Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our "Cubs"

Oh Caleb... sweet funny Caleb... here's a quick update on that little man...

* He still loves/adores/excels at anything hands-on, dirty or resembles something his Daddy would be doing. He also just spent over 2 hours helping me bottle tomato juice! He LOVES work... as long as it's not school work/reading.

* Caleb started with a fantastic tutor here in the neighborhood over the summer, and she is helping him succeed by leaps and bounds. He still *really* struggles with the building blocks of reading, but his comprehension is awesome! He landed a fantastic teacher at school, and it's the smallest class to boot! (almost 10 kids less than the other classes!) The school is getting him some help as well, and we are optimistic that he will get caught up this school year and not feel so behind.

* Caleb has attended Cub Scouts for almost six months now. He is scooting right along with his achievements and last week declared that "even though I am suppose to hate scouts" (wait? what??) "I totally LOVE it now!" He proceeded to explain that they worked with tools, hammered in nails (which "I rocked it better than anybody else!") and did all the things he loves. LOL He is so funny!

* Caleb has had a lot of fun hanging out with Cam and Tyler, but he also just loves hanging out with Cameron. They have gotten really close the last few months and love to hang out together. One of their favorite pastimes is Minecraft that Caleb got for his birthday. Their little worlds are super elaborate, and they work together to make things work. It's kinda cool. They also ride bikes and love to play outside together with soccer balls and the like.

* He is on pins and needles... it's almost OCTOBER!!! He absolutely ADORES Halloween! His all time fav! So far he has 100% decided he wants to be a cowboy, or maybe a karate kid or maybe a skeleton. LOL He is so much fun!