Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Soo... catching you up on Jestin:

He is busy as ever. (surprised? I didn't think so) Here are some recent highlights in no particular order:

* Jestin began going to school again this semester, however he moved from UVU to MATC and is getting his certification in HVAC (heating and A/C). He goes for 6 hours a week in the evenings and will have his certification in 2 years. He is excited about it. A lot of the machines at work have those kinds of systems on them, so he would be able to fix them start to finish, but it also will increase his abilities in his side jobs to help out. He really already can do these things, he is just excited to be able to be certified and understand a little better the formulas etc. His bachelor's degree is on hold... but not forgotten.

* He teaches Cameron's Primary class (11 yr-olds) at Church. He really likes it. He also was just called to be the on the Scout Committee as the Quartermaster. He has all kinds of plans for getting the equipment trailer up to snuff and organized LOL

* Jes had surgery over the summer for some diabetic issues. He is doing pretty good. It didn't really fix the problem, but at least gave us answers as to the whys. He is considering getting an insulin pump now that he has met his deductible LOL

* He has been busy this summer helping me with all kinds of projects! He has repaired and painted the chicken coop, sanded and painted the back steps, built shelves in the shed, and the biggest of all helped Cody with his Eagle Scout project (more on that to come).

* He got to fulfill a bucket list item this summer! He had the chance to eat a fancy seafood dinner at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. He was tickled that my cousin Kayelani & Daniel splurged and joined us. It was really fun for him. The kids even liked all the food! It was delightful!

* He works as many side jobs as he can and really does SOO much to help our family succeed so that I can stay home with the kids and so I can attend school. He often feel like a complete failure because ends don't always meet and pass each other, but somehow it *always* works out and we all feel SOO blessed that he is our husband and father!