Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on my heart...

Hi! My Dr. appt went so well I kept tearing up! Dr. F. said that the Holter Monitor showed that I have a form of Super Ventricular Tachycardia. What my sister saw on the MRI was the slow period. Basically the lower chamber of my heart doesn't pump then it races to catch up... he asked if I often felt tired and worn out. LOL! I laughed! I said "My whole life!" What I understood from his explanation is that I can't always feel this dilema of my heart except for un-expalined fatigue. Now it is explained. He told me that the meds that he put me on (that Dr. Hwang never should have taken me off of) will control that. He said I also have some atrial fibrillation (which are the "flip flops" I feel and what sent me to the ER in June & Sept). They can be controlled with this med too. He said I can have surgery for the AF, but the SVT likely is not really repairable like the AF and since they are both controlled by the meds it's up to me.

I have been feeling so much stronger everyday...which he said would continue because my body is adjusting to the I am going to stick with the meds for now. He said it is not life threatening right now. (yea!) He wants to see me every 6 months without fail, and as I get older we may have to discuss other options or doses...but for now all is well! He was so kind and patient with me and my questions! Because of my arrythmias I cannot have caffiene at all (chocolate is ok in moderation...thank heavens! bwahahaha!) and I want to keep up my low (not "no") sugar diet just because it is good for arrythmias, but it's all good! I am not scared to have another episode "any minute" like I have been...& he was just so kind and thorough! My meds also will help with my low blood pressure and should help even things out all the way around! WAHOO!! I am so stinkin' grateful!! SUCH good news!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! I am so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends in my life!! ((HUGS))

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Helping My Dad

In case any of you have questioned how much Caleb is a Mini-Jess... Here is more proof....
What are we doing Daddy? Jess was changing the oil and Caleb climbed right under with him...
Then he had to go bang on the some stuff underneath...'cause that is what Daddy does...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scouting for Pumpkins...

In between coats of paint on the dining room wall...Gram (Mom-in-law) took us to the Pumpkin Patch to find some Halloween projects and to burn up some energy...

Who knew that picking a pumpkin could be such an ordeal! LOL!

Emmalee found hers quick!

Caleb...whos' favorite color is dirt...did *not* want a "pungkin" with dirt on it. It was "shucky"!

Maybe this one isn't so "shucky"?

Cam kept finding one...only to change his mind...again...and again...and again.... (sigh)

Cody found the perfect one for him!

He even carried all the way to the car by himself!

No! See Emma! There's dirt! This isn't the right one!

"there *has* to be one here that is just for me!"

Baby McKenly found hers! 'Course bein' a hick and eatin' straw was lots more fun!

In the end we had a wonderful time...everyone got "just the right one", and as an added bonus McKenly had herself a good dose of fiber for the day! (Just teasing mom!)
It was quite fun! We were tickled to find a "pick your own" patch with hay mazes and everything over here in Springville...just like the one in American Fork that shut down. We can keep our tradition that they love so much! There is just something nostalgic about picking it outta the patch yer'selves!!
Can't wait to carve!
The plans are being forged!
(and changed...and changed continues...)

Random Thoughts

1. Online bill pay rocks.
2. Having a TV in our bedroom isn't as bad as I thought it would be...Caleb watched Dragon Tales this morning, while I rested for an extra half hour after a rough night. It was so nice! (dont tell jess he was right ok?! Bwahahaha...he'll never let me live it down...tee hee)
3. Colors on walls make a house a home. I LOVE my burgandy walls. I love my brown walls in the livingroom. I love how it makes me feel comforted and how my kids now say "it feels like home now Mom". Color ROCKS! White walls are for hospitals...& we have seen way too much of those in our lifetimes! Painting is, for me, a wife's right of making a house a home. SO FUN!
4. Christmas is coming. I love Christmas. I love the smells, the treats, the feeling, the family, the giving...I am so excited!
5. bathrobes are wonderful. They can prolong the enevitable (a shower) without cutting off the likelihood of accomplishing such event. If I were to get dressed...I wouldn't make it to the shower again in the morning...but my bathrobe provides me with the means by which to get moving on some pressing things...without cutting off the chance of primping later. Am I the only one who believes this to be true? Bless who ever invented them!
6. And while we are blessing others...bless the man that invented clorox wipes! LOVE them!
7. And also bless the inventors of Word World...or Super Why...or whatever that new PBS show is called! It is one of the BEST kids shows I have seen in a long time! Teaches so sneakily without being boring! Caleb LOVES do all the older ones! It's even entertaining for me! Very well done! Bless them for their imagination!
8. We are spoiled. Period. We have machines that wash our clothes. We have machines that wash our dishes. We have machines that dry our clothes. We have machines that timewarp-time cook our food. We have machines that keep our food cold. We have machines that clean our floors. We have machines that relieve so much of the hard labor once required of mothers...We are spoiled. And I am grateful! :D
9. I loved Sister Beck's talks in Women's Conference and General Conference. Even though I loved the "You are wonderful - You loved" we always got from the previous leaders...I think we all (me especially) needed a "you are a last days mom...step up to the plate...remember you are here to work - not to be have it all...and quit yer belly-achin'" type talk! She is so right! One day at a time we need to try harder and have the right attitude in raising, loving, and serving our family of God. I think it was mostly a "change your heart" and "remember who you are and why you are here" talk. AWESOME! Loved it! Can't wait to re-read it!
10. The 22nd is my Dr's appt. It is not soon enough....

Friday, October 12, 2007

A day to paint...

OK! So I am SO excited! Jess is headed to St George for the weekend to help my brother I am going to paint the dining room! I am thrilled with the color I have picked (lets hope it looks as good on the wall as it did on the sample!) and I love the thought of our house starting to look more like our home! Jess will be thrilled he didn't have to help! Bwahaha!! My sweet MIL is coming to help me. Then we are taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. They can't wait!

I had the best day yesturday! It was the first "strong" day I have had in a month or more. I am so excited to have some of my old energy back!
Caleb and I went to the park this week for play are some pics. Cam went too because he had his first experience of telling mom he didn't feel good to get out of school...only to start playing and wanting privileges as soon as the kids all left him home. He came to the park too...but could not play at all. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth...but he swears he will go to school now unless he is really sick! :D LOL! AHH!! It is nice being a member of the "Mean Mom"s Club. Hard lessons...learned early... ;)

But? do we have to go home?!?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mana from Heaven

I feel so blessed! I was able to close another deal this month! It was a wonderful family relocating from across the country and they were such a joy to work with! Jenny (my sis) closed on her house a couple of weeks ago too...she is so happy to have a place of her own after 3+ years married-living-at-home! :) It thrills me!

I SOO love my job! Being a Realtor ROCKS! And my income always seems to come when times are lean with JWD it makes it all the more sweet! I can pay for the hospital bills that have mounted the last few months. We can squirrel away food for winter. We can buy our severe asthmatic a new mattress with a hypoallergenic cover. Mana from heaven! I feel so blessed! Sometimes the adversary wants me to feel like it's not fair that it's not "extra" or that we can't buy this or that that is so not a need...but he is not winning with me today! :D We may never "get ahead"...but we always seem to make the "needs". That is enough.

Friday, October 5, 2007

She thinks my Tractor's Sexy....

We got a bunch done in the yard! Jess used his parent's neighbor's tractor and cleared the human height weeds in our back yard...

You wouldn't believe how tall they have gotten! You'd think I was confined in the house all summer and Jess has been working his guts out or something! LOL! What a fun project! Jess *LOVED* it! :)

The boys loved it too!! They watched and watched...

and then we got to enjoy the miss-placed creatures....

That is until Cameron's Flew away...

And Caleb realized that after dropping his...he has then stepped on it....and that they dont work anymore if they have been stepped on! LOL!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Miss McKenly Jo's Blessing Day!

Our little niece McKenly was blessed yesterday! She is such a cutie!! It was so nice to see the family and to hug my little brother! I can't believe how much I miss Tyler being around! We didn't stay very long because of Cam and I...but it was wonderful to be able to go! I love Jestin's family so much!