Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mr. Cameron

So... to wrap up the updates on us let's begin with Cam...

* Cam is LOVING sixth grade! His teacher is awesome, and he got to be a part of a special 6th grade class. It's a fine arts 6th grade, and so he gets to incorporate the arts into his everyday learning. One of the coolest opportunities in this class is that they get to pick a topic/subject they learned this year and, as a class, write an opera for it. They then have a music teacher that helps them to compose original music for their opera and next spring their class will perform it!! Talk about unique! He loves it!

* He also tried out last spring and made it into the Elementary show choir: Tyros. He spent a whole week at a "retreat" at the school during the summer learning 3 detailed choreography dances to perform. Last week they performed at the city's Harvest Moon Hurrah and have another "concert" in 2 weeks. He really enjoys it and his voice is maturing and growing so much... his momma loves it too!

* Cameron has jumped headlong into scouts. (I think his brother's example helps *wink*) This fall he is attending both the local and the BYU Powwow's  and when it's all said and done, he likely could have over 10 merit badges! He was really disappointed when his 2nd 11-yr old scout overnighter was cancelled due to heavy rain (and moved to the church) a couple of weeks ago. His Dad had committed to go with him and he looked forward to having him all to himself! Dad still went with him to the church (they still did the activities etc. just no overnight camping) but he was still a little bummed out. His other 11year old overnighter was missed because of a bad asthma attack. He is REALLY looking forward to turning 12 in January and becoming a deacon and a "real boy scout" with lots of camping opportunities!

* His best friend lives right behind us (Tyler Day) and they are constantly on the go together. My favorite part about their friendship is that they have no problem including Caleb in their fun. It makes my mommy heart burst! :) They love to jump on the tramp for hours, or play X-box together. Tyler has been a deacon for over a year, and can't wait for Cam to join him too!

* Another fun thing Cam has been up to... he is passing off his Articles of Faith for his Faith in God. So far he has almost 5 of them memorized completely. He wants to receive his award before his 12th birthday.

Cam is full of fun and laughter. We love his sense of humor, as well as his small acts of kindness he is constantly trying to do. He is such a good kid and we love him to bits! :)