Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Colors

Each year the landscape makes a beautiful change of colors that brings me joy beyond measure! I know there are some who love to drive around and look at Christmas lights, or to enjoy spring flowers... me? I want to drive around and Oooo and Ahhhh at people's tree choices and absorb the peaceful feeling and beauty that is  Fall.

I love it! It's my most favorite time of the year!!

And so... here is a little glimpse of the beauty I enjoy when I come home each day...



Sunday, October 6, 2013

General Conference Saturday Afternoon Session

Aunt Becky & Uncle Kevin were going to come up from Arizona for Conference this year for a visit, that is until Kevin landed a job in Idaho and they are now quickly getting their home ready to sell! (EEEEEE!! We are SO excited to have them closer!)
They sent us their tickets for the session they were going to attend.
Caleb is just old enough to go, and with Cody gone to Shakespeare and Emma sick as a dog, the two younger boys got to go on a "date" with Dad and Mom.
We hopped on Front Runner and rode the trains into the city...
It was a fun ride! 


Because of the train schedule, we were 15 minutes late, but they still let us in!
Cameron loved "singing with the Prophet".
Caleb couldn't believe all the people that were there!
It was a great session!
When we got back to the Front Runner Station, we had a 45 minute wait for the train...
It was a lot of fun and we are so glad we could go!!
Next time we will not rely on the trains ---- and we want to bring everybody! Including Becky and Kevin and family! ;)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pack Night & Shakespeare Showcase

We had a busy night!  Both Caleb's Pack Night and Cody's Shakespeare Showcase were on the same night (and Jes had class!) so there was a bit of running involved to attend and support both!

Caleb read about George Washington
Then the scouts tried to get their Cub Scout Master, Brother Porter, to draw what they were drawing in the air...
It was pretty hard!
The boys were WAY excited to have Bishop Day give it a go...
He had multiple boys "instructing" him... so he got two pens going!
It looked absolutely nothing like what they were trying to get him to draw! But the boys ate it up! What good sports!
Caleb's leader didn't get his advancements turn in on time, so he didn't get his awards... so off we ran to Cody's performance...
Cody played "Norfolk", assistant to the King, in this scene.

He did a good job! I couldn't get many photos because of the lighting and him moving so fast (LOL) but we were glad to make it in time to see him perform.
They leave tomorrow for the Shakespeare Festival and competition in Cedar City!