Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Emma has been super busy as well (I wonder where she gets it?? Bwahahaha)

Here's a quick sum up of her comings and goings as of late...

* She finished her first semester of college with flying colors over summer semester. She is continuing her college courses this fall - along with being a Sophomore in High school. She has two EdNet (live interactive) college courses this semester and one AP class. It is TONS of work, and she really wants to do it, but sometimes really just wants to be a teenager and hang out with her friends. It's tough, but she is being so responsible about it and learning a lot of time management skills. We feel really proud of her, but try to not be too proud because we want her to do this on her own if she wants it - it's entirely up to her ;)

* Emma is serving as the Mia Maid President at church and loves the girls in her class. She prays for them often and is just so sweet about it.

* Em earned her Young Women's Personal Progress Medallion in July (me too!!) It was fun to receive it together and to reflect on how much we have grown together. She has been such a motivating factor for me to get mine alongside her, and it has been worth every minute! When I was being interviewed by the Bishopric member about my experience and about how it has changed my own relationship with the Savior my heart filled to overflowing and my eyes filled up with tears... I hadn't realized just how important my role as a mother is to help my children feel, recognize and develop a relationship with the Savior. I realize that I am His greatest ally when it comes to my kids. It was profound moment as a Mom. Emma is excited to move on to earn her Honor Bee next, and has already completed over 40 hours of service helping Cody with his Eagle Scout Project. She restarted reading the Book of Mormon.

* She is still in love with piano, though with her schedule she is self teaching at the moment. She loves Drama and is the same Drama class as Cody. She chose Drama this year as opposed to Choir. She realized she didn't have time for it all. She looks forward to attending the Shakespeare Competitions in Cedar City next month. Cody is in Shakespeare and she gets to go cheer him on. She also wants to get a mask! (see below)

* Em is screaming up on Sixteen! She has her learner's permit and loves to practice, though the freeway has not been yet attempted. Her Mom and Dad are trying to save up to get her through Driver's Ed in the next few months. She was asked to Homecoming last week. She was so conflicted! Before her Dad and I could even discuss it and make a decision, she made it herself. She decided that it was the right thing to do to follow the standards she knows are for her own good and she told him no. He was a good friend, and was somewhat relieved she said no --- he didn't realize she was not 16 yet and was sick about making her choose! He has agreed to be her escort for her Masquerade...

* Yep. Masquerade. We are throwing her a Sweet Sixteen party and her theme is a masque (hence the mask shopping at the Shakespeare Festival.) We have a cousin who is a DJ and he is going to come make it a good time! We found Emmy a formal gown in California and she just picked up her shoes the other night on our way to Millie's wedding. It should be an event to be remembered!

We are so thankful to have her in our family! She is Mom's best friend, Cody's best friend, and we all just love her to bits! She helps to keep our busy family going whenever she has time and without her her Momma would be lost!