Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on us

So... we have not gotten our wireless Internet fixed so I can use the laptop and post pictures yet. And I am not sure how soon that will happen! But life is marching on at an incredible beat of the drum... so I thought I better post something to keep record of it all!

Biggest piece of news - is not so fun. We are loosing our home. Yep. Just like hundreds of others. Ours will be auctioned off on June 14th. The title company (not even the bank mind you!) sent us notice on the 13th of May. 31 days before the sale. In order to get any kind of help organized we need 30 days or we don't qualify. The 13th was FRIDAY the 13th, and we got our letters about 1:30-2pm... on a Friday. Nice. Convenient dontcha think?

We have done EVERYTHING they have ever asked us to do. EVER. We have met all their requests and jumped all their hoops - 5 times now we have started this modification process over again!! This last time, I sent in our documents 2 WEEKS before, calling and leaving messages the entire time! They didn't answer/return my calls until after the notice was served that our home was up for Sheriff's sale - when we can no longer do anything about it. I spent over an hour on the phone again today yelling/arguing/crying with Wells Fargo, to no avail. They told us they would have someone assigned to our case by last Monday. It's FRIDAY! They STILL have not!! And "there is nothing we can do Mam". We also can no longer short sale our home unless we get a buyer's offer by June 5th (2 weeks away??) and we cannot continue to work on a loan modification if we choose to try a short sale! And! by working towards still trying to modify we may, or may not, qualify for an extension of our sale date - which if we wait until that date we would have 24 hours to move our family of six if it sells.

All the uncertainty is maddening. And discouraging. And disheartening. I don't think, aside from being able to pay a lawyer big bucks to "maybe" help, we could have done anything else. The banks win. Our government has made it so they win. With our Fannie Mae loan, it is "insured" so they will get their $$ out of it, then they get the kick back from the government for having to foreclose, plus the tax write off, and then they get to sell my house!! And they get to walk away with the $25-30k we have paid them in interest since we lived here! DUH! OF COURSE THEY WANT MY  HOUSE!! Hello? It isn't rocket science!

Anywho... we are still "TRYING" for this modification crap - but I am packing too. Better to unpack later than have another stroke trying to move our little family out in 24 hours right??

The strange current of emotions one feels as your home you have worked so hard for is ripped from your life is very tough. I would almost rather have another stroke or heart surgery. It hurts. It is sorrowful. It is deflating. The feelings of failure, the feelings of being lost, the feeling of the unknown is just YUCK! But along with those emotions God has given us others as well...

Jes and I keep snuggling, and smiling, and loving on each other and our kids. WE are what matters. Not this place of bricks and beams. WE MATTER. We matter to each other. We matter to our families. We matter to our friends. We matter to God. So what if we don't matter to the bank? Have your stinkin' house Mr. Bank... we are "home" no matter where we go. *wink* So if anyone knows of a good rental - with no cat/mold history let us know... we are going to be needing something here right quick!! LOL

To add to the mix of crappy news we have had to wade through... Jes came home for lunch on Wednesday and asked  me to drive him back to work. A bearing in his front axle had seized. His truck was not drivable. Ah man! Really?? So I ran him back to work.

Honestly, I had needed to cry for DAYS - wandering around with a lump in my throat - so after I dropped him off, I pulled into the park parking lot and shed a few tears, and prayed, and told Father in Heaven that I didn't think I could take "one more thing!". Why I EVER do that to myself I will never know! (ha ha ha) I told him we need some guidance and answers, and we need it SOON. And that I was DONE.

I felt a little better - and though I was not super smiley the rest of that afternoon - I hacked it.

Later, I picked up Jes to have him drop me off at Cody's school so I could watch Cody's  play - so Jes could go get Caleb from school at the same time and take him to the house - so Jes could weld a part for his work with his welder - so he could come pick me back up at the school after the play- to have me take him back to his work - to go back to the school to pick the older kids up for the day - then back to Jes' work to pick him up once he installed the part... yeah... joyful. Fun!

So, that evening we started dinner, only to find we did not have any tomatoes. Not that it was THAT important... but it was hamburgers and we like tomatoes. Jestin offered to go to the store to get tomatoes.
I didn't have to go out again. :)

He came home and was white as a sheet. He told me he would not tell me what was wrong until after dinner so I could enjoy my meal. Sweet of him - not!! I could NOT enjoy a meal knowing he was THAT upset!! hello?
So he tells me the dilemma...
He had come back out of the store to get in my car... and when he started it, it made this huge popping noise, rattling noise and ran terrible.         

My car has blown a spark plug into the head!!

He limped it home.
We were officially without a car.
We will be officially without a house.
THIS is what I get for murmuring!!

Jes took all day yesterday off... trying to get his ducks in a row for his plan of attack on the problem at hand (no cars) and decided to get to work on the truck. It was the cheaper and the "easier" to fix. It has been pouring rain and super cold for May - so it was NOT a fun day to be working on cars! He came in filthy, wet and COLD about 10:30 last night. BUT! He got the truck workable again. Yea!

My car is going to be a bear. He has to pull my whole engine to get to the spark plug's area. The car repair shop wouldn't do it because it was the furthest one in - and if they DID pull it the motor themselves they wanted $1400+++! Ouch. We are now trying to get the right tools gathered and Jes is studying it all out to tackle that project tomorrow and likely most of next week. Ugh.

We are SO blessed that Jes is smart/handy like this and can DO stuff like this! We are so blessed!! I won't deny it!

But... It has been A WEEK... let me tell you. But I will NOT say I can't handle "one more thing"... Bwahahaha... It is tough to get through when I say things like that! *wink* But *sigh* what a week!

So there is the basic update! We are swamped and drowning... but our little floating duck is still inflated... we are still hopeful to someday make it to the other side of this whirlpool. The key question isn't "if"... the key question is "when!"


Brent, Nicole, Morgan, Britt, Jesse and Kate

Hey Heather, I love you. You're in my prayers but I know that Heavenly Father is very aware of all that you guys are going through and I know He cares. Answers will come and I love that you know that and share that testimony even in the mist of your struggles. Keep the faith! Love you! Nicole