoes...

Guess I am going to be learning how to share the wealth... and to bottle our own pickles! Go me! *GRIN*


Mom & Dad were bored one day and found Caleb's beloved "Rexie" in our bedroom. This is the scene that followed:
Mom - "CALEB! Come quick!!"
(thud thud thud as he runs up the stairs & into our room)
Caleb - "Wast da madder??"
Mom - "Hurry! Daddy needs your help!! Rexie is biting his head!!"
Caleb took in the scene... and then... turning around and walking out shaking his head & speaking as he goes...
Caleb - "Wellllllll....if Daddy would be nice to my Wexie den Wexie wouldn't haff ta eat him!"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Calling!!

OK~ so now I can officially announce my utter sadness and excitement!! I have a new calling!

I am completely sad to be leaving Primary... I have only ever really done Primary. Being in the Primary Presidency has been a treat, and a challenge (all but me had babies in the last 3 months) and I just love the children to pieces!! It has not been the easiest calling ever with a new ward split to recover from, 4 nurseries with rotating classes and no permanant teachers (or adults who would help & serve when we had no one... thankyou to the youth & adults who helped as they were able!), my heart health cropping up from time to time on top of my miserable pregnancies/post pardum counterparts struggles... and well... what a super fun rollercoaster!! *GRIN* I feel sad and almost like we didn't do all that I would have liked to see us accomplish before being released... but I know... without a shadow of a was time. :) I wish the new sisters called the very best! Take care of "my kids" won't you? (:( ...tears... oooo... I am still so tender about it!) I must say I do look forward to having a lot less stress about it all... especially whom to call to what! God Bless the priesthood leaders that run this church. Seeking out insipration for callings and such is not easy.
Wow! Glad I am done with that! *giggle*

BUT!!! The joy of this post... I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY NEW CALLING!!! They have asked me to serve with one of my dearest friends as the Ward Emergency Preparedness Specialist!! How cool is that??? I am all sorts of pumped! I have tons of thoughts and resources... and reading the talks on really get my soul soaring! What a blessing! If I can help just ONE family to be a little more prepared for a trial in their life... how great will be my joy!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Math studies...

With a helper!

It looks more like Soph is trying to talk Emma into playing hookie if you ask me!! LOL! I mean how do you read a book when there is a fluffy butt on top of it?? LOL LOL

Iron in the dirt...

...that the magnets could find!

I have been meaning to post these for a while now! This was the dirt experiment we did in our yard. There was definately different amounts of iron in the different dirt piles in the yard!

And then the cute museum they did so show off their findings!

I have such smart kidlets! They are so fun!!

Easter Dresses for sale

I bought these two dresses for Emma for Jestin's sisters wedding. They were not what were imagined and so they did not get used. They have been in my closet in a bag for almost 2 years!

They are cream and pink and green. Emma has gotten too big to wear either one so they are for sale!

One is size 12 & one is size 14. They run just a little small. I got them from Meier & Frank...and have never been worn!
I am asking only $15 each. :)

My Blog Yard Sale

So... I have decided that some things are just things... and I have listed them on KSL (and now here) since the funds they could bring in would better bless my family than keeping the things around. If any of you are interested in anything I have here just call me! *grin*

This is 5+ years old? (can't remember, but we got it at our last house and we have been here for 2.5 years)It's a 17" RCA w/ remote. It also has the option for parental controls - you select the level of "protection" you want and the screen goes blank when it needs to - sometimes even for commercials! *wink* It's not a panel one - but it is a flat screen. We have had it in our master bedroom and don't really need the extra anymore! $65

This is a dressing table that is a jewelry box as well. It has a few small nicks on it. It's perfect for some young woman's room! SOLD

A Care Bear. It was Emma's. She was too grown up for it when she got it and it's practically brand new. $5

Just got this pampered chef stone in Dec. Have only used it 3 times (I have another one that is dark from use that we almost always use) Jess seasoned it by cooking bacon one night so it is ready to use! Retails for $31 - asking $20.
Scentsy pot and 3 packages of scents. I have only used 2 scents in it - 1 block each. Got it new in Nov as well. Scents are: Baked Apple Pie, Autumn Sunset & Christmas Tree. (sorry! It was almost Christmas! LOL) SOLD

Caleb has a car just like this! It is missing a couple of the stickers, and one spot on the back attracted dirt as the sticker from factory left a residue - I just have never gotten the alcohol out there and cleaned it off. He is outgrown it! Some little boys dream! Retail for $50 - asking SOLD
This is a hand blender. It has only been used 3-4 times. Makes awesome quick shakes! We just learned with our kids we needed a real blender because if we make any kind of shake...*everyone* wants one! LOL! $15
This is chocolate fondue fountain. I don't have the box or instructions for it, but it's self explanatory. Great for small parties! $20
We also have a camping tent. It has only been used once. It sleeps 8. Paid over $100 for it - asking SOLD
There is more to come... I just have to clean it up and take photos! LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bottling Chicken

YUM-O!! I have discovered a new skill that makes me SOO happy!! I tried out (and love) bottling chicken!! It makes the BEST chicken salad (above), and it is ready to use! Shredded Chicken meat! Enchiladas, sweet & sour chicken, BBQ chicken sandwiches... etc etc etc... oh the possibilities!! LOL!!

I am so thankful for my great grandma's pressure cooker that I inherited. What fun!
(Even if I have to stand there and watch it non stop to make sure the pressure stays correctly!)

I was telling some friends in the ward and they all separately wanted to learn, so last minute we had an impromptu canning party!

We all camped around the stove to watch the pressure cooker work it's magic... and we ate the yummy chicken salad seen previously to fuel our excitement! LOL

This is how it looks pre-cooked. When it is done it looks like a science experiment... but oh! how yummy it is!!
I have decided that I LOVE sharing with others these long forgotten skills that can bless families so much... so I am going to try and do a get together at least once a month and learn/teach these skills to anyone who wants to learn!! If any are interested I am going to do more of the following in the weeks to come:
Bottling Chicken
Bottling Beef & Pork (ummm...pulled pork sandwiches! YUM!)
Making more homemade laundry soap
Making Strawberry Jam and Fruit Leather
Bottling Chili and Stews
Planting an herb garden (and learning how to use/store them)
Making homemade breads
Making homemade cheese (this one is a little intimidating...but I am researching...*wink*)
I am learning some of these things as I go (obviously)... so if you want to come play let me know and I will let you know when I am planning on doing these things. *grin* It should be a good time! And many hands make light work! :)
I am feeling the need to learn some basic old fashioned homemaking skills. I am broke for one, so they can save me money, but I also have a feeling they are arts that we will need again. I can't rely on the grocery stores forever... nor should I, I think. And so... I am branching out and exploring the world of old fashion hard work and discipline. I'll keep ya posted as to how it goes! *giggle*

(*Disclaimer: I am by no means a pro at these things...LOL... the State Extension Dept is my friend! *wink* but I really am willing to learn with those who want to learn with me!)

We had a "not as productive as I would have liked at homeschool" day yesterday. Jess was home (again) and so I put him to work with me in the office to clear out supply house invoices and get bills made up. It was an all day project with preschool carpool to do, but it feels SOO great to have it done! The kids worked around us... but we didn't get in depth with anything like we will the rest of this week...

We did:

Math -
Emmalee is working on pre-algebra story problems. She is doing really well! Her story was about the game of golf and figuring out par, birdies and bogies. Now I have to admit... we are not a golfing family (aside from pretending we know what we are doing on Wii Golf... )so it was a learning experience for all of us in the room! LOL She did 3 pages of practice.

Cody worked on division. He completed 2 pages in his workbook.

We also did our St Patricks day word search puzzle that we missed last week. Then I taught them how and let them make their own word search puzzle. Cody made one for Dad and Em made one for me. They did their best handwritting and they did a good job in making it hard to figure out (and it kept them busy for over an hour! LOL)

They both read over an hour and a half. Emma has almost completed the 3rd Harry Potter book. Cody is reading the Ranger's Apprentice.

They also made lunch for each other and played some games they made up.

Today we are going to be more focused! ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tagged by Cindy!

Here are the Rules:
1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the six '8' items
3) Let each person know they're tagged by leaving them a comment.

8 Favorite TV shows
1. CSI Las Vegas
2. Without A Trace (tho I am annoid they are no longer on the same night! LOL)
3. Good Eats
4. How It Is Made
5. Unwrapped
6. Mythbusters
(That is all I ever really watch...)

Things I did yesterday:
1. Went to a Real Estate class (btw - if any of you want to buy your 1st home NOW is the time to do it! $8k free and clear in a tax credit is HUGE!!)
2. Took the family to the Dollar Theatre - Bedtime Stories was cute!
3. Worked the Model Home.
4. Took kids to their enrichment classes.
5. Got a 6-pack each of lettuce, spinach and cabbage at the nursery... as well as some pea seeds! (they are in!! I am so excited!)
6. Had a monster headache - almost a migraine - first one in 2-3 years - as I went to bed
7. Had dinner with the In-laws and realized how much I have missed hanging out with them this winter!
8. Saw one of my favorite friends as I dropped my daughter off for a b-day party!

Things I look forward to:
1. Eating my Cold Stone that I promised myself for my birthday inspite of my lent goal.
2. Easter... so that my lent goal is over... no sugar is TOUGH!!
3. A vacation... any kind of vacation.
4. Jess being busy again... *sigh*
5. The funds from Jess being busy again...
6. Homeschool next week without Cam being bored! ;)
7. Planting the rest of our vegetable garden.
8. Getting everything done at our house that we want to do (shed, cement for extra driveway, back yard, etc.)

8 Favorite Resturants
1. Melting Pot
2. The Italian Resturant in Orem by the Mall... I can't think of the name... but YUM-O!!!
(and now in no particular order:)
3. Sizzler
4. Pizza Factory
5. Red Lobster
6. Olive Garden
7. Ruby River
8. Mi Ranchito

8 Things on My Wish List
1. A trip to Hawaii
2. Photo Shop (and a class to learn how to do it)
3. Digital Photo classes
4. See "looking forward to #8"
5. Disneyland again someday SOON
7. My Pantry shelving
8. A Vacation with just Jestin

I tag....
1. Emily F
2. Nicole C
3. Miriam
4. Jenny C
5. Jill S
6. Zulie
7. Diana T
8. Steph

Friday, March 20, 2009

OUCH!! again

I came home from the Relief Society Birthday Party last night to this!! Caleb was standing on some PVC pipes on the sidewalk and they rolled. He landed forehead first!

That is one mega goose egg!! It's the size of a lemon!

Tonight it is turning more blue and green. It hasn't gone down much... but he says his head doesn't hurt... so we will take what we can get!

What fun!!
Cam went to the Ortho Surgeon today and they did a follow-up xray... his bones looks awesome! Just like they should! He gets to go to school on monday! (yea!) He may need some help in class though... he broke his left arm... and though he started school in kindergarten using his right hand... he is like his Grandma Annie... and can use both... and he prefers his left. Should nice and annoying for the poor little thing! Working at home made him cranky! LOL

((((insert rollings eyes))) BOYS!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mid Week Update

This week has not been quite as productive as I had imagined... but that is ok! ;)

Monday we started out with a food

Who'd have ever thought I would allow this at my house! LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cam's Sad Day

I got a call from the school today... Cam got hurt at lunch recess, would I please come and look at his arm and see if it usually bends that way (hello?? "usually bends that way??")

I ran over and sure enough... his arm curved like a bow. I was so focused I forgot to take a picture of it! The ER staff was so nice, the xray hurt him like no tomorrow, and he was in a lot of pain all by it's self... but they got him taken care of!

Dr. MacCarthur (the ortho surgeon) was fabulous! They put him to sleep and he set it within 10 seconds!! The after xrays looked like they never had a break in them (except for a slight line if you knew what you were looking for)

He was hallucinating coming out of his sleepiness and it was cute... until he puked all over then trama room's floor! LOL!

Doesn't that look fun?? (You can kind of see the bow in it in this xray)

He is "grounded" from school for the week, so as to keep other little kids away from his arm the surgeon said. He will see him again on Friday to check out if it is still set properly. He will be on some good meds until then too to help with the pain... I guess breaking both is quite painful for days (?) I would think breaking ANY is painful for days! LOL

His Dad had to cut the sleeve off of his birthday Sponge Bob shirt to get it on him, but we told him it was to make it a summer shirt now anyway! *wink* When we got home he wanted to have the other long sleeve on the other arm cut off to match asap! *giggle*
He is such a tropper! The IV barely made him cry. The whole experience was awful... but Cam is just so brave! I just love this little monkey of mine so MUCH!!!! My poor baby!! :(