Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Thursday, September 19, 2013

William Cody

Now to do a quick update on the Code-man...

He has had a busy summer as well. He committed to mow & edge "Grandma" Carolyn (our next door neighbor in our last house)'s yard each week. It has been a bit of an adjustment for him - he has some depth perception issues so sometimes he had to go back over spots, but he is getting really good at it! For a few weeks he helped mow a couple of other families yards as well. He earned enough to pay his way for Scout Camp, as well as purchase his new iPod touch he has been saving for. Once he reached those goals, he then saved some for his CA souvenirs, and now is helping to pay for his Drama and Choir fees. (he needed a new TUX for choir! WOW! I guess he's set for dances in 2  IF he quits growing though right?? LOL)

He had a very busy July - it felt like we rarely saw the boy! We started out the month in San Francisco on vacation. We arrived home early Sunday morning and hurried and packed him up and he left for Scout Camp the next day. He was gone all week (and for his birthday too!! :( This Momma was sad!). He arrived home Saturday and we rushed through getting his laundry done and sleeping bag cleaned up, and re-packed him... he and Emmalee left early Monday morning for a Pioneer Trek for 4 days. The poor boy came home and had NO desire to leave the house... or really even his room... for a solid week! LOL He loved trek and camp... though was really disappointed for both because for Scout Camp his best friend Ethan got dehydrated and went home early, and for Trek Ethan wasn't old enough to go! A few weeks later Ethan moved two towns over and he has missed hanging out with him a lot. :(

In July, Cody also turned 14, and was ordained to be a Teacher. He was sad to leave the Deacon's quorum, but was relieved to no longer be the D.Q. Pres and "be in charge" anymore.

Funny enough... his "being in charge" didn't lessen much the following month. August was consumed with his Eagle Scout Project. I will do a whole post (or two) on the project, but in a nutshell it was a way bigger bite than he had planned. He coordinated the efforts to build ladders across the end of the bunk beds at the local Young Women's Camp - Camp Koholowo. This project was completely out of his comfort zone and really stretched him to the limit, but he DID it! We had a lot of great support and love... and honestly... we are all really thankful to see it completed! *grin* We hope to get all the paperwork completed and signed off and are shooting for an Eagle Court of Honor sometime in Jan.

Cody is loving being a Freshman this year! He is taking Drama, like I mentioned, but he also tried out and made it into the Shakespeare Group. He is practicing with his group and they go to competition the first of next month in Cedar City. We are really excited for him! He also tried out for Choir and made it to the High School Concert Choir. He also is taking a Choir Tech class where he is learning the theatre prep/prop prep/lights & sounds behind the choirs performances. He could go on tour (Nationals) with the Show choir as their "Techie", but it's $2000 and I just don't know if that can happen LOL We shall see... in the mean time he is eating it up and loving every minute of it!

He started taking French this year and LOVES it! Last night he asked me if he saved up for it, could he go with his French class to France his Junior year? WOW! (Can I just say how much I *love* their school?? So many great opportunities!) Pretty cool!! *I* wanna go to France!!! LOL

Cody loves his iPod, and his favorite hobbies right now include finding funny pictures (especially of animals) to see (and share). He is annoyed by his little brothers, but is also fiercely protective of them. We all tease that he has definitely become a surly fourteen year-old... but he is such a good kid - even when he acts kinda grumpy LOL

One of my favorite things about Cody is his willingness to just quietly jump in and help. He really does so much to help out the family. He doesn't love big chore days, but he is the first to rotate laundry, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash and mow the grass. He also likes to help read scriptures at night and keep us on track for Family Home Evening.

We sure love our Will-I-am... He is such a great part of our family!! :)