Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy.

~ Mother Teresa

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Birthday

Thought you might enjoy this today... my sister and I made a video for my dad for Father's Day last year...this is the clip of me as a little one...

It has been a nice day...Jess took me to breakfast and we had Sophie groomed. LOL! Now I am going to get the blood draw Jess forgot I needed the friday after surgery (oops!) *grin* Happy Birthday to ME eh?? Tee hee

MIL and Jess are having a BBQ for Caleb and I later this week...we hope we both feel good by then... still fighting this bug. *ugh*



So cute! Your boys look a lot like you, especially Caleb. And who are you to call him skinny! He obviously got that from you.

Happy Birthday!


I'm glad your surgery went well. I've been an awful friend. You are never far from my thoughts. Your kids are so beautiful. It has been fun looking at pictures of them this morning. Continue to get better. We love you lots over here on this side of Spanish Fields Drive :)


Happy Birthday Heather!! Love you :)


Those are really cute pictures on that video. I love seeing old pictures. I hope you are feeling well!!!


Hey Heather,

I've been an secretive reader of your blog for a couple months now, I love reading it! But now I guess its time to come out of the shadows to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Hope you get feeling better soon!

Love ya,



Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful brithday!

Brent, Nicole, Morgan, Britt, Jesse and Kate

Hi Heather,

How come I never heard about this video? Is there more? Call me.

Love ya Sis,