Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gearing up for summer...

WHEW! That last semester was a doozey! Especially considering my last post was in January! LOL
I will be adding posts and dating them when they happened chronologically, but truth be told my last post was about the anniversary of my sweet Grandma's passing and her photo LOL

So... here's an update:

Jestin took two college classes this last semester (his first ones back to school since his Electrical studies) over 12 years ago. Math was TORTURE. We spent HOURS working problems together... up until midnight on the nights he didn't have class trying to meet homework deadlines. His professor was VERY difficult/demanding when it came to due dates... and for a student who worked full-time as well as attended classes at night {and did side jobs every free moment} - let's just say - it was ALL we could do to keep him caught up! I joked that that was all we did as a family for the last 4 months: eat, sleep, school and homework. All of us. LOL It was C.R.A.Z.Y. Jes also took a Health class and aced it. He really enjoyed it. But I can't even tell you how relieved he was to be done.

My semester was good... I took my Math 1050 class (got an A-), and a Library Research class (got an A) and Intermediate Spanish (got a B+... conjugating verbs was killing me! Yes... my fluency came back quickly... but my brain just wanted to reword the sentence to say the same thing without having to conjugate LOL it was rough)

I also took a Leadership Mentoring class that I absolutely adored! I was working toward becoming a UVU Mentor and was so excited for it! The week before I needed to turn in my application, I was sitting in class and had this horrible feeling come over me. I cried the whole way home. I fought the feeling and fought the feeling.... I didn't want to NOT apply - this was a HUGE step toward my dream of becoming a professor teaching in the Student Success program (and as a mentor I would be  helping to TEACH one of these classes!) It made no sense to me, and so I refused to ask if I should not apply when saying my prayers. But I already knew. Finally I asked. Yep. The answer was "not at this time". I was devastated. The day before the application was due, I got a text from the head of the Student Success Dept. He had heard that I was not going to apply...

He had been in our class "observing" my professor on a day when I taught the class - we had to teach the class twice during this semester to practice the skills we were learning to become a mentor. He told me that I did an excellent job, and that I was an excellent candidate for the UVU Mentor program and he asked to me to apply. I told him that I wanted to - very badly - but that I knew the time was right for me to apply... but maybe next spring I would apply. He told me that he admired my following what was right for me in my life and that he would look forward to my applying and that if I wanted to be involved in the program at all next year just for experience to come see him.

I couldn't believe it! The guy who some day could be my "boss" took the time to send ME a personal text, asking me to apply, and thought I would be a great candidate! I was stunned. And tickled. And It comforted my heart - as I was a little afraid Heavenly Father was telling me no because I wouldn't do a good job! LOL

Anyway... I still get a little disappointed when I really think about it - I really wanted to do this! And to do it with the kids I trained with would be awesome... but I think I know one of the reasons why the answer was "the time is not right"...

Two weeks before the UVU semester ended, Emma and I met with her academic counselor. Long story short... she is a high honor student and had specific goals for her future. Even though she is only going to be a sophomore next year, he suggested a program that her school offers. We did some research, jumped through a bunch of hoops... and 2 weeks later my baby girl had a UVU student ID in her hot little hands. (*sniff*) She participating in a program called "EdNet"... she takes college courses through video conference at her school. If she stays on course, she will graduate with not only her high school diploma... but also her associates degree! :) She is super excited. And super stressed out. It is a HUGE change. But she is up for the challenge ;)

So now... that makes 3 college students in our household! *gulp*

I think that as the mom and the scheduler, with 3 college students, plus 3 regular students... I will have my hands happily full.... and being a UVU mentor would require more than I should probably give while Em is adjusting and Jes is as well. :) It will all be good. And I can "mentor" my own little nestlings *grin*

So... enough about college life...

Cody is doing fantastic in school as well. He came home with a High Honor Roll certificate. He is taking honors math track and if he keeps up with it he will be done with calculus at the end of high school. He is also working on getting his Eagle Scout project completed this summer. He is Senior Patrol leader and Deacons Quorum President. He is a busy young man. He loves listening to music and reading the newspaper.

Cameron has been busy in school as well. He gets really good grades and loves to hang out with his best friend Tyler everyday he can. He took basketball classes this spring. He has also been a great friend to Caleb... they do almost everything together. He loves being an 11-year old scout and was really sad to miss his first overnight campout tonight - He has been home most of the week with his first really bad asthma attack in months.

Caleb was baptized this month. It was a wonderful event (I am sure you saw the post) He is so very excited for summer and the freedom to play and play and play. He still struggles some with his reading, but we are going work really hard on it this summer and see if we can't get him back on track :) Caleb still loves his sandbox, and his newest passion is water balloons. He is SUPER excited to go to Seven Peaks water park over and over, and go on hikes, and have his friends come for a week, and go to San Fransico over the Fourth of July & Six Flags!

And so... we are gearing up for summer!!!

Time to plan some fun, some work, some service and some memories! What about all of you? What are your big plans for the 3 months of freedom ahead of us???? :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Caleb's Baptism

We had a very special day today!!
Our youngest chose to be baptized into the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Caleb & his Daddy
We are so proud of him... and his choice to follow Jesus Christ.
After the baptism and confirmation we had a luncheon with our family and friends...
Everyone wrote him little notes to go into the time capsule that he can open and read when he goes to the temple someday...
We displayed a poster telling all about him...
Each table had a center piece representing Caleb's favorite things...
This one is his Lincoln Logs - he loves to set up elaborate battle fields with Cody on the living room floor.

This one is covered in insects and creepy crawlies... and there is even a jar of gummy worms...
his fav!
A miniature sand box...
This is where he goes to decompress from his day...
LOVES his sand box!
This table was suppose to represent his adoration of LEGOs...
sadly his big trucks got left at home. :( bummer!
Oh well--- his LEGO candy that he refuses to eat because he likes to play with them made it! LOL
This little plaque was made by his Kindergarten teacher, Bunny Barnett. Her little girl Oaklie shared this special day with him and she was baptized at the same time.
This is an arrangement of water balloons & an up-cycled marble maze he made. He loves to rummage through the recycle for building materials and is known for his many elaborate creations.
This is his testimony table. His mini "Future Missionary" tag, his favorite tie and behind the statue of Jesus is his chart showing that we read the Book of Mormon as a family for his baptism.
We were so thankful to everyone that came! :) It was wonderful!
Mom chatting with Jessica Vincent... and Papa Dorius chatting with Uncle Paul Simmons
Papa Dorius, Uncle Paul, Uncle Tyler (Caleb's namesake), Aunt Melissa and Grandma Ewell
Food time!!
Aunt Katina, Gracie & Abby Simmons
Abby attitude! :D
Sis. Shannon Vincent and Caleb's friend Cassidy Vincent.
Papa Stoddard & Aunt Katie
(yikes... scary face mom! LOL)
Katie Vincent, Mom, cousin Nikki Beal, Jessica Vincent
Papa & Daddy... and Emmalee Anne
Everyone seemed to be having a great time...
Look at all those people who love you!!
Emma & Jessica
Daddy & Cam
Claire, Gracie, and Abby Simmons with Cody
Great Papa Ewell playing with Jasen
Bobbie & Bethani Stoddard
Papa & Gr'Annie Stoddard
Uncle Sean & Aunt Katina
Miss McKenly Jo and the boy of the hour!
Caleb Nathaniel Olsen Dorius!!
Congratulations to YOU!!!!