Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 Weeks, 2 Days...

Well... here I am! 2 weeks, 2 days later! WAHOO! LOL!! The anticipation is over... the heart has been repaired (we pray) and the bills have started to come! sweeT! Bwahahaha! Actually I am not at all worried! So many of you have done SO much... I know it will all be perfect! Even if we have to finance the rest of it... it will be small... the HUGEST portion is covered... it is do-able... and we could not be where we are now without you all! Our family can now keep moving forward with our lives... and a huge weight has been lifted! I am still so amazed at all everyone chipped in and did for us... and that they did it for *us*. We are not anyone super special... and well... it still just brings tears to my eyes... our family has been lifted over this huge hurdle... and now we can press on and continue with day to day life. Miracles. True Miracles. Everyone one of you are miracles to me!!

Today I finally feel like I am over the cold. Blech! That was not so fun! I do have to admit tho... yesterday was not so good. It was a bad heart day all the way around and I just felt "not right" all day. Today I don't hurt near like I did, and my energy levels are up today... I just keep having A-fib episodes that knock the wind out of me for 30 seconds or so every...oh...say...15-30 minutes. Weird. I hope that means my heart is healing and the electrical impulses are just testing the scar tissue! *wink* *wink* It's a good reason no?? 'common people... work with me on this one!

So I have been playing with my blog colors... I am sure you have noticed. There are so many cute backgrounds out there... but they seem to have so many glitches. I would like to someday become savvy enough to just dream up my own... umm...well... hmmm... do I *want* to know so much about computers? Maybe not so much. *giggle* (Although it may come in handy since we have had such issues since Jestin put my home computer on a network so we could get the laptop working with the printers etc... yeah... now either one printer works, or the other, or the laptop works and they don't recognize it... we have been completely un-successful in getting ALL the little "devices" to agree on functioning together at the same time... today I have no color printer... last week I had no fax machine...*sigh* I think computers hate me.)

My cute Visiting Teacher Laura brought me one of the sweetest birthday presents today! I have never had someone I knew so little pay so close attention to my likes and then act on them before! She brought me 4 of my favorite things! Avocados, Artichokes, Spinach & Mushrooms. YUM!! MIL & Jess are doing a BBQ tomorrow and I may share some of my spoils... then again... I may just have an impromptu lunch with the girls and call it good! Oh the joy of knowing I have such yummy goodness waiting to be doctored up to devineness!! THANKYOU Relief Society person for giving me one of the best VTers ever... and for the dear friend that she has become! What a great "program" Visiting Teaching is... something so small gives me such joy and comfort. *GRIN* VERY COOL!! I have some research to do for my sisters... I have taken the torch... I will do my best... tee hee

Oh! And...yeah... guess what? So the lovely blood test we forgot... heh heh... oopsie... apparently I must go in WEEKLY while on this med for blood thinning to be checked. Heh heh. It was 2 weeks. DER! Luckily it must be working well... my finger just drip drip dripped the blood they needed... interesting... as the wife of a diabetic... I have never seen a prickled finger bleed so much or take so long to stop! They told me that normal people's blood takes less than a second to start to clot... and that mine it right where it should be... about 28 seconds to clot. *OUCH!* Keep me away from the knives alrighty??? And my legs are gonna get DANG hairy in the weeks to follow! Bwahahahaha!!

The other interesting point they brought up... which I am completely pretending I dont know until I have properly consumed my birthday gifts from heaven (*wink*)... I am not suppose to eat many green leafy vegetables, cranberry anything, or take any vitamins/herbs I was not taking before surgery. The vitamin K in them helps the blood to clot (??who knew??) and they don't want me to clot due to the heart surgery. (no strokes for me! yeah...thanks!) AND I was told not to exercise or try any new diets while on this medication. So! There it is! Stay fat and out of shape! great. Go me! Like I needed more reasons these days to stay home and eat junk! Bwahahahaha!! Just kidding... I just have to consume carefully if I do and get tested weekly to make sure my dose it working (hmmmm...I foresee the need to upgrade that there dose this next week following my yum fest!*wink*)

Well...I can get chattery on here! I better get the kids in PJ's! Jess will be home from class shortly and I have a feeling we may get to bed at decent hour if the brood is in bed already before he gets here! Thanks for listening to ma'rambles... G'night



#1 Yes you are "Super Special"
#2 I love when you get chattery.
#3 Should you call the dr's office and ask about these little episodes you are having?
#4 Stay away from those leafy greens! Bad spinach!