Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Mr. President Obama

Mr. President,I am a mother of 4 children. Three of them have severe asthma and have been in and out of the hospital numerous times in their lives. My husband is a type I Diabetic. I have heart issues and thyroid issues, recently having had heart surgery. In pursue of the American Dream, as small business owners, and with our medical histories, we do not qualify for health insurance. My children are on our state's CHIP program, but we still pay out over $600/mo just to keep my husband and I alive with medications. We have spent thousands upon thousands in medical care costs. We would greatly benefit from some kind of health care assistance.

However...I wanted to beg of you... do not take away our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to choose by putting this health care plan into hasty acceptance. PLEASE take the time to evaluate other options. OPTIONS. Choices! FREEDOM! THIS is what America stands for! Not sweeping legislation that forces everyone into the same pin and feeds us the same slop!

Our country is struggling. We as common place American's with $600/month in medication costs are STRUGGLING!! If you allow this to pass willy-nilly we will be left without our dreams, we will be stripped of our integrity as human beings in the wisdom & freedom to choose. Our business will fail, it will never grow, as we will never be able to afford the employees we would need to expand!!

Mr. President, PLEASE consider further ideas and plans that those of us without health insurance can CHOOSE to be a part of!! Do not force us! My family needs health insurance. We do. But we will not seek it at the cost of everyone around us loosing their rights and freedoms to controlled by the government in every aspect. That is completely unfair and NON-American! DO NOT DO THIS TO OUR COUNTRY!! I beg of you.

Heather L. Dorius

I sent this out today. It is not as eloquent as it could be. But I HAD to speak up. Even if it will be completely ignored...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All I want for my birthday...

Is to go camping with my family and to go fishin'!

Cody is so easy to please! All he wanted for his birthday this year was to go camping and fishing. He loves to spend time with family. So we took off on a Thrusday afternoon and stayed away until Saturday evening! It was lovely!

We grabbed some $1 whoppers on the way up and they gave us hats for the birthday celebration! LOL! Emma found some ring pop's from last year in the trailer so they had a treat to boot! :)

Zoey has come to live with us again. She loves to go campin'! We had a family meeting while camping and decided that we needed to try and "make her ours" for real this time. We agreed we needed to name her as a family. She responds to and we like "Sadie". So now we have Sophie & Sadie. *grin*
HEY! We was sleepin'!

Dad & Mom took the chance to slow down seriously! We actually took a nap! HEAVEN!

Cam had a bad bout with asthma in the days before we left, and we wondered if we could still go! But thanks to a very noisy generator he was able to keep up on treatments and the fresh air up the canyon really seemed to help him out.
Isn't she getting SO grown up??

"DRAaaaMMM AAA!!!!!!"
Caleb knew that Grandma Annie was coming, so he was calling for her! LOL She wasn't coming until after dinner the next day... but he was excited anyway!

The kids enetertaining Cam during a treatment...

Then it was time for S'mores! We sang old camp songs (the ones Dad and Mom could remember the words to! LOL) and enjoyed the quiet, the stars and each other...

We went inside and played Uno until almost 2 am! Then Cam needed one more treatment before we all crawled into bed....

The next morning we ate breakfast and the kids went exploring for a bit. Then it was time for the whole reason for going! Get yer poles! Let's hit the fishin' hole!

Cam casting and reeling. Casting and reeling.

Emmalee found a comfy rock and settled in...

Caleb wanted CHEESE for his hook. He was SURE the snack we brought for us would catch him a fish!

My birthday boy enjoying the day...

Even Dad got some fishing in himself (between un-knoting and re-tying! LOL)

Then Caleb discovered "wetting his toes" and fishing was forgotten! They all begged to bring swim suits next time after seeing the lake fill up with swimmers and boaters.

We are so blessed to live so close to such amazing places to visit and explore and enjoy!

We love times like this. We love being a family.

Look at that face! Trying to keep it clean while camping is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing!!
Back at camp we ate lunch and took quiet times... Emma was carving a stick...
Caleb and Cam plotted explorations for when the neighbors got there!

Just Chillaxin' with her Daddy

Then Grandma Annie and Papa arrived, and so did Cody's friend and their family and the party began!

THIS is what a wanted!! Quality Time. Love language met! LOL

Papa was a good fire watcher

They hadn't been camping in years and we had a great time relaxing and laughing and telling stories...

Caleb got eaten alive by mosquitos... his eye is all fat! :(

But that nothing a lunch of gummy worms and skittles couldn't fix! *GRIN*
We had a great time! We are so thankful for a son who wants such simple things when we are struggling the most! He is a blessing from heaven!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This product really works

I am here to tell ya... they work!

My Emma is about the age of needing to start shaving her legs... but her mommy likes her legs without razor cuts etc... so a couple of months ago I picked this up for her. I forgot about it until just a couple of weeks ago... and WOW!

Not to sound like a commercial... but it really works! Her hair buffed right off with no real irritation! And for my stubbly old momma legs... it works even better! They even have a little one for use on your face, knees and ankles! Even your toes! The only thing we discovered was the need to use a circular motion - alternating directions. Done!

I got mine at ShopKo for about $10... it came with the big one and refill pads and the little one with refill pads.

Thought I would share in case any of you wondered... *giggle* Too bad I can't get some kick backs huh??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just case you know someone who...

would be interested in seeing this:

or this

or even this


Monday, July 20, 2009

Cody's Birthday Party

We had all his Daddy's family over for dinner (one of his favorites: Hawaiian Haystacks - and cake and homemade icecream.

Cody let Caleb and Kenly help him open his presents...
Earlier in the week he told me that he liked Christmas better... because *everyone* gets presents and you dont have to grow up! LOL

He was surprised by a new pair of Heeley's. Hopefully our boy who has no sense of depth perception will enjoy something that can get him around, but not go too fast? (And his Mom and Dad are so thankful for the Millionaire who gave them to us for him because her son didn't like the color... blessings from heaven!)

Cody loves his new Smash Brother's game for the Wii... they played it all day the next day!

Lovin' on his name sake!

Make a wish Bubba-son!!

Uncle Ty and Uncle Greg were more excited about the shoes than Cody I think! They got them all set up for him and laced! LOL! Cody is still a bit nervous... but our next trip to Walmart we are making it a long trip so he can hold on to the cart and get a feel for them! LOL

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A sad weekend for us...

This is one of my dearest friends, Amy. She and I seemed to hit it off from the day she moved in ('course her son came marching down to see if the kids that lived with me were I had to go introduce myself before allowing them to gather in my house! LOL) From the moment I met her I knew we had been friends before.

We learned all sorts of canning and recipe ideas from each other. We blew up apricots, burnt things, made huge messes, squealed at the shots of applesauce/pearsauce while juicing, learned how to use different equipment together (from canning supplies, to camera's, to sewing machines) We have laughed together. Cried together. We ate yummy food together. We loved to get as many ladies in the neighborhood as we could together to chat and play! We grew a garden together and plotted and planned until it got to the point our husbands would just roll their eyes at us. We disciplined our kids together. She was here and always available to me during some of my most darkest hours, when everyone else was not, Amy was. Cold Stone or a newly tried home made treat was often shared between us on bad days. I have been so blessed to have her in my life these last couple of years! A friend like she has been to me is a true gift from Heaven Father!! And I am truly thankful for the sweet whispering through the veil so I knew as soon as I met her how much she really meant to me. I know she was sent here at this time to be here when I needed her... and vise versa.

Amy's husband finished school this spring. He found a job... in Ely. They drove away, no longer to be just 2 doors down, yesterday afternoon.... and they took not only my friend, but 3 of my children's best friends with them. :(

Henry & Cody

Cameron & Ema
Caleb & Liza (And missing is Sammy)
We are so very happy for them in their new adventures... and we will be friends for eternity! (Thank heavens for unlimited long distance minutes on cell phones! LOL) We are just SO going to miss them... especially next week when my little Caleb doesn't understand that his Sammy and Liza cannot play with him whenever he wants them anymore! LOL

A couple of weeks before they left we had one last short "Happiness" blitz. We ate one of our favorites for lunch - quesadillas and black bean salsa!

And we canned the meat from her freezer for better transport!

We browned the Roast (oh did it smell good!)

We stuffed jars full of chicken...

The beef actually looks edible! LOL

The chicken, as always, looks a little "science experiment"-ish! LOL
We will miss you Sorensen Family!!! We wish you all the very best in your new home town!! Thanks for all the great memories here in Spanish Fork!!