Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Thursday, August 27, 2009


LOOKY LOOKY!!!!!!!!! We are ALL so excited!!!!!!!!

Our first egg!!!!!!!!!!

After weeks of daily checking... the day has arrived! Eggs are on their way!!


Another One Bites The Dust...

Our Self Propelled Hoover Windtunnel was laid to rest last weekend. It was a good little vacuum with a lot of spirit. It was a hard worker who loved to dig deep and pull up that dirt! (though the red marks on all the base boards will not be missed!)

Sadly, it's on/off mechanism has been shot for months, and early friday morning it's suction gave up. In the non-licensed emergency rescue efforts, were Heather & Cody. They desperately spent hours trying to revive the sturdy little vacuum, but alas, the last of it's belts broke and that was all she wrote!

Hoover was laid to rest at a neighbors yard sale with a couple of it's brand new bags, in hopes of earning their teenage sons choir costs & someone who wanted to repair further to take pity on poor Hoover.

Fickle as Heather and Cody are, they needed a replacement as soon as possible to finish their project of re-organizing the Home School room, so Hoover was replaced within hours.

Eureka! is right! This baby is just what the Dr. Ordered!

All contained on-board tools, telescoping wands built in for ease of never having to bend down to use attachments again!

The Photo says it all!

Push button cord rewind that ALL the children in the home quarrel over who gets to do it next!

Extending handle to meet the various height requirements of the household.

Serious HEPA filters for the allergies that prevail...

And best of all... a removable self contained canister where the dirt collects, & is taken outside & dumped after each use! No more puffing dirt bags as we go!

We are sad to have lost such a hardworking member of the household... but feel deeply grateful for the times we have shared. We look forward to the new model fitting in nicely... and especially 30% off suggested retail price! *GRIN*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 1st week...

Well... the kids have been in school for a week. In that week Bubba and I have re-organized the office/homeschool room, did some online searches, got him on the waiting list for k12 and signed him up for Time 4 Learning. He has played on that everyday - Science, Math, Language, Spelling, Social Studies etc! They have Units and he has been doing one unit in each subject everyday. He LOVES it! Then they have "playground" with literally a hundred of more games he can play. The trial run ends in a week... but I think it is a keeper! I get all these fancy reports on how he is doing too! LOVE IT!

Cody also has been working on his book he started writting last school year. He is a little bummed out that I won't let him type it up yet... it is his handwritting practice! *grin* Maybe if I can get him to journal more I would let him... we'll see.

We also built a "weather station" out of a soda pop bottle for the rain storm he heard was coming. It was really fun! I just enjoy him so much!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The days following...

THANKYOU so very much for all the well wishes. My heart is so full! Really? I just feel really silly..."Hello...My name is Heather and Yes! I shot myself with my son's epipen!" LOL.

I can't help but feel dumb, but am trying to not. In my Priesthood Blessing I was told that this was not a freak accident and that it happened for a purpose... Honestly I don't wonder if maybe it had not have happened if Cam would have needed it and it would have malfunctioned then and then I would have been no help to him AND his medicine would be gone!? Not a fun thought process... but a miracle all in and of itself to think about.

At any rate, it is all over now, and I am feeling better by the hour. I am exhausted (yet not sleepy :P) and have some stiff muscles, my heart still aches some (I think it's from the scar tissue inside my heart being stretched with a rapid heart rate), the back of my head has a sore spot (concrete really *is* quite hard... did you know?) and my thumb, of course, is tender! I keep forgetting (as it is my right hand thumb that I need for more things than I realize! *giggle*) and using it... but it is progressively less tender this evening. It is still a bit numb on one side...but I think it is the side that it hit the bone I wonder if there isn't some nerves that need to heal.

Can I just express the deep gratitude I feel for this life of mine? I can't even begin to explain how humbled I am that I get to stay here with my husband and kids. I am so lucky to have them! I had been playing into the pity party of life the last few weeks and suddenly none of the trivial FLUFF matters like it did!

I am married to a good man. He loves me deeply and fully. He is a human man, and makes mistakes, JUST LIKE ME. But he is also a tender, loving, spiritual being. He is a faithful son of God. And he is mine :)! I get to keep him for eternity if I quit trying to be hurt/picked on/taken for granted etc. Sheesh! What a tangled mess of lies the deceiver whispers into hearts!

I can't imagine my life without him... and my life is eternity. I saw a quote in an article I read in the Ensign this morning... it was in the middle of a paragraph... but is hit home in my soul.

Today is PART of eternity.

Why do I not live as if I was already there? Why do I not treat my sweetheart and kids and myself for that matter as if I was already there? I know "home is heaven on earth"... but I like Today is part of Eternity much better. THAT is what makes my home a heaven on earth. It's all in how I treat it... in my perspective and attitude!

I am writing this here in the hopes I will re-read it often to remember!

And thank you again, my dear friends and family, for EVERYTHING!! I am SO VERY BLESSED!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

EpiPen Malfunction

I guess this is what I get for murmuring about having a bad heart day! LOL What a *fabulous* (thick with sarcasm) day we had yesterday! I cant even begin to describe the terror, panic and adrenaline that was experienced for all involved... but I will try. LOL

It was a normal Saturday, unlike many other Saturdays. Jess was in Lehi helping an old friend pour concrete. I had delusions of grandeur of getting my house organized and the boys were watching their newest Netflix arrival - Veggie Tales. Emma was at a friends from a sleepover.

I began to clean out our medicine cabinet, like I always try to do when school starts again, to see what had expired and what needed replacing as we prepare for the swim through the various germs and viruses to follow the kids home. No biggie right? Well. Not really. Normally.

I was close to the end, and had been properly disposing of each medication that had expired. I came to Cam's EpiPen - expired, and knowing from Jestin's needles from his insulin, I knew you should not throw it away without breaking the needle *To prevent accidental/or intentional use by someone to whom it is not prescribed.* (ha ha) So I read the instructions on how it works, as a review, and read that I needed to remove the grey cap on the end. The instant I removed it, instead of it just being ready for use when you hit it into the victim's leg, it launched. It launched right into my thumb! It took a second for me to realize what happened! It was SUCH a surprise! When it launched it must have hit the bone in my thumb, as the end of the needle curled. I starred at it for a few seconds, feeling this pending - HOLY CRAP! WHAT SHOULD I DO?? All I could think was that I needed to call someone who know's my heart history and maybe what to do! I called my Medical Assistant Sister Jenny.

Jenny said she was not sure what it would do to my heart, as my cardiologist had told me that I should not even take any forms of caffeine into my body because of the increase in heart rate that they cause, increasing a possibility of A-fib etc. This could be a problem...? She recommended I go to the ER to be checked, just in case. I agreed & started trying to contact various neighbors to see if I could get a ride to the ER. No one was answering or was home!! I started to feel funny and my hands started to shake. My mind felt a little foggy! It had only been a couple of minutes, and Jenny broke through my attempts with a return phone call...

She asked if I had started to feel any effects from the EpiPen - hoping that maybe I had not gotten any in my system, it was only my thumb after all! I told her that I did not feel right, I was feeling a little confused and I was shaking uncontrollably. She asked me if I wanted her to come down. I got teary eyed I said yes! She asked me to call 911 - just in case. I agreed and hung up the phone.

I called 911 and within less than 2 minutes a good friend of Jess' (who is also an officer here in town) showed up on our doorstep. He chit chatted with me and tried to keep me focused on other things while we waited for the ambulance. I was shaking from head to toe now and could not control it. I also was struggling to breathe evenly and had started to go numb in all my extremities. (Probably from hyperventilating as I fought the suffocating feeling my constricting blood vessels were causing) The ambulance took forever it seemed! It was a good 8-10 minutes, that I know for sure!
As I sat on the porch, talking to the officer, Emma got dropped off from her sleepover. I tried to talk to her, but because of the shaking, my speech was broken and choppy and she looked scared. I tried to reassure her and look confident and brave. She stayed by my side.
The ambulance arrived finally (without lights and sirens thank goodness! Less spectators! LOL) and came and took my vitals. My heart rate was indeed elevated & my pressure was high, but not out of complete control. They asked me to call Jess, which until this point I had not had the chance. I had Emma call him. Jess said he could hear the EMT's asking me questions in the background and his heart fell. He could tell they were medical questions, and he said his heart filled with dread. The EMT had consulted with the hospital and they gave me the option to be transported by private car, if I went now. I took the phone and told Jess I was headed to the Provo ER (since my cardiologist was down there) and to meet me there, I would find a ride. (I had forgotten Jenny was coming - as when I said "yes come" I was thinking she would be able to comfort my kids) Just then "grandpa" from next door came to see if I was alright since he saw the ambulance. I asked for a ride and he said yes, and left to get his keys.

The EMT's unhooked me from all the monitors and I stood up to walk to his car. I was a little lightheaded, but seemed to be ok. We made it into the car, and "grandma" said she would stay with the kids for me. So "grandpa" and I drove off behind the ambulance, with me shaking horribly and feeling like I was suffocating as we went. We had gone less than half a block and in my heart I felt this horrible dread. *Something* was WRONG! I couldn't quite put my finger on it!! I could sense that I was in TROUBLE! We got a few hundred yards further and I saw my sister pull into the subdivision. She passed us going super fast with her lights flashing. My heart leapt! Something was SO wrong... but now Jenny was there! SHE could transport me and feel confident in doing so! *I* needed her! I asked "grandpa" to turn around, and told him that it was my sister and she was a nurse! He seemed highly relieved! (LOL poor thing!)
We returned to my house, and as we pulled up Jenny came running out of the house. She had wanted to follow us down since she knew the kids were ok being with "grandma". I got out of "grandpa"s car and only made it to the end of the driveway and sidewalk before I collapsed. The rest is a blur -so I am telling it from Jenny's point of view as well...

I felt myself falling, and I actually was able to go down somewhat carefully. I twisted my knee, and scrapped my hands, but I was down ;). Jenny said as soon as I was down she ran to my feet to elevate them. Immediately I then went into a complete seizure. She said it was only 3-5 seconds long, but she had run around to my head and tried to stop me from banging my head against the concrete. (The back of her hand was all scrapped up - I felt so bad!) She called 911 and asked the ambulance to come back ASAP!! I came out of it a bit, and was breathing shallow and super fast. Intermittently I went into convulsions. Jenny said they lasted 10 seconds or so each time and it happened quite a few times. She rolled me back and forth, as per the dispatch instructions, but nothing seemed to keep them gone for too long.

Meanwhile, I remember bits and pieces. I heard Jenny screaming at me to stay with her and to answer her and I remember feeling very annoid, as I was concentrating on my breathing with every fiber of my being and trying to not "go away" again. I answered her. As I did I had a deep heavy sensation/pain in my chest over my heart. I only nodded after that as I tried to not to get unfocused again. I heard the ambulance pull up. Then I heard them ask if I was ready to get on the stretcher. I remember thinking Yes, and trying to move. It didn't work. An EMT on either side pulled me to a sitting position and I passed out again for a moment. When I came to I had no use of my arms or legs. My shaking seemed to almost be gone, but I could not help them move me. The EMT's were three 3 ladies (one of which was teenagerish) and between them and Jenny and "grandpa", they were struggling to get me onto the stretcher. I remember struggling to open my eyes, even they were not responding really well! All of a sudden I felt someone grab ahold of my leg and behind my back and with everyone else lifting as well, I seemed to float onto the stretcher. I later learned my sweet neighbor Andrew had come down to check on things and he had lifted my limp body. (THANK YOU ANDREW!!!) (I feel so grateful to have such great neighbors!)

They strapped me up and loaded me in. They allowed Jenny to climb in front and off we went. It was AWFUL once again! (I distinctly remember having said that I NEVER wanted to do that again!??! Sheesh! I never listen to myself!) It was a rattle trap, all I could do is listen, as my eyes still wouldn't open well. The EMT tried 3 times to get an IV in me - and blew the veins every time. As the ambulance left the neighborhood they turned on their lights and sirens, and we were flyin'! I heard the EMT say they were coming to Payson (closest hospital) Code 3. I had oxygen mask, heart monitors, and all sorts of wires, bloody towels (from the failed IVs) & dirty looking grey blankets all over me. Ugh. It was so much fun! *shudder*
My shaking had stopped. I started to chill, but felt like I was not suffocating anymore. I just was too weak to move. They didn't ask me too many questions, for which I was grateful, but they just concentrated on all the tests etc they were doing. So I just listened to it all & tried not to cry. I knew Emma was completely shaken up. I didn't know if they saw what happened on the driveway, I didn't know where Jess would be, as he thought I was headed to Provo, and I just wanted it all to go away!

We arrived at the ER and they blew one more vein before getting one successfully into my hand. I was given 2 shots of atropine (sp?). Within a few minutes my legs and arms felt rigid and I could not make them move at all. It was a really creepy sensation, but I could tell my confusion was not as severe and now I just felt a little tipsy, warm and happy. LOL

My parents arrived. Jenny had called them as she left her house. A few minutes later Jestin showed up. He said he had driven 85-90 with his flashers going all the way from Lehi. Jenny laughed and said she had driven 90-95 the entire time with her flashers going as well! They both commented on how few people actually would get out of their way when you are flashing and honking, and at how many people just sped up rather than got over! Jenny said it was just as bad in the ambulance too...even with lights and sirens! (crazy!) Then she turned to me and thanked me for letting her have the ride she has always wanted to take - in an ambulance! *insert rolling eyes* No Problem Sis! Bwahahahaha! You are SOOO welcome! That will be $900, thank you! *wink*
She was also wearing this shirt, just by chance. Yeah. Thanks a lot Jenny! (bwahahahaha)
Because of the seizure they ran a CT of my head and an x-ray of my chest because of the chest pain, just to be sure everything was ok. A seizure is not a normal a reaction to ephedrine. But after some thought and puzzle piecing, we realized I have a Sudaphedrine allergy, and this was Ephedrine, same drug family, so between my heart and that allergy, they guesstimate that could be the cause?? Either way... I never want to do that again!
I was better within a couple of hours and could have headed home, but my thumb was a problem.
Right after it happened it turned a deathly greyish white color, I had NO movement in it... and it was completely numb. They had been keeping hot towels on it, but even after 4 hours in the hospital it was still not changing much in color and there was the chance I could loose the tip of my thumb if the blood did not come back soon. (*fabulous* ((insert rolling eyes)) ) They spread a medication on it used to dilate blood vessels to see if it would stimulate blood flow on the inside from the outside. An hour later it did gain a tiny bit of color so they let me come home since everything else was long as we swore we would come back if it didn't improve.
I called and talked to Cody while in the hospital - he wanted to know if that was normal to have my heart have to take a break on the driveway! LOL "Grandpa" had told them I had passed out on the driveway and the ambulance decided to take me instead of him. I tried to comfort Cody and let him know it was not something that will likely happen again and it was just a freak accident. Emmalee was not as convinced until I walked in the door - she would not let me go - at least until I told her I was going to fall over if she did not let me go and let me go sit down! LOL! She asked me over and over if I was ok. Every sigh or movement illicited the question. She is such a sweetheart!
I am doing much better today. Our awesome Elder's Quorum Pres stopped by last night and he and Jess gave me a blessing. I was hurting e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e before that... but my body relaxed and I was able to fall asleep well and sleep well after that. Jestin went and got me a Cold Stone - since it was DEFINATELY a Cold Stone Day (Crappy day + Cold Stone = Feeling much better). I am stiff and sore and my chest aches and my thumb aches something fierce...but this too shall pass :)
Our ward and neighbors have been so amazing! There has been many who have called, offered to help and I honestly can feel their prayers. Such a crazy out of control day! I am so very thankful that Jenny came and knew what to do. I am so thankful for "grandpa & grandma" stepping in and watching kids and offering rides until family could get here! I am so thankful for family close by and so willing to drop everything and help us. I am so thankful for a ward family who jumps in and is so willing to share/help & love. I am so VERY thankful to be here, for the power of prayer in watching over us all in the events of this day, and for the power of the Priesthood of God to calm the soul and ease the pain and lift the soul. I am truly sorry for all those I scared the tar out of... especially those that witnessed the seizures and such... and had to drive that horrific drive of "what if"... I am just so glad it is over!!
I shall be slower to murmur from now on. It can ALWAYS be much worse! LOL
Anyone want to come use the EpiPen for me when/if my son ever needs his? I am not so sure I could even open it again... let alone give it to him! *shudder* Stupid Pen!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I am tired. Yet again... here I am... my heart acting up. *sigh* Will I ever be completely at peace with having to slow down now and again? Will it ever not completely bum me out to feel like I am treading water and just can't catch my breath? I still feel completely and utterly thankful that I am no longer going into full A-fib and have to go the hospital etc. I *truly* am SO SO SO thankful. I just wonder about the disappointment I feel each time I digress. Will I ever find joy in the journey during these times? Instead of feeling so let down and discouraged?

Why is it that your health is not something we rejoice in each day it is fabulous... and only notice that we *have* good health when it is gone?

These are the quandries I am exploring as I now go to lay down... yet again. *sigh*

I am blessed. I am blessed. I am blessed!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're Baaaaaacckkkk! :)

Hi! We, at the newly named Dorius Academy, (lol), are glad to be back at it! We have had a fabulously lazy summer, partly due to no funds to do anything, and partly due to how very busy I have been with Real Estate (which is starting to remedy the prior). We have not done anything to prepare for the new school year yet, though we are trying!

Cody and I spent today trying to get our home school room/JWD office organized and re-arranged. Sadly... our vacuum bit the dust and after over an hour of trying and failing, we are graciously allowing the blessed appliance to enjoy it's demise and withdrawing some savings to go get a new one. Nothing fancy today... but at this point anything is better than nothing! LOL

Tomorrow we are starting review in his workbooks from last year. This is the curriculum we have. *grin* We are on the waiting list/waiting for approval for k12, an online/at home program that will give Cody all his grades school work etc for us to do here at home. We are excited.

He has also signed up for some part time classes at the charter school in the mean time as well. He will be taking: Violin, Art, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Creative Writing (the Novel way) and Reader's Theatre. He will be gone all day on Tuesday for that! It is shaping up to be a wonderful school year!

Emma and Cam both decided to return to public school this year. I am happy for them, and know it is what they need. :) We will miss them... but I know they will do awesome!

As far as an update, Cody is doing marvelously! I can barely believe the change in him. His Father in Heaven sure knows what he needs. Though I had many treat me like I had 6 heads for pulling him out of public school to "improve his social skills", by following that prompting we have seen tremendous results. Cody is articulate, social, the comedian he used to be, interactive and is enjoying exploring who he is and what he wants. I am so thankful we were drawn to this decision. I have my Bubba back!

1st Day of School

Cameron - 2nd Grade

Emmalee - 6th Grade

Cody - 5th Grade, Homeschooled
Caleb - Pre-school, mad that it does not start TODAY!!

Tasty Happiness

Hi! So... my friend Amy and I have this thing with sharing great recipes. I don't know! We just love good food that makes us happy! We like making things up and re-visiting old family favorites! So, since she is so far away we thought with a blog we could both author we could share our recipe's and it would be the best and most oragnized... plus we get to play with our other passion which is taking pictures! *grin*

...and since I know, if you are ANYTHING like me and can always use new recipes, I thought someone out there might enjoy it. It is still a work in put it on your fav's list and check back often! *grin*

Thanks Amy for starting this for us! I am really excited to have it all in one place! Now... I need your french bread recipe! LOL

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Emmalee and I were invited to a "Girls Night Out" at my Mom's with my Sisters and niece. We had a good time! I wish I had brought my camera! :( Oh well... I still captured some good moments on my phone!

We ate Pizza and M&M cookies, we played cards and then decided to venture out!

Isn't she one of the cutest babies you have ever seen!?!

We took Emma to find a couple of school shirts at midnight *grin*
Aunt Jenny found this "steal" for $1!! Before you know it, after many a giggle... yep. You guessed it... we talked the night crew into letting us try things on...

YIKES! I am thinkin' this one, orange OR green is a no! Bwahahaha!!

Then we headed back to Ma's for painting of toes, the movie Enchanted, and some junk food!
Hmmm... which one should I pick??

What do you think Emma??

Uh... not sure... but I am having dressing room flash backs! LOL

Drying my toes!

Painting Ma's Blue! Her first time blue! LOL

Emma's are black with kitty head cross bones :)

We all look fancy now! Painted and stickered!
We deeply missed Nicole, Britty, Jesse & Kate! It would have been a HOOT if all us females had united! *GRIN*
We went to bed about 3:30 am and went out to breakfast the next morning!
Thanks Ma for a great time!! What a fun memory! Definately a Do-Over! ;)

Remember Gilligan?

The gecko? Well he is doing great! We had him in a 29 gallon old fish tank that I got off of Jess had built a wood lid for it and we tried our best to keep it closed properly - though he did escape one evening - only to be located under the picture on the wall above his cage the next night! (to which Bubba responded "man! He's lazy!" LOL)
We had wanted to get Cody a cage that was smaller and could go in his room for his birthday, but with limited funds were unable. We finally had a few extra dollars and Cody used the gift card Grandma Pat gave him for his birthday, and now the sweet little gecko has a new home!

It is a fancy oasis! It has gauges to monitor his moisture and his temp, and he LOVES the palm trees to climb on!

Welcome home little Gilligan! Now off to Cody's room you go! *wink*

More Flooding

Even WITH gravel... :(

It ran over the sidewalk for over an hour!

ALL the way to our backyard yet again...

I am SO thankful for my new home...
but NO ONE should buy a Fieldstone Home.

Flooding and Bobcatting... what fun!

Last weekend we were blessed to be offered the use of a bobcat from Jestin's dad's work. It wasn't going to be used that morning and we jumped! We have not been able to park our camp trailer, or any other vehicle for that matter, on our RV pad because of continual flooding. We brought it home late friday night and Jess ran it a few times pulling up the top layer of dirt so we could bring in gravel... it was after 10 pm so I asked him to wait and do it in the morning. I wish I had just kept quiet...

This is what we woke up to...

It was flooded from the front yard to the back... and it was DEEP.

The neighbors homes were flooded too all up the street...

"Grandma" next doors RV pad

And the grass behind her fence! She said it *never* dries out anymore!

Can you believe that?? This is joy of a Fieldstone Home. They don't care at all for "doing it right"... only in making their buck. We called Spanish Fork city to ask about drains... and they told us there is nothing we can do. So we are not sure where to go from here. We can't very well ask our back neighbors to NOT water their grass... but there are GALLONS and GALLONS running into our yards (4-5 homes total) and down the gutter drain as it rushes over our sidewalks! That is a lot of $$ for them to be wasting! It is a mess!!
We borrowed Grandpa's old dump bed truck to load dirt and gravel... beast though it is!... it works GREAT! And we were able to get gravel for CHEAP with such a big load! SUCH BLESSINGS! :)

And it WAS a mess! Jess tried his best to drain as much as he could. Then he ran the bobcat while I desperately tried to shovel the edges out so he wouldn't slip and slide into the fence when he got too close! Finally I sent out a plea on Facebook and had some great neighbors come to my rescue. The mud was just too heavy for me to do alone... and we were suppose to be able to be done by noon and be on the road to Ely. *sigh* We finally left by 5pm... but it would have been MUCH later if it had not been for our great friends and neighbors!

The boys all tooks turns riding with Daddy once he was done in the mud and just moving gravel.

Caleb was IN his element! Jestin too!

He did not want to get out!

He is his father's son that is for sure!

Bubba enjoyed it too!

Two big loads of dirt to the clean fill! Yeah!

One of our fabulous helpers!

We were all covered in mud! So was the fence and my house! But now we can park on the RV pad... though it is still flooded every other day or so! I wonder if we will EVER be able to pour concrete! :(
I am just thankful to have it done! :)