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~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family & Friends...PLEASE READ! (updated)

After much thought, I have decided to take our blog private again. We LOVE having family, friends & ward members be able to keep up with us... it is FANTASTIC! We just feel that there it too much of a chance of someone we don't know taking our info and well...I love being able to just post without having to mask who we are etc. And so!! For all those who read... feel free to post a comment including your email address, and I will send out an invite to you to give you a "permission" tag to read our blog. I will take it private MAY 31st. Please don't feel like you cant keep reading if you already do... we are not trying to block anyone out! *grin* We just wanted to make sure someone we dont know, or who doesn't really know us, could steal our identity or use our information in a way we wouldn't normally allow. (this is the sad world we live in!)

I promise to only use your email to send you an invite, I won't post your comment with your email address listed. I have subscribed to the link that I get an email notice whenever anyone posts a comment now, so I will save your email info in a word doc and on May 31st I will send out the invites! (I can't invite you until I change the status of my blog permissions, and I will do that then... so I will save your email address and you will get an invite then. No one will even get to see your comment but me! :) And I will trash the word doc when I am done.

I hope you all send me your info so I can include you! We love having so many loved ones stop by and say hi! ((hugs)) I am just ready to not be so "out there" for just anyone to find info on... and I feel it will protect my sweet babies too. *grin*



You've got my email, right?


It is a scary world out there isn't it! Sad, but at the same time great because as one of the ladies I visit teach and I were talking the other day, we got on the subject of how bad the world is getting, yet that just means that the Second Coming is getting closer and what a glorious day that will be! I am all for taking blogs private. We need to do that to ours! I'm PRETTY sure that you have our email address! ;) Hope things are going well!


You can feel honored as this is the first blog I have ever sent a comment to.. Wanna ride bikes.. I promise I will not forget to wear my pants!?! You have my email already.. Quack! xoxo


you've got my email address, so you'd better invite me! I'm so glad things are going better for you!