Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I miss my blog...

Hello there. I miss you. It's true. I miss my blog.
I used to jot down all kinds of thoughts and updates randomly.
I used to be creative and fun.

I have allowed my perfectionism to stop me from posting.
* I haven't uploaded the latest pictures! I can't post yet!
* I still haven't uploaded Thanksgiving of last year for Pete's sake... I shouldn't post about what's happening right now!
* I don't have time to do pictures AND a post, so I better not do anything at all.

UGH! I make myself crazy. LOL

This is my blog.
And I am going to be better about posting the day to day.
If I do pictures, go me!
If not... I still capture some of our little families life no?

I am tired of loosing my family's history to Facebook who files it who knows where!
And I just need some space from Facebook... ;)

No more perfectionism.
Just raw real Dorius Life.
Join us if you want to...



I may just copy/paste this post....but change the family name, of course!
that's SO how I feel!!!! no wonder I love hanging out with you!! there's nothing like feeling completely understood. thanks for being you and sharing your time with me! you are awesome!!
love you, friend!